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Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe V5.15.5 Giveaway - 500 Free Licensed copies Per Day


The giveaway version is the latest 5.15.5 (built on Oct.22, 2019). Everyone is welcome to get a full licensed copy for free (originally worth $59.95). There are 500 licensed copies per day, first come first served! WinX is the best video converter/compressor, video downloader and editor, gives you an ultimate control over any SD, HD and 4K resolution video files on your PC.

How to get:
Head over to the page, click the "Get it Free" button. After the installation, use the lisence key on the page to activate the software.
Please note that the license code should be activated before Dec 9. And it does not support free updates to future versions.

What's new in the latest 5.15.5 released on October.22:
1. Added a software module to enhance the output video quality when converting 4K UHD videos and large video files.
2. Improved the compatibility with iPhone 11, 11 Pro/Max, new 10.2-inch iPad and new Apple TV.
3. Fixed the issue of failing to download certain YouTube videos and music.

If you are already using this tool, it is always good to get the latest version for better experience~~~

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    No free updates

    Potential security threat - use at your own risk

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    Not the full version either:

    Need to upgrade to full to convert 4k video etc? Not what your description says…


      Hi Krondorf, the only difference between the giveaway version and the full version is that the full edition provides free lifetime upgrades.So you can still convert 4k video with the egiveaway version.


    also check https://giveawayradar.weebly.com/

    site blurb..
    Giveaway Radar covers all relevant giveaway sites plus some other giveaways and promotions. However, nobody can cover everything, so we do not even try! Our aim is to provide you with as many "good" giveaways as we can. So we search the web and pick the good ones for you.

    A "good" giveaway comes with a license for at least one year and is available for everyone! Nevertheless, we make an exception for anti-virus software* (which needs to be updated daily) and VPN services (because you are using bandwidth at the costs of others). The limit for VPNs is a license for at least three months.

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    What a scam. They offer DELUXE EDITION and then after you have installed it you are offered 50% off to get the full edition. Hey, WinX what does DELUXE mean vs Full Edition?


      Hi vavud, the only difference between the giveaway version and the full version is that the full edition provides free lifetime upgrades.You can still enjoy all the features of WinX Video Converter Deluxe V5.15.5 in the giveaway version:)

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