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SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer $1225 / SB-2000 $1155 / PC2000 $1155 Delivered @ Klapp AV (Black Fortnight Sale)


Link to all products in Black Fortnight Sale
Includes SVS, Pro-Ject, Rotel and Ortofon etc.

Update: Prices for PC2000 have gone back up. Check other stores participating in “Black Fortnight” for PC2000.

PB-2000 is $204 cheaper than recent deal.
Free shipping on all orders over $500 at Klapp AV.

Great price since they are reduced to discounted PB/SB-1000 prices.
All 2000 models have been going for $1500 regularly in the past.

Living Entertainment North Coast
The Audio Tailor
Apollo HiFi
Lifestyle Store
And possibly more stores seem to be participating in the “Black Fortnight” Sale (check delivery conditions), if their location is convenient.

Copied description from previous PB-2000 deal:
“One of the most recommended subwoofer for the quality and value at this price point. Lots of good reviews online.
Just keep in mind it is huge and heavy.”

SVS Products Available:

- PB-2000 (Black Ash) $1225 Delivered

- SB-2000 (Piano Gloss Black) $1155 Delivered

- SB-2000 (Black Ash) $1155 Delivered

- PC2000 (Piano Gloss Black) $1155 Delivered

- PC2000 (Black Ash) $1155 Delivered

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