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adidas $50/Pair (Was $200-$280) in Store or + $15 Postage @ Up There Store

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    That is 12 of the ugliest pairs of shoes I have ever seen.

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      What I thought, you said 🙏

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        Ugly is the new stylish

    • Swag mate

    • Last time I called shoes ugly, I got negged like 5 times! Hahaha, and these aren't even as ugly as the ones I commented on! Whats that tell you!

      The BLACK/GOLD are at least wearable, :P

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      wow. I thought people were probably just taking the piss…

      ..but really
      Can I unsee them?

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      Those balenciaga triple s and its clones are pretty ugly.

    • i think they are copying kanyes yeezys

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      ok boomer

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    breaking news: some of them just won the award : most ugliest shoes in 2019

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    Salvation is not that bad.

    Grab one. Thanks Ops.

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    Grabbed 2 pairs - not the most stylish pairs of shoes but hard to find anything decent under $75 these days imo

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      You really ought to spend more time on oZb

    • Go to DFO find Adidas store then go for Clearance sections lots of them are under $75 and better looking than these shoes.

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    These are shocking.

    • …ly ugly.

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      Look comfy for gardening at least

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      Dad fashion from the year 2049

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    Damn. Was only after the right shoe.

  • Just ew 🤢

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    There's a reason why these are only $50. Hideous.

  • $50? These would only be worth a $50 note if that note went through my digestive system and then baptised in a shower of my baby's vomit.

    • Where does the digestive system meet the reproductive system?

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    thanks OP, nice find. but these are pretty ugly, will def make great xmas gifts

    • maybe for a secret santa colleague that you hate?

      • thanks for reminding me, but our santa budget is $20 each haha

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed Zero.

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    I'm not sure if they're THE ugliest shoes I've seen, but they are certainly upthere.

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    Got two , thanks op

  • Some of the sizes have sold out since posting. $50 is okay for gardening or hiking.

    Edit now only US8 and US8.5 left

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    No size 14's… :'(

  • Useful if you want to go back to the 90's lol

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    Can we add a new rule for deals to be taken down?

    items on deal are too ugly

  • I read the comments and thought "How bad can it really be?", then clicked the links. OMG that's some ugly shoes. No deal!

  • These shoes are so ugly that no one will notice your face =)

    • Yeah, Prince Andrew was wearing them when he went for pizza

  • If your mumma was a pair of shoes she'd be these. yeah!

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    Seeing all the hate above now makes me like them