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LG 55" Ultra HD OLED TV OLED55B8 $1499 @ Myer


Hey guys noticed Myer Chatswood have the LG B8 55inch OLED for $1499.

They have a few in stock.

Check if your local Myer have them in stock for same price.

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  • Any easy summary of
    B9 vs B8 vs C

    • IIRC the B Model is the equivalent of the previous C model. Like B8 = C7, B9 = C8…there may be other things, but that's what I vaguely remember reading.

    • The B9 has significantly better features over the B8, noteably native 120Hz refresh rate vs 60 (although the 8 can do 120Hz at 1920x1080 unofficially for PC), and BFI (black frame insertion) which significantly reduces motion blur.

      G-sync support is also coming for B9 up.

      • My 2015 LG 84” UB980T goes at 200hz. Great to watch cricket as you can see the seam direction on the ball as it travels down the pitch. My 2019 Samsung Q60 In the front room Can’t replicate the same clarity on fast moving images

    • Rtings is the place to go for this sort of comparison:


      Adjust the comparison if you want to compare it to the C9 as well.

  • It's a great price if they are brand new units, well worth snapping up. Probably one of the last places in Sydney with stock.

  • Can also use discounted Myer giftcards from AGL ( currently @10%)

  • Very similar to the C9 model, almost identical in specs, processor seems to be only difference:
    "The key difference of LG C9 and B9 comes from the picture processor that integrated with them. LG C9 comes with LG α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor while LG B9 comes with LG α7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor. LG α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor is more advanced picture processor than LG α7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor so that It can provides better optimization for the color, clarity and contrast of the picture delivered on the screen of LG C9."

    • This is the B8 NOT the B9

      • Oops, my bad, been reading about the B9 too much recently.

        • Hahah, np. Just pointing it out.

          Some things to note about the B9 -

          • doesn't get as bright
          • calibration out of the box is poor
          • colours aren't as good for some reason and banding is more apparent (though not huge)
  • Not cheaper enough compared to a C9 to even consider.

  • Great picture, but in terms of feature set this panel is starting to lag (HDMI version, HDR things etc.). I'd spend the few hundred extra to get the more future proofed C9

  • Seems OLED is getting cheaper and cheaper, in a few more months it will be sub $1000 so what’s next for tv? for the manufacturers to cash in on? 8k? 100k? Bring back plasma ?

    • The price hasn't dropped much over the past few years

    • Well in way of Smartphones and gaming Monitors - high refresh rates.

      For TV's maybe 3D will make a comeback lol

    • QLED 8K 98" for $99,999 of course..!

    • Can't believe the lack of foresight some people have.

      Obviously it will be drone based TVs which can follow you around the house. I wouldn't buy in on that generation though because the following gen will be drone-swarm based TVs, each with a cell-phone sized screen - and you can upgrade as you go - even mix and match OLED and plasma drones. Way better tech for your dollar there.

    • You'll be waiting a lot longer than a few months. Only LG makes OLED and even then their capacity can't keep up.

    • Laser TV (ultra short throw UST projectors) are the future, I mean if you think 65/75/85" TVs are the big just wait until you see a ultra short throw laser TV in action. All you need to do is place the projector 2 to 3 inches in front of the wall and you get a massive 100-150" picture. Harvey Norman are already stocking the Hisense laser TV's and it's only a matter or time until they become mainstream and phase out TV's. $10-15k price point may not be appealing to everybody but there are plenty of cheaper alternative ultra short throw projectors out there like Xiaomi, XGIMI and Appotronics, which can cost anywhere between $1800 all the way up to $5000 depending on the model and screen (screen purchased separately). I'm upgrading to the Optoma P1 with an anti-reflective screen in a couple of months once the price drops :)

    • Geez. I still remember Dad paying over $8k for our 50" Sony Bravia back in the day.

    • Micro LED is the next tech

  • Came here to say YNWA to OP

  • Same price at Myer Chermside (Brisbane) when I was there on Saturday. They also had a Clearance tag on the 55" C8… for $2,999.

  • 55inch. that's gonna hurt!

  • Get the C9 man!! Don’t waste money on this slow tv

  • I have the b8 65" and It's not slow at all and have very good picture quality specially for dolby vision content from Netflix. I think it's a very good deal for 55 inch if you don't need a bigger tv.

  • I've got this one. Warning that if causes the JBL Bar 5.1 (surround sound) to occasionally become nonresponsive ie don't use these two devices together.

  • I missed out on the $1700 C9 the other day. Waiting for it to come up again!

  • 0 left now showing for me???

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