Outright iPhone Purchase or Plan

Hi All,

Looking for suggestions on how to acquire a new phone, in the cheapest possible way.

I currently have two options: Either purchase a new phone outright (iPhone 11 Pro) and remain on the same free monthly plan, or recontract my wifes service, and I use the handset. Her phone is still OK and not in need of an upgrade.

Upgrading my wifes plan is going to cost an additional $62pm over 24 months or $41 over 36 months.
In this case, this makes the cost of the phone $1,499 over either term.

Can anyone see any flaws in my calculations? The best deal right now would be to recontract my wifes phone and pay the extra, rather than fork out $2,000. Even a $2,000 purchase over 36 months is $55 or $83 for 2 years.


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    Just make sure there are no financial catches with your wife's plan by calling them up and stepping through what you are planning to do. Telcos are generally not in the business of losing money.

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    Cheapest way? Do Sim hopping and literally paying nothing every month, and get an outright phone

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    You have other option. Buy non apple.

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      Op probably wants a superior phone that will receive updates throughout it's life, as well as will hold resale value and doesn't become a useless piece of sh#t after two years. Ya dig?


    How much data do you use every month? Cheapest with minimal effort would be to buy an iPhone with cashback/discount + TRS and use the boost yearly prepaid if you can survive with about 6GB per month.


    Easy descision if that is the phone you want which I have too . Plan you are getting it $500 cheaper but with the new contracts you would have to stay on it for the 2 years or they will charge you the full retail I think.
    I was already on a new Telstra $50 plan with $10 discount and they added the cost of the phone monthly over 2 years.

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    Step 1: Check how much data you NEED
    Step 2: Check which iPhone model you're happy with
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit


    You tell us how much extra the cost is on your wife’s plan, but we have no idea what she is already paying and for what data/calls she gets. Boost on a 12 month plan with 80gb/pa and overseas calls averages on sale about $14 a month.

    If your wife’s plan is similar but you pay $40 a month, then the $25 a month more for a similar service works out at more than $600 , so it’s cheaper to buy outright.


    Depends which carrier you're with and if you want to change.

    Telstra's iPhone plans are horribly expensive and they don't subsidise the cost of the handset any more.
    Optus has better value plans but it's Optus's substandard coverage if you live rural.