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Save 4c/L at Shell Coles Express via Linkt App (Linkt Toll Account Required)

  1. Linkt toll road account holders only
  2. Update your Linkt App on Google Play/App Store or Login your account on their website, the Reward program is introduced on 18 Nov 2019
  3. Tab the Reward page and redeem offer
  4. Once redeemed, you will be eligible for a new barcode by 9am the next calendar day.
  5. Excludes Diesel, LPG and Adblue. Min fill 2L, max fill 150L per transaction.
  6. Stackable with other Coles Express offer, including Coles -4c dockets, "spend $20 in store to save 10c". Not sure if it's stackable with flybuys targeted offer
  7. Not stackable with other Viva Energy offer
  8. Long running deal expires on 18 Nov 2022

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    Linkt toll road account holders only

    Huh ?????

    • +2

      They are a terrible company, they were GoVia up here in Brisbane. Always thought they changed names just to removed the bad smell that comes from the name GoVia.

      • +1

        The bad smell continues on.

  • +1


    Check out the reviews…

    • +1

      I auto top-up my prepaid account with direct debit
      no issue at all

      • Same here - have been using them since govia times, no issues at all and a faulty tag was replaced very quickly at no charge.

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    Also of note, you need to not be overdrawn to use the discount. I keep my account on purpose in the negative (only pay when they suspend my account) as I dislike the company and it's mafia dodgy practices (showing "recommended" top up of $50 more than required etc but making it look like that's the actual amount due). I only want to give them the money that I need.

    • -3

      you need to not be overdrawn to use the discount.

      No double-negatives

      Read the commenting rules.

      • Sorry boss, I can't edit it now.

    • It has always disgusted me that a company has the right to make you pay a minimum $25 top-up when your credit drops below $10.
      You should pay these thieves only when you incur a toll fee.

      Why are they allowed to have hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of our money in their bank coffers.

      Lotto used to make you have a credit balance but now do "pay as you go" even for small dollar amounts, so Linkt should be made to do the same.

      • Manual transfers only, at a value I set (usually a few cents above $0, just to keep it from being suspended).

  • Minimum $5.50 to start an account. So no free dormant accounts to get the discount

  • +5

    What have they got against diesels?

  • $1.5 to sign up a sydney account that works.

    the brisbane for $1 doesn't

  • Huh, didn't know I had this. Cheers!

  • +4

    Or save >4c/L by fueling anywhere other than Shell Coles Express

    • I just fueled up 98RON @ BP a few hours ago which was 40c cheaper than pretty much everywhere else including 7-11 which are usually one of the cheapest. Was really strange that they were still 155.9 where most others were ~196

    • Totally agree with this. I've been using Shell/Coles Express all this while and the whole need to shop at Coles for the 4c/L promo + spending $20 at Coles Express + flybuys for ~1% rebate + any other promo to get a good deal is just not worth it considering other brands get you the same if not more on average without requiring you to make any unnecessary purchases.

  • Just installed the app to use these vouchers. However, didn't continue as the you have to give consent for your personal data and information to go to a third party company called vivaenergy. Didn't have time to research further so happy to hear any feedback.

    Personally have 2 tags with Linkt for a long time and no complaint (have auto top up feature in place), though we only use the toll roads maybe twice per month going through the Gateway bridge.

    • +1

      viva energy is pretty much shell btw (Shell’s exclusive licencee)

  • +1

    I guess this won't stack with the Carsales 4c off?

    • it doesn't only the 4c coles.

      but this and carsales are once use, so its good with two cars.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I had the Linkt app installed but hardly used it. This was easy and while everyone had jacked up the prices, my local Coles Express still had it $0.35 / L cheaper. Add to that the Coles $0.04 discount :)

    Read some comments regarding Linkt auto recharge - Note that my Linkt auto recharge setting is for $10 recharge when balance falls below $5 (Brisbane).

  • I missed your post but only realised by checking that Linkt app that the 4c discount was there. (Rarely use toll roads but happy with Linkt). Used it in conjunction with the 4c Coles vouchers last night for my vehicle, and son did same today with his. All I did was add his rego to my account (Linkt tag is not essential, but I do have a spare) and I signed in on his Linkt app. Gave him the password for future use.

  • I created a website to share Flybuys 10c offer for convenience https://www.coles10c.com.au/

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