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Inkbird New BBQ Thermometer IBBQ-4T AU $99 Delivered (40% off, Original Price AU $165) @ Inkbird eBay


1. Wi-Fi Connection, APP control
2. Rainproof, Magnetic Design
3. 2000mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery
4. Dual Alarm
5. Temperature Graph & Calibration: you could calibrate the temperature or download a temperature graph in the app
6. One Year Warranty

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      I don't understand what you're whining about


    Looks great for home use, would grab one if it had Bluetooth also (so can be used when camping). Any chance of a deal on the ibt4x?


      Hi,sorry it's wifi instead of bluetooth,but it support APP control,and you could check temp on your phone,which is quite convenient.
      Here is the link for IBT-4XS AU$71.99,we usually sell it at AU$77


    What are the uses of this?


      It's a bbq thermometer. Use your imagination.


      Hi,it's bbq thermometer which is wifi and rechargeable.
      You could check meat temp on your phone when you are away from your weber.


    What's the WiFi like can you get api or Web access?


      Hi,it supports APP control,you could download APP for free.
      You could check and control your bbq cook when you are away via wifi or 4G


    Today's CR 12% cashback brings final price below $90. Pretty good for what it is


    With an analog thermometer on the webber itself, anyone used on of these for around $10? (seems all you would need, and no stuffing around with your phone)?



    Here some answers for the wifi thermometer IBBQ-4T:

    Q : Do you have to have your phone on the same WiFi network as the thermometer IBBQ-4T?

    A : No.It can be used to monitor a cook when you are away from home.For example,you can check it in your company using company wifi or your 3g/4g internet

    Q : Does the new wifi unit IBBQ-4T have improved software?

    A : Yes,the app for IBBQ-4T is different from the Bluetooth one like IBT-2X,4X,6X,etc. You can download and save the graph in the app.The graphing will not start from scratch if you lose connection halfway through the cook.

    Q : How long does the rechargeable battery last?

    A : It can last for nearly 26 hours if the thermometer in 10c~40c´╝îneither too hot nor too cold

    Q : Can it run directly from a battery bank?

    A : Yes it can


    There will be some big deals on inkbird bbq thermometers and temp controllers on Black Friday
    If you like,you could pay attention to our shop
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    @Inkbird there's no new version of the Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI in the works? Both Wifi and step programmable?

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      Hi,sorry there is no version o ITC-308 WIFI that is Wifi and step programmable temporarily