SVS PB-2000 500 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Ported Subwoofer $1225, SVS SB-2000 DSP Controlled $1155 @ Digital Cinema


Some more good deals and cheaper than this deal for $1429

Key Features

  • All-new, exhaustively tested design.
  • Computer FEA-optimised motor for even lower distortion.
  • Heavy-duty voice coil for extreme power handling.
  • Upgraded suspension for improved linearity and control.
  • Lightweight aluminium cone delivers high efficiency.
  • Rubber surround for excellent durability and long-life.
  • Small footprint design.
  • DSP control Class D Amp.
  • Class-leading performance, awesome value.

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    Similar pricing to here

    Seems that they price matched

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    The PB2000 is great - but it's a shame SVS raised the prices. I paid $1034 including delivery from Deep Hz Audio in 2015. I think in 2016 the RRP became $1590 or something. This price is getting closer to what it used to be.

    Great subs though.

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    Don't forget the people who run Digital Cinema:

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      That just makes me like him more.


        You like him more because he behaved like a look-at-me ahole who has no idea how to conduct himself? I prefer professional and extremely helpful business people myself. Like Deep Hz Audio or Dennis White for example.


          No, because he rightly called out that

          a) whether it sold at a lower price seven months ago for an hour and a half is irrelevant to the purchasing decision at that point in time
          b) 95% of people here will just buy some cheap chifi trash to hook up their kogan soundbar to their Hisense tv and aren't actual or potential customers so their feelings are pretty irrelevant

          The fact that so many people had a cry because he said 'youll get over it' is pretty cringeworthy. Like they are forced to defend their Ozbargain Honour, m'lady.

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            @jjcf: I suggest you read what else he said and at least TRY to understand why his attitude and approach stunk. I'm not in the least surprised that some people would think his attitude and comments were okay - after all we're living in the age of populist airheads like Trump, Johnson et al. The ME ME ME years are alive and kicking. Was he having a bad day? No, he has form. Irrespective, his approach was puerile.

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              @Possumbly: Imagine being a guy who tries to tie Trump into this time an a/v store rep hurt his feeling on the internet.

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                @jjcf: Doubt anyone's "feelings" were hurt by his egoistic and childish behaviour, it was a simple matter of the bloke's fu'd grasp of what constitutes reasonable standards. But hey if you're a fan of the race to the bottom as far as behaviour goes that's your business. Phone a friend if you need the Trump reference explained. Here's a clue: inane, egotistitic behaviour. Attracts particular mentalities.


      Oh wow, never saw that post, what on earth were they thinking???

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      haha that post is hilarious


    Anybody have dual 12" subs?
    My media room is my living room which is pretty big + a rollup 120" pj screen. The room adds reverb, which surprisingly makes it sound really good in open scenes if not totally accurate, and a little echoy in close scenes.
    I have 1 x 12" sealed sub which sounds pretty awesome, but I've always wondered what 2 x 12" would be like.
    I prefer sealed subs as I think they give punchier less woofier bass.


      Adding an extra identical sub will produce a theoretical increase in SPL of 6dB, which without getting into the technicalities is "double". There are a bunch of caveats around that though:

      • that is the maximum. In real life, in a real room, it will be less
      • To get that doubling of SPL the subs need to be placed together
      • Although a 6dB increase represents a doubling of SPL, it generally takes around 10dB or more extra before we perceive it as "twice as loud". This is especially true of bass frequencies where our hearing is much less sensitive.

      In other words: adding an extra sub won't necessarily result in what you perceive as a massive increase in output, especially when you're only going from 1x12" to 2x12".

      What it will do is, with proper positioning, give you a much <i>smoother</i> bass response, as the two subs fill in the troughs and cancel out the peaks of each other's response. So it should sound <i>better</i>, if not necessarily <i>louder</i>.


    Same price on ebay, but yesterday there was 12% cashback and today there's $100 off if you spend over 1k.


    Hey Op, Todd's HiFi is doing both the PB2000 and SB2000 for under a $1,000 can you match them?