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SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer $1225 / SB-2000 $1155 / PC2000 $1155 Delivered @ Klapp AV (Black Fortnight Sale)


Link to all products in Black Fortnight Sale
Includes SVS, Pro-Ject, Rotel and Ortofon etc.

Update: Prices for PC2000 have gone back up. Check other stores participating in “Black Fortnight” for PC2000.

PB-2000 is $204 cheaper than recent deal.
Free shipping on all orders over $500 at Klapp AV.

Great price since they are reduced to discounted PB/SB-1000 prices.
All 2000 models have been going for $1500 regularly in the past.

Living Entertainment North Coast
The Audio Tailor
Apollo HiFi
Lifestyle Store
And possibly more stores seem to be participating in the “Black Fortnight” Sale (check delivery conditions), if their location is convenient.

Copied description from previous PB-2000 deal:
“One of the most recommended subwoofer for the quality and value at this price point. Lots of good reviews online.
Just keep in mind it is huge and heavy.”

SVS Products Available:

- PB-2000 (Black Ash) $1225 Delivered

- SB-2000 (Piano Gloss Black) $1155 Delivered

- SB-2000 (Black Ash) $1155 Delivered

- PC2000 (Piano Gloss Black) $1155 Delivered

- PC2000 (Black Ash) $1155 Delivered

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  • +1

    Any specials on the PB3000?

  • Sweet deal! Mind you PB-2000 occupy space!

    Anyone know if there's shop that offers cashback via SB or CR? (I want to find cheapest method)

    Note, looks like all other retailer has dropped the price for PB-2000, digital cinema, Apollo hifi, melbourne hifi.

  • +1

    ah gee I would love a pair of PB16 Ultras…

    • +2

      I just need one and im a happy camper LOL

  • Huge. Heavy. Get two.

  • Noooooooooo!!!! I DONT NEED ONE

  • +1

    I love my SB-1000, if I had a bigger apartment, I would go the 2000 for sure.

  • The SB12 were the best value ever. Picked up 2 before the sb2000 were released.

    • Saw a few still around brand-new on sale a month ago, decent price too.

  • Ported v sealed for home theatre?

    • +1

      From a quick read of forums awhile ago, users stated they needed 2x SB models to fill a larger room evenly, while only 1x PB model was able to fill the same room.

    • Always go sealed, in >10".
      Ported always hads a woofing sound as air passes through the ports.
      Sealed is a tight bass, but doesn't move as much air.

      So if you want accurate tight bass go sealed.
      If you want the most bass for your money, go ported.

  • Just in case someones interested, Grays Online have a couple of ex-demo SVS subs for auction. Don't forget the extra fees if you do bid.

  • +1

    For those who purchased a subwoofer from this deal.
    I recommend these isolation feet to further improve your experience by providing optimal performance from your SVS subwoofer.

  • Hey guys I have a 5 speaker tannoy highline Arena 500's currently only supported by a Klipsch Icon XW-300d Subwoofer, is the Pb-2000 a good upgrade and matched well with my tannoy's?

    • +1

      It would be a big upgrade.

      Matching is not an issue.

      If you want much better bass at a very good price go for this.

  • Does anybody has PC-2000? How's your experience compared to PB-2000?
    The dimension of PB-2000 is a real turn off, where as PC-2000 is more appealing, however i am unsure about the bass and rumble performance.

    • +1

      From a quick search online:
      ”Congrats! Audioholics has tested both PB and PC2000 outdoor and the CEA2010 results show that PC2000 has tiny edge output wise if one looks carefully. Basically the real life performance is same as SVS has said many times. The PC2000 is great for those people who wants to have small footprint and maybe "hide" it in corner which i have seen members here doing plus it`s light and easy to move. Anyway enjoy and remember to try it at couple places for best results! “

      Also this thread may interest you:

  • I can't seem to find the PC2000 for $1155 - It's showing $1403 !?

    • Thanks for letting us know.
      Looks like the price has gone back up at KlappAV.

      My advice is the check other stores, there seem to be many stores participating in the “Black Fortnight” sales.

      Just checked The Audio Tailor & LENC who still have it listed for $1155 but they are sold-out.
      You need to be quick.

  • Hey Op, Todd's HiFi is doing both the PB2000 and SB2000 for under a $1,000 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/498677#comment-8007245 can you match them?

    • Following.. I'm in need of a sb2000

    • Please refer to this comment
      and call them up yourself to see if they will price-match.
      I as OP of the post have little-power in matching prices for you.
      You have likely mistaken ‘OP’ as ‘Associated / Store Rep’.

      Thanks for letting us know.

      Here in the comment above, ‘us’ refers to ozbargainers.

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