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Microsoft Arc Touch Cordless Stylish Mouse $39 Free Freight


Special Strictly 48 hours (Ends 3:30 Saturday 30th of July) unless sold out sooner

• Flexible Design, Power On and Off, Touch to Scroll
• BlueTrack Technology™, 2.4 GHz—10-Metre Wireless Range
• Snap-in Transceiver, Comfort for Either Hand
• Device Stage, Up to 6 Months of Battery Life

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  • Seems to be standard pricing on staticice.com.au

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    Here's a first…

    They were selling them at $59 10 days ago, but currently link has regular price at $49 ???


  • What battery size does it use? Or is it internal?

  • My favourite mouse of all time, nice and light, ergonomic and even folds up for transport. My only complaint is that it can be a bit harsh on batteries, I seem to change mine about once a month, not sure why this is, it has no fancy lights or anything.

    Good bargain!

  • Great price

  • It's interesting to use a 'touch' mouse. I regularly rest my index and middle fingers on the left and right buttons respectively. I wonder if this would cause a problem with this mouse (ie. accidentally clicking)?


      The whole concept of a touch mouse is to register even the slightest of touches…, but obviously most of what we click is "Double Click", unless your trigger happy nothing disastrous should happen…

      • Only a wheel is "touch" here, left and right buttons are "click" ones as on a regular mouse. And "touch wheel" has a vibromotor which acts just like a real wheel.

        What Microsoft can do really well are mice and keyboards. I have this one, it's one of the best for notebooks, really.

  • Looking forward to getting this for my laptop. Checked out prices with my shopping genie. Some places still charging $100 for this!

  • i've got one of these and its pretty sweet, it can be used on almost any surface, it works on my glass table but i still use a mouse pad for it, thats my preference.