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DJI Mavic Mini Drone $539 Delivered @ Kogan


Good price for the DJI Mavic Mini from Kogan. 10% off using code which Includes free shipping.
Don't forget to use Cashrewards also (coupon code is confirmed on CR site).

Capture unforgettable moments with the DJI Mavic Mini Drone.
240g Lightweight Design.
Up to 4km HD Video Transmission
Up to 30 minutes flight time
DJI Fly App Compatible
2.7K Camera
3- Axis Gimbal
The DJI Mavic Mini Drone offers stunning HD image quality in a compact package.

Edit: Just saw this code has been posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/497664 , but not the specific deal.

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    • You do realise that the Anafi is at least $300 more and over the 250g limit?

      • I was just checking that, I've used an Anafi 6 months ago thinking that was a $500 drone just realised that at the moment is around $900, good image, good range, not really stable, and no sensors don't get close to walls/trees/rocks crashed it a couple of times… nothing special,

      • Australia has dropped the 250g break point I think. All drones require registration? But true, some overseas places sub 250g, does help.

        But yeah an extra $300 gets you object tracking and a 4k camera with HDR and 2.8x lossless zoom with raw capture (all which the mini don't do), and usb c.

        Personally think it's just a judgement call if you want the extra camera punch, and keeping chargers/cables unified.

        • Don't think you're right about that. CASA's website states that drones under 250g or those flown indoors don't require registration: https://www.casa.gov.au/drones/register
          Did you read somewhere else it was being changed? Would be good to know. Getting a licence doesn't seem especially onerous, but I understand why a lot of people are put off by it. The Anafi looks pretty cool actually, but costing substantially more it isn't comparable.

  • Is this grey or AU stock? I was under the impression that there is a storage across all AU retailers… The combo is listed as 20-25 days wait on the DJI official website!

  • Just curious to know if anyone has received their Mavic Mini from any of the earlier deals and if so would you care to comment on whether the stated 4km range is accurate.

    • Nearly all countries I've looked at you're required to keep a drone within line of sight (sometimes explicitly stated as 500m). Commercial pilots of course could use the full range.

      • As an owner of the DJI Spark, I can tell you that when flying a drone of this size you will lose visual line of sight well before 500m. Every time I launch mine it's out of sight within about a minute. The reason I asked the question is that in many forums people have mentioned that Australia will be getting the FCC version. I just wanted to know if anyone could confirm if that is actually the case.

    • Make sure to check the radio power too as it's locked to lower power in some countries.

      Edit: "4km for FCC compliant Model (MT1SS5) and 2 km for CE compliant Model (MT1SD25).". Sorry for not answering your actual question, just something that was confusing to me (we are apparently getting the MT1SS5 model which is great, and a little odd).

  • Any deal on fly more combo?

  • Such a shame that the fly more combo isn't included in the deal.

  • Just a heads-up that devices capable of flying far more powerful and advanced drones with the DJI Go 4 app wont even side-load the new DJI Fly app. The mini might be a budget drone but it all but requires flagship phones. There is a LOT of frustration and angst from many users on the forums about this.

    • Should be running a device with a Snapdragon 845 and 802.11ac wifi at a minimum anyway. Baffles me the people who spend $500+ on a drone but try to run them off of a potato phone.

      • The phone is quite irrelevant. It is the controller that connects to the drone for wifi transmission. Your phone merely connects to the controller. In fact, I put my phone into airplane mode and connect to the controller via an OTG cable as I find it gives superior image transmission quality. I have a dedicated phone, permanently connected to my controller. It's a 6 year old Nexus 5 and it works perfectly.

      • "The new DJI Fly app is a simplified version of the DJI GO 4 app, removing many of the power features and advanced tools to create an app that is friendlier to beginner pilots."

        It's not unreasonable to expect a device capable of running DJI Go 4 to also handle DJI Fly.

  • Guys, i have never seen any drone flying in the sky, except mine. Where do you guys fly your drones? I live in Sydney and for some reasons, i havent used my mi 4k for nearly 2 years!

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