Osko - I've been scammed haven't I?

damn I am a) stupid and b) way too trusting.

I was selling my old iphone on Facebook for $850. A lady 2 hours away said she'd be able to collect it on the day (yesterday)
We agreed on a bank transfer that she did via OSKO. She sent me a screenshot of her bank statement which showed -$850 and also showed she had entered my acc number and bsb correctly. I thought the payments were immediate and after an hour I messaged her on facebook to say it hadn't come through. An hour later she arrives at my house and tells me she only just saw my fb message and was already on her way.

The money wasn't in my account but I thought with the screenshotted statement showing $850 out of her account, it was safe to go ahead and I assumed I'd get the money later in the day.

It's been over 24 hours and I just googled osko scams to find that with first payments, osko withold the money for 24 hours to make sure it's not fraud. So I assume she flagged the transaction to me as fraud so got the money reversed back into her account…

Her facebook profile has since disappeared. She hasn't blocked my number but my calls are just ringing out… been played haven't I??

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    Yep Osko has always cleared within seconds for me even first transaction

    • Yep… What I have seen is that the money shows up in account balance but doesn't show up as available balance. Having said that this doesn't prevent a charge back claiming mistaken payment.

    • I have zero doubt OP was scammed (who trusts screenshots these days?) but Osko has taken a day or so to clear for me before with first time transactions between my own accounts with different banks.

    • I had the same experience until a person I send money too, every so often, took 3 days to clear using OSKO(cleared on a Saturday), so yes I agree it's instantaneous, there maybe sometimes where it's not!

    • CBA holds my osko payments for some reason 1~2 days

  • hahahaha awesome…. feel like such a (profanity)!! I really thought seeing the -$850 on her statement meant it was safe…urgh people suck

    • Wouldn't it have just been a photo shopped screenshot?, type your account details and the value you want etc, make it look real.

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      Always wait until you see it in your account. I don't care what transfer method they use or what receipt they show. Once it's in your account they can pick it up.

      • Exactly, why would you trust what some stranger shows you on their phone?

      • Nope, I almost got scammed even when the amount came up in MY bank account. There is a scam that involves depositing a check using an ATM, so the money will show in your statement but not actually cleared or useable. About a week later the check will bounce and money gone. Almost got me with that one. CASH ONLY from now on.

        • Hmmm but this would show via your online banking there would be a difference between available balance and balance right??

          Im in a similar situation. Got a buyer in mon night before midnight to bank deposit for a laptop as he wants to pick it up weekend and i had other buyers. So to secure it he paid me. Difference is this was 11pm at night so no ATM… and as he sent me the screenshot i checked and it was in my bank via OSKO so as far as i am aware it is instantaneous. All those saying it takes days to clear im not sure why. Maybe it isnt OSKO.

          However now im regretting as one last method of scam i realised is the only way they can reverse a cleared payment is if it was a fraudulent payment e.g. someoned account was hacked and transferred.

          I can only trust in the buyer is picking up on weekend so that's one week nearly between payment so surely anyone scamming would want goods straight away. Then again im also now wondering why any person would ebank someone so willingly to secure my 2nd hand laptop. It's only $250 but maybe i am the cynical one and the buyer is just someone who thinks people are trustworthy e.g. i wont run off with his money. He even screenshotted his bank statement and given his address is on there im tempted to call a bluff and drive there to drop it rather than save myself time by meeting at my local. Bettee safe than sorry.

          This all would have been avoided by making it cash on sale. Point being never direct depositing over 100 again. I doubt a scammer would use a compromised acct on a less than $100cash purchase so at least it's a better risk probability.

          It sucks as selling non locally is an issue. As paypal can be reversed. Efts can be etc.

        • Then tell them to wait for the funds to clear duh

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      If it's any consolation, you've learned a life lesson you will always remember. Better to be scammed early in life for a 'small' amount, than be scammed for thousands later in life.

      My sympathies.

    • An expensive lesson in not being such a gullibull, or even gullicalf.

      Fun fact: they could airbrush people out of photos 100 years ago.

    • Just mass it up her face book account and say how shitty person she is. If she had block you go to friend list and tell others.

    • Her facebook profile has since disappeared.

      Maybe she has just blocked you, if you block someone, they won't be able to see your facebook page.

      Get someone else to see if they can see her page.

  • So did you grab her rego number when she arrived at your place? Drivers license details?

  • Seriously, why don't people ask for cash if they're going to be meeting in person? If just doesn't make sense to do a transfer or use paypal and then have that person come pick it up after..

    Give it another day or so and then report the phone IMEI as stolen so that it gets blocked on the aussie networks.

    • Also report any phone numbers, that were used to make contact with, to the police. Share convo and payment screenshot, etc. If they're using a phone Sim it must've been activated on someone's ID. If that's stolen too you will likely end up helping another victim.

      Try and report the phone as stolen to Apple as well. Not sure if that's possible but if you have old documentation, it might be possible. This would likely get the phone banned/locked throughout the world as soon as it's connected online.

      Keep a lookout on Facebook, their account will pop back up sooner or later. Try searching for the phone number online and see if it hits any profiles. May be try calling through other numbers at random times to see if they pickup.

      By losing money to them like this you've earned the right to make their life as miserable as possible.

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        Not sure that will work. These type of people will just sell that phone for cash ASAP. And they are probably have multiple fake Facebook accounts. Probably using a stolen sim card too, so it's hard to find them again.

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      Actually bank transfer like Osko is more secure than cash, since there's always a chance you may get counterfeit notes.

      • there's always a chance you may get counterfeit notes

        Really? Really? You expend brain cells actually worrying about counterfeit notes?

        Yes, I suppose it is possible that one may receive counterfeit notes in a cash transaction. I mean, it's possible that you may win the lottery three days in a row, or that a meteorite might crash into your picnic basket in the park.

        But seriously, how many people in their lifetimes will ever encounter counterfeit banknotes?

        As an argument against performing cash transactions (at least for low value items purchased from online forums), I feel this rates fairly low on the scale.

        • Even if you get counterfeit notes, you can easily pass them off to somebody else :)

        • Plus if you get counterfeit notes the police will probably take it much more seriously and bother to hunt down the buyer

        • Well I've been to eateries in Sydney CBD where there was signage warning about using counterfeit notes…

          • @theo96: WWhat? Where? I've never seen any.

            • @ThadtheChad: I remembered wrongly, it was at a groceries store. There were screenshots (from the CCTV) of the perpetrator using the counterfeit notes and signage saying "persons using fake notes will be reported to the police". So I'd think there are counterfeit notes in circulation.

              Sure it's not likely that you'd get counterfeit notes but the likelihood is definitely nowhere as remote as "win the lottery three days in a row, or that a meteorite might crash into your picnic basket in the park."

              And if someone is actively trying to scam you I think the chances of encountering counterfeit notes would be higher.

              With OSKO once the money hits your account it's there.

        • This is exactly what I used to think up until a couple of months ago, family member sold an iPhone on Gumtree, cash only, lady rocked up, paid cash, all seemed OK. Family member went to use the cash at the local convenience store, got rejected for counterfeit (they had a detector). Went to the bank and it was all counterfeit.

          I didn't see the bills so don't know how fake/real they looked so can't comment on this.

        • Do you know there are free money scanning/counterfeit checking facilities everywhere, some of these are open 24/7, they are called deposit ATMs. Just get them to verify the notes in their own accounts first.

          Once the machine counts the money they can cancel the deposit.

          You get the added bonus of a transaction that is recorded on camera.

        • My local Maccas about 5 years ago had signs up about fake $50 notes and even a machine to tell staff members If it was legit or not.

        • I've come across 3 that I can remember. A $100, a $50 and a $20. All through a public facing business.

          With the amount of notes that has come across my desk over the years, even with that track record, the chance of counterfeit is so low, it's not worth the time worrying about it.

          As a general consumer, I cannot say it's ever happened to me.

      • You can just check the security features of the notes. I did this recently with a $2k cash transaction and it only took a minute.

        • I work in an very cash intensive industry, we see about 4-5 fakes a week, every single one of those fake were terrible quality and easily spotted, even if counting out large sums of money, just touching each note you'll easily feel the difference between a real and a fake.

  • so wait if she has claimed it was fraud….will she have claimed that I was the one who frauded her?? like could I potentially get into trouble for this??

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      Anyone can claim anything. Don't worry about fraudulent claims for fraud by frauds against you.

      • I don't think a person like this is going to the cops. Odds on they have a history with them. Try searching / googling around, it's unlikely it's the first time they've done this.

    • She didn't do that. She just stooged the screenshot. I could do that in a minute with MS Paint and have it look good, let alone the plethora of more powerful tools.

  • no I didn't get her license plate I live in a block of flats she parked in the car park.


    or no sale.

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    Block the IMEI asap before it gets sold onto another poor scamee.
    Sorry to hear about it though, people do suck.

  • It's sad that these scum get away with it by taking advantage of honest souls like the OP. Hope karma bites the thief real hard…

    • Yeah it sucks, but a relatively cheap lesson for OP. People lose a lot more than a phone to scams.

  • Cash is king

  • "t's been over 24 hours and I just googled osko scams to find that with first payments, osko withold the money for 24 hours to make sure it's not fraud. So I assume she flagged the transaction to me as fraud so got the money reversed back into her account…"

    nope, she didnt transfer that is the truth and the only truth

    • CBA does hold for 24 hours for the first payment - we had a car deposit that didn't come through until a couple of days after the rest of the car was paid for (in cash) and driven away.

    • Ive just sold to a stranger. Transfer on 11pm monday. Came in straight away to my account. Is it true they withhold cause mine actually shows in my account. It was to hold a laptop until the weekend but now im getting cold feet wondering why someone would deposit $250 and pickup the item a week later. Seems overly trusting. then again if it was a 24 hr reversal by weekend it would be done so their interest if scamming would be instant pickup

      Only thing left is a fraudulent payment and the account holder reports it. I believe long time limits but surely within a week you'd spot $250 leaving your bank?

  • obviously you haven't been lurking around here much

  • Never rely on a screenshot. You can't trust anything that can be faked in a few minutes with Photoshop.