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Beelink Gemini X55 Ultimate Intel Gemini Lake J5005 2.8GHz 8GB/128GB AU $358.19 Delivered @ GeekBuying


thinking of picking up a mini PC before christmas just to have an easy portable pc to put in another room or bedroom to do basic internet and streaming vids needs

this is part of geekbuying black friday deals and seems like ok specs vs price

● Intel Gemini Lake Pentium J5005 Processor Quad Core, 4 threads 1.5GHz up to 2.8GHz 4M cache
● Intel HD Graphics 605, up to 800MHz
● Support Windows and Linux operation system
● 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz dual band WiFi and 1000Mbps Ethernet
● Bluetooth 4.0

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    thinking of picking up a mini PC before christmas just to have an easy portable pc to put in another room or bedroom to do basic internet and streaming vids needs

    just get a laptop

  • Get Raspberry pie

  • I'd probably recommend that you go with a proper Intel branded NUC than Beeline because of support and warranty reasons.


    This is same price (with the current Computer alliance ebay code), but missing the RAM and SSD - which you can get relatively cheap. But the 8th Gen i3 is much better performing than the Pentium J5005 despite less physical cores. Plus local warranty..

    • that i3 also has iris plus 655 , good for 720p cs:go / dota2 / LoL / fortnite

    • thanks yeah that does seem better spec wise then this beelink, what about one of the other beelink mini pc that have an i3, just seems intel like to charge more for there brand then the china equivalent, ive never had to take a pc in to be fixed for warranty so if i can get it cheaper overseas i rather do that

  • Even doing office work requires a better cpu than this one. Once you open too many apps this would be pretty laggy. At least get an i3 like the guys up there said….

    • like the guys up there said….

      Why did you assume it's a guy?

    • ok did not realize the cpu was so slow on this thought it would be fine for basic needs what about the Beelink L55 that has a i3 and is not that much more costly then this model have even seen some youtube vids of someone putting macOS on it.

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        It is absolutely fine for what you what it for. See my post below.

        Some people in the tech space seem to think you need a V8 to drive around the city.

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    Get a refurbished Dell optiplex. Eg


    Cheaper and much better performance!

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    Well i've own one of these for ~15mths.
    Its my home server used for Sonarr, sabnzb, plex, youtube-dl, bbc iplayer, etc and it works absolute treat.

    After a quick registry hack, i just RDP into it for control (even though it's got a wireless keyboard/mouse and hooked up to the TV).

    It's small & super quiet too.

    • What about transcoding 4k video via Plex, my current system struggles and I end up just putting the 4k files on external HDD and plugging it directly into tv

    • Why do you need a reg hack to RDP? Just curious.

  • Haven't had a Vorke deal from Geekbuying for a long time. I've got a Vorke - goes good.

  • This CPU/GPU is excellent for media. It has hardware acceleration and will play everything you throw at it easily. Just note it doesn't support HDR but that is rumoured to be patched in soon (pls Intel make it so).