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Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT Carplay/Android Auto Headunit + Reverse Camera $412.06 Delivered @ Ryda eBay


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I'm in the market for a new headunit and has shortlisted my choice into this particular model. Was ready to pull the trigger last week for 500 odd but glad I've waited. This is their midrange model so please do your research if this is suitable for your need.

- Relatively new 2019 model
- Carplay/Android Auto
- Has CD slot and non-motorised head - less things can go wrong
- Upgraded audio chip
- Included reverse camera

Downsides, with my personal comment:
- Wired only Carplay/Android Auto: reports show that wireless CPAA is still not reliable and drains battery fast
- Resistive touch screen: reviews say that pioneer's resistive is really close to capacitive. Some people actually prefer resistive for headunit as it's more stable on bumpy roads
- No high res audio: I mainly use google play music, so kind of irrelevant for me
- Slow, almost unusable WebLink: I don't know if I'll ever use this app, guess we'll see

Will this fit my car?
You'll need fascia kit and adaptor cables. Go to Aerpro or Stinger website, search your car and get the product number. Search for that in eBay. Depending on your car, you might also need a special tool to remove the original radio. Youtube is your friend. Installing the rear camera will be a challenge, but still doable.


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  • hey op, just curious, what is "wireless CPAA" ? Thanks

  • Wired only Carplay/Android Auto: reports show that wireless CPAA is still not reliable and drains battery fast

    Just confirming what you've mentioned, Pioneer's site confirms this is wired only for both.
    But only a handful of HU's on the market are capable of Wireless Android Auto right now, so I don't think this should be a dealbreaker for anyone.

    • In Australia I understood wireless AA is not available as google hasn’t done the paperwork. That said it would just be a firmware update for a HU with wireless carplay I would think.

      Anyway, I have a Kenwood with capacitive screen and wireless carplay. It’s absolutely awesome. My Old iPhone 7 has a cactus battery and it does drain fairly quickly, Mrs Entropy has an XS Max does not seem to drain near as fast. in summary, really convenient for driving to work, a trip to the shops, taking the miss entropys to dance class etc. Big trips (eg at least an hour) I would probably hook up.

      That said if you have the cable always connected to the USB port it isn’t a hassle to hook up the phone.
      What is hard is dropping back to a resistive screen. Every time I hire a car I really notice how much less clear and bright a resistive screen is.

      Pioneer has a good GUI though.

  • Quite tempted by this. Have there been any cheaper mainstream android auto units around?

    I was planning to get a cheap ebay android unit, but by the time you rule out the cheapest ones with worst reviews it seems to be creeping up to around $300 anyway.

    • Personally, I'd prefer Android Auto to an Android head unit.

      I've seen some Sony and Kenwood ones, is pioneer just as good, better or worse?

    • I'd highly recommend going android auto over the ebay/aliexpress android headunits. I originally had one of these, boot time is significant around 30 seconds, they often run on dated android phone/tablet versions so app interfaces are not always optimized for car use and app comparability may become an issue after a couple years. Someone less techicallly savvy will find it difficult to navigate the interface and I found it often buggy (apps closing unexpectedly). Android auto utilizes the phones hardware to stream the interface so you can expect a much longer life and the software is designed for the car so its much more polished.

      Depending on your car model there may be options out there eg. I've now installed a android auto unit called a RCD330 into a older golf6 which was a unit originally made for Chinese and east European markets. you can buy refurbed units on ebay/aliexpress.

      • Yes, would be frustrating if the reverse camera doesn't come up until after you've finished reversing.
        My wife's car has android auto and it seems pretty good, although it seems to lead to me leaving my phone in the car by accident a lot.

        To some extent I like the idea of actually a unit running android so apps can be installed directly, but I don't think it is worth the hassle for the few things that would be useful.

        Just trying to convince myself it isn't stupid to put a $400 head unit in a $3000 car. I 3d printed myself a phone holder that does 90% of the job.

    • Sony xav-ax3000 was cheaper, that was quite a bargain back in September. It's 2018 model though and a discontinued model.

      If you end up buying Chinese ones, check XDA forum. Some brands are more preferred as they are true manufacturer rather than just slapping logo into a unit and has longer discussion threads

  • Auto barn Sunbury has the for $298

  • no dab?

  • Is the 6.8 double din larger than standard double din? A friend lend me his double din head unit from a toyota. I tried to put it in my car but it was slightly wider.

    Have the standards changed?

  • Good luck with pioneer

  • Strangely the Stinger site doesn't have Camry 1997-2002 in their list of cars. Has to be one of the most popular cars ever. Went to Aerpro instead.

  • Price has gone up

    • You're right! Glad I didn't hesitate, ordered yesterday and received today. I'll mark as expired

    • Nooo was going to buy tonight :(

      • See the buying history, someone bought 10 yesterday. I start to think it's actually a price error

        • That would make sense given the RRP. I've messaged the seller asking if they'd return the price temporarily as I'm only interested in buying it for that. Doubt they will, but I'll update here if they reply.

          • @Ashmattic:

            Thanks for your enquiry,
            However, the price listed yesterday morning was an error and the unit was being sold below cost.
            Customer Support

            Hopefully they aren't cancelling orders

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