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Get 50% off Final Value Fees & Your First Sendle Label Free When You Offer Free Shipping @ eBay


Sendle has launched on eBay and to celebrate this, eBay is offering 50% off final value fees (10 listings) along with free shipping for your first Sendle label (up to $10).

*Sendle label valued at up to $10 will be refunded to your account. FVF discount applies to next 10 sales. Other selling fees apply. T&Cs apply

Full Terms and Conditions

If the offer does not appear under “Promotional Offers” in the Selling section of your My eBay account, then you are not eligible for this offer.

The promotion does not apply to Insertion Fees or fees for optional features or services (including Feature Fees), international selling fees or any other fees set out at eBay.com.au, as varied from time to time.

The promotion only applies to single quantity listings.

Listings that automatically relist during the Promotion Period are not eligible for this promotion.

This promotion does not apply to listings in the following excluded categories: Businesses for Sale, Aircrafts, Boats, Caravans/Motorhomes, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks/Commercial Vehicles, Real Estate , Services, Flights, Tickets, Travel and Vouchers/Gift Certificates.

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  • +3 votes

    Pay no final value fees when you post through Gumtree. (Limitations apply)

    • I believe that has a maximum of 2 listings per month, whereas this is 10 listings at 50% off. Useful for regular sellers.

      • -1 vote

        Also gumtree is limited to 5 listing I think.

    • When I checked gumtree it says free but when I go to list it says you will have to pay final value fee of it gets sold?

  • Seems to be targeted:

    Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.

  • Do we have to offer free shipping on all 10 listings to be eligible for 50% off FVF?

  • +3 votes

    I have previously used Sendle and I find I am using them less and less and could not recommend them. In my area they use Couriers Please.

    1. You cannot nominate a same day pickup.
    2. They frequently do not pickup on the day nominated. i.e book job on Monday for a Tuesday pickup - missed and re-booked for Wednesday.
    3. I've recently had parcels picked up on the third day after booking i.e. Booked Friday for Monday pickup - missed, Tuesday missed, finally picked up on Wednesday.

    Sendle are slow, sloppy and pretty disinterested in much other than headlines where they beat up Australia Post.

    I wouldn't recommend them for anyone looking to provide a good customer experience, they're just too slow and unreliable.

    • Another vote against Sendle.

      Booked on Friday for Monday pickup. No one showed. Got a refund on Wednesday. Cancelled the Sendle job on Thursday. Took the parcel to Australia Post on Thursday. Courier from Couriers Please arrived the following Tuesday to pick up the parcel for Sendle. Told him he was over a week late.

      • I second that, had horrible service with them and their live chat was full of promises but zero actions, ended up getting my order after my event which made it useless.

    • Interesting, must depend on the area. Sendle have been great for pickups in my area but Australia Post have been terrible, often days late and I have to contact them to remind them.

  • I'm an occassional seller on eBay and find Sendle pricing for smaller parcels ($7.03) much better than Aust Post. I have not used the pickup option, but drop off to my local BP petrol station which is a couple of mins away and open till 10pm daily. I have not had any issues with delivery so far.

    This works well for me because drop location is so close and open till late - obviously not everyone will enjoy this benefit.

    • Thought that would be a good option until I looked and no drop off location in Brisbane CBD?! Nearest is Newstead!

  • Since Sendle pricing depends on location (same city, national/ remote) and they don't do PO Boxes, how does this work on eBay.

    If I offer 'free shipping' should I price based on worst case (which is probably AusPost) as this is flat rate (although potentially price out many buyers, but extra profit if a local buyer)

    Or can I put in T&Cs there will be extra postage costs for those cases?

    And then if I don't use Sendle is it no discounted FVF?

    • I recommend that you list the Aust Post postage price, if Sendle ends up cheaper then you benefit. This way you're not out of pocket due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Note that when Sendle lose your parcel, you'll find they don't actually pay out the value of the missing item ! So as the seller, you're out of pocket.
    Use at your own risk.

    • As long as it is scanned as picked up but not scanned as delivered, they will pay sales value of parcel.
      Full T&C's here: https://support.sendle.com/hc/en-au/articles/205952567-Sendl...

    • You should be ok with eBay provided you have tracking and it was picked up then that should cover your Seller responsibilities. Although if you leave out for pickup and someone else takes it that's different

      Using Sendle otherwise that's a good spot, as my Courier usually just leaves stuff nor asks for ID. So no proof who actually has it (or whether the recipient is telling the truth)

    • +2 votes

      You're right - their policy has now changed, no excess but they only cover up to $300 in value.
      They used to have an outrageous $100 excess !
      So ignore my previous comment - as long as your parcel is worth less than $300 it's all good.

  • Sendle are (profanity). DO NOT USE EVER

  • I used this offer and sold an item with "free shipping". How do I get the free Sendle shipping?

    Edit: Disregard, just read the terms and conditions in link above. Need to link Sendle Account to Ebay and purchase through there then will be credited to Seller Account afterwards.

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