[Unobtainable Deal] NZBgeek Black Friday Sale [up to 50% off]

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Hey Geeks,

We will be offering our Black Friday Deals from 12:00am on the 23th November GMT for a 48 hour period.

Prices in USD:
6 months $4 (was $6)
12 months $8 (was $12)
24 months $14 (was $18)
Lifetime $20 (was $40)

Please visit our subscription page here https://nzbgeek.info/vigsubscription.php during this period.

The deals on all our subscription offerings will only be available during the 48 hour period, please do not ask for discounts on subscriptions already purchased before the Black Friday Deal or after it is finished.

We always run discounted offerings for Black Friday and our Geek Birthday in December.

Mod: Deal was posted for 2018 dates and prices, due to the price rise we will consider this deal as unobtainable rather than just update the dates (as the deal votes were based on the pricing listed above). See discussion. The new 2019 deal can be posted again with correct pricing and dates should any user wish.

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        • Not really.you just need a good indexer. My tv shows are automated but ive never had any issues grabbing a movie 2 to 3 days after release.

    • Seedboxes cost a fair bit more to maintain, unless you build a ton of ratio and then cancel the seedbox and seed from home. But you can do that and also have a cheap indexer and Usenet plan with torrents as backup.

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    The best indexer, worth lifetime subs, pretty much use this every day. I wonder whether there is an alternative to this one in case they go bust…

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  • Paid $24 last year for the lifetime pass.

  • Too many incompetent files made me give up on Usenet.

    Did use this indexer back in the day tho

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      Depends what you’re looking for. If you set up with Radarr and Sonarr you shouldn’t have any issues.

  • Is there any limit on download of NZB files

    • No not with this. Just API calls (which is like 5000 a day)

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    Been considering to dip my toe into Usenet and it's content for sometime now and this is tempting me so much to take the plunge.
    Could anyone be so kind as to recommend a Usenet provider for a beginner? Perhaps one that includes a VPN service as well?

    • The best provider will depend on what you're using usenet for tbh
      I personally use cheapnews.eu (I use usenet for automation to download more recent…. "media")
      And it works a treat for that! Though I don't use their VPN (I use Mullvad, highly recommend for privacy)

      There are so bloody many of them though, and it's very hard to find honest reviews/info. But in my experience, you will be fine with almost any of them (unless you had specific needs).

      • Honestly, I would most likely be using it to search for really old/rare files that have no "legal" way to source them from.
        I would also prefer to have one packaged with the Usenet service (which is likely going to use it predominantly) rather than juggle accounts with a separate VPN provider.

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          likely be using it to search for really old/rare files that have no "legal" way to source them from.

          tbh, torrents are much more suited to that

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          and not sure why you'd need to use a VPN

          SSL connection to usenet server, job done

        • If it’s stuff you can find using torrents, I’d stick to that tbh.
          But, if it’s because you can’t find them in torrents, then Usenet may be suitable. It is still a hassle to setup, especially if you’re new to it all. But I’d suggest searching first to see if you can get them on Usenet. Try some free search engines (like binsearch.info), and getting a premium indexer (such as the one in the post) and searching, as the free search engines are pretty average. If you find that it has a lot of what you want, then start looking for a provider; your newsreader, or software, may weigh on your decision too.
          Also, just about the VPN, if you aren’t uploading on Usenet, and you make sure you use SSL, you wouldn’t need a VPN. ISP won’t know what you’re downloading. (But using one never hurt, and obviously it is useful for lots of other things)

          • @obo: Thanks for the advice.
            Yes, I've been depending on torrents all this while, but if a file isn't popular or has that one reliable seeder, I'd always be stuck with that "99% Complete" download for all eternity for seeders that will never come. Added to that, one has to wade through dodgy torrent sites to get torrent files when magnet links fail to load and hopefully come out without a bitcoin miner installed on the browser or some other STD.

            I have used free indexers to verify that these rare files do exist on Usenet, hence my desire to check it out. As for the VPN, as you've said, it's useful for things other than downloading and if it comes with the Usenet subscription, win-win.

    • just wait for black friday deals
      plenty to choose from (though i wouldn't be basing my decision on including vpn or not)

    • Newsgroupninja unlimited
      Tweaknews block acc backup.
      Using nzbget.

      Both have 4000+ retention, ninja I got for $40usd a year and includes VPN if you need that.

    • Newshosting

  • If I have 4 months available on my current subscription, and I buy 6 months now, will I have 10 months? Or will I over-write my 4 months, and just go to 6 months?

    • It will stack

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    not started yet????

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      It does say tomorrow doesn't it? lol

  • Damn, just checked and found out I got lifetime in June, can't remember how much I paid but definitely more than $20 US

  • I use radarr, sonarr, jackett along with transmission inside a VPN docker container (pia VPN).

    I haven't come across any situations where recent content had not been available.

  • Cool!

    I forget that I'm a member of a few indexers but I might look at this one too. $4 - bargain.

  • +1

    I just checked my geek profile & it seems I downloaded over 5000 files since I have been with them,
    got no complaints with my lifetime membership I bought yonks ago :)

    • Never knew there were so many Linux distros;)

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    This is 2018 deal. please see forum post modified date. "21-11-2018, 04:13 AM (This post was last modified: 21-11-2018, 04:27 AM by jeeves.)"

    • Uhoh

    • Correct, I too got dupped into it. Just noticed after clicking through that this is a 2018 deal. No 2019 deal has been announced as of yet!

    • So anti climactic

    • In fairness to this post; In the thread on NZBgeek there is a post dated 09-11-2019 with the owner jeeves saying "there is every year" in response to someone asking about Black Friday deals. So we will get the deals just not as of yet.

  • still not started? should have started 38 minutes ago

    edit: oh bamboozled

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    This promo is wrong. It links to a page a year old. They will do a deal on the actual Black Friday, but that's not for a week.

  • -1

    does this offer streaming instead of download??

  • So is this thing on or what? Still showing normal price as far as I can see.

    • 9 more hours to start time

      • We will be offering our Black Friday Deals from 12:00am on the 23th November GMT for a 48 hour period.
        Isn't it already 4am GMT ?

        Edit - couple comments above this, thread is over a year old…. :S

  • Deals should be live now (6am GMT) but everything is still showing full price on the website?

    Edit: Looks like we've been bamboozled!

  • This deal is actually non-existent. If you check the website, it's 8.5 hours past the time when the sale was should have started. The forum announcement section has a black friday sale post from last year. No announcement has been made for this year.

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    Black Friday is the fourth Friday in November…

    9 minutes ago
    Hey Geeks,

    We will be offering our Black Friday Deals from 12:00am on the 29th November GMT for a 48 hour period.

  • +4


    Lifetime definitely less of a deal this year…

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    This is last years deal $10 USD more this year and sale is 30/11 AU time

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    So at $30USD lifetime is this worth it?

    I've found other providers hit and miss, searching NZB Geek they seem to have a lot of content I'm after, but if the files will work once I go to dl them is unknown to drop $30USD.

    Can anyone comment or recommend a good alternative? currently, use DS and nzbfinder.

    Also find it really annoying you can't see the file sizes on this site, do they display once your a tier member?

    • This is quite a late response but yes you can see file sizes when you're a member. I think it's a good idea to get Geek and Planet lifetime subs so you'll always have an indexer, makes more sense to get subscription based ones after that. DS from what I hear is amazing, if I manage to be lucky enough to be on when they have registrations then I'll be getting that and those 3 should suffice for me. You might wanna look into whether its worth having both DS and Finder though, I hear that Finder generally has a lot of overlaps with DS so if you're paying for both then it might not be worth.