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20% off Sitewide [Exclusions Apply] @ Tyresales


Terms and Conditions:
* Offer is available only while stocks last on eligible tyres advertised on
* Eligible tyres are marked with a RED ‘20% off’ banner, which are subject to change daily.
* Published prices include the 20% off Epic Sale discount. Prices will reflect the discounted price prior to checkout.
* This offer is redeemable online only at the time of purchase and cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or redemption code.
* If for any reason the Epic Sale is not able to be run as planned, tyresales reserves the right to terminate, modify or suspend the promotion.
* Tyre purchases are in accordance with tyresales standard terms and conditions at

For example:
Falken FK453 245/40/18 $158 (down from $198)
Bridgestone RE050A 235/45/18 $200 (down from $250)

Good to get a fresh set of rubber before the holidays if you need it.

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    20% off Sitewide

    then it says

    Eligible tyres are marked with a RED ‘20% off’ banner

    How is that sitewide ?

    • Forgot to fix up the title before submitting.

      • +1

        20% off Sitewide [Exclusions Apply]

        How is that sitewide ?

        • +1

          It's on everything on the site…

          …with a Red 20% off banner.

          • @Joxer: Which was every tyre I looked at, unlike their previous sale.

        • +2

          I don't run the site, I just saw it while browsing and thought I'd share.

  • FYI I bought 2 new tyres 2 weeks ago and found it very advisable to look locally, by the time I added balance and alignment to any online price it was cheaper to walk in to a tyre store.

    • I bought two sets from these guys last week after they posted the Clickfrenzy deal. Both were installed at different places and both offered free allignment. $344 for 4 Kumho tyres installed and everything with absolutely zero effort made this all a great experience. I think the Mrs set was only $299 installed.

      I also spoke to customer service when I was dubious about there being any catches and they were great. I highly recommend this service, they're an offshoot of Carsales so have a huge buying power for lower prices.

      • Yeah, 4 tyres do usually offer a free alignment, I only bought 2.

      • Hi, so once you order - they deliver it to your nominated installer, they call you and install - is this how it works?

        • Sean - In the case of Tyresales not quite. I only looked at centres near work but only a couple were offering free allignment. I think it was gonna be another $70 otherwise.

          Jack - Correct. Pick your tyre size and choose from the huge range. You will then be sent to a page where you choose your fitment centre and it's here where each place has their own perks like free allignment or a free car wash. Once you settle on that you pick your preferred install date and that's it. You'll receive an ETA for the delivery and a tracking number and the centre then sends you a message to book you in. Drive up, drop it off and walla you have new tyres. I know the parts of fark all about tyres but from what I asked around the office, $344 for a set of Kumho's installed is pretty good.

          • @Hinee: yeah thanks, prices are not bad when compared to most shops in SA, with free wheel alignment it's no brainer. cheers.

          • @Hinee: Thanks for the info! sorry for the dumb question, when the checkout is stating Installation & Old Tyre Disposal - Included, does it also means free alignment?

            • @yanivsr: Nope - you'll see an extra charge for allignment unless your specific fitting centre offers it which should be noted next to the name. YMMV as I can only speak for Newstead & Yeronga area in Brisbane, but both had suitable places.

              • @Hinee: Thanks, i have tried few of the providers and its only stating free installation without an extra for alignment, strange.
                For some of them it says: "PREMIUM FITMENT CENTRE - 60 MINUTE EXPRESS FITMENT"
                Maybe it because i only purchasing 1 Tyre?

                • +1

                  @yanivsr: Bingo. I just changed from 4 to 2 tyres and none offer free allignment. TBH you're dreaming if you expect free allignment with only one tyre purchased haha

                  • @Hinee: Makes sense, thanks for your help!

  • often there are those 4 for 3 deals, works out cheaper.

    • Only if you need 4 tyres, I usually get 2 at time

    • Bridgestone's doing that now in case anyone's interested in comparing.


    • Did you read the terms posted? No.

  • Some very good prices

  • +1

    Some standouts on 265/70LT17:

  • Better prices than local this time around (for me at least).

  • -1

    Remember Bob Jane has price match guarantee with a further 10% off

    • +3

      Just have to remember that's 10% off the difference, not 10% off the total.

  • Does not stack with Bridgestone buy 3 get 1 free?

    • Does not stack with Bridgestone

      Need to stack them on their sides, not upright…

  • For comparison:

    I purchased 2 x Kumho Ecsta PS31 yesterday for $97.00 plus fitting from Tyroola - today TyreSales have these for $103 after 20% discount INCLUDING fitting - total saving $20.00 per tyre.

  • Im not a fan of the way these guys do sales. I dont understand how pricing can beat competitors by "only" $10 approx. when its 20% off.

  • +1

    Make sure you are staying in the fitting centre and checking that they actually carry out the wheel alignment. Had a bad experience with one of the dishonest premium fitting centre in Artarmon. Was told could take up to 2 hours so I waited in their waiting room. They changed 4 tyres while my car is still parked on drive way outside the office (on trolley jack), I waited 2 hours in the office expecting them to do alignment, nothing was done and 2 hours later I was handed back the key and was told everything done. Asked if alignment has been done the guy said yes of course, but my car was parked right under my nose unless they have some state of the art equipment to do alignment without any instruments?! Complained to the head office and was offered a gift card as compensation.

    • you get an invoice?

      • Don't think the fitting centre issued an invoice.

    • I'd say this warning is for any service centre you visit, for any work. I've been burned many times be various workshops, including dealers. For me, it's dodgy unless proven otherwise.

  • would be interesting to see what kind of prices were on these tyres before the "20% off" sale… >_>

    • Tyres I looked at a couple of weeks ago are 20% less, but still not cheaper than Tempe Tyres eBay with 11% off. Bob Jane refused to honour their 10% off the difference, so went with Tempe Tyres.

  • +1

    The Primacy 4s arent included :(

  • Anyone know when this expires?

    • 25 Nov 11:59pm 5 days left

  • +2

    I have had MyCar (i.e kmart tyre and auto) price beat these guys before, just call them up. Was good when the amex offer was current

  • As above MyCar/KMart Tyre and Auto was a more convenient option location for me. Amex offer expired but they still beat the price on my selected tyre by a dollar each (yay!)… plus flybuys points and their tyre-care plan is nothing sensational but it's something .

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