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8 Meals $48 Delivered ($6 Per Meal) @ Youfoodz


After failing to use a friends code Mod: OP works for Youfoodz to grab the 8 meals for $48 deal (DINNER-xxxx), I think i have accidentally found a separate code that seems to work for everyone.
Only seems to work with $9.95 meals on the site. Looks like you can also get a bunch of meals for $8.95 too.

*$20 delivery to WA.

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  • I will never support a company who has a racist CEO (and his "model" fiancee) no matter how good the deal is.

    • +17 votes

      I am here for the bargains not the social justice.

      You will find racism everywhere. To what degree do you avoid companies like that have bad people in it?

      Do you avoid disney? Nike? Addidas? What about companies exploiting people or resources?

      Bet you do nothing. Easy to virtue signal on something so insignificant.

      YouFoodz employs a lot of people and their livelihoods are also affected.

      Get over it and enjoy the bargains.

      • Actually at last count, I think the number of employees is down by about 30 or so

      • +9 votes

        If YouFoodz collapsed I'm sure another business would pop up - or perhaps an existing business would become more profitable and therefore be able to hire more people.

        Did your parents not teach you that actions have consequences as a kid?

        The behaviour you walk past is the behaviour you accept….

      • Amen.

      • @Majik - If you think racist behaviour is "so insignificant" you are part of the problem.
        There are other businesses similar to youfoodz I would gladly support that don't act like the Youfoodz CEO and his fiancee.

    • Is this the video https://www.9news.com.au/national/youfoodz-founder-and-fianc... ?

      Isn't it the fiance bring racist? Who uploaded the video?

  • +10 votes

    The racist food.

  • Oh look, another YouFoodz deal… how surprising

  • Also $20 shipping in WA makes each meal 8.50. Still a rip off. Sorry no deal

  • Frankly the food quality has been going downhill for some time. About a month back I had a noodle dish that was made with pasta and about a spoonful of sauce, not looking good imo.

    • Never experienced the sauce issue but the pad Thai they call “our take on pad Thai” is terrible IMO, more a way to have a second item that utilises the pasta instead of just the chicken carbonara. But pasta in pad Thai nope not a fan…

      But if you like a lot of sauce then try my muscle chef their meals are also good but usually include a lot more sauce

    • I won't purchase any of the meals with rice. The rice to me taste horrible and hard. The new smokey BBQ chicken & potato salad isn't too bad. The fried chicken & gravy is my daughters favourite meal.

      • The smokey BBQ chicken & potato salad is great! I’ve been eating this cold as I work on the road and think it’s the best cold meal option.

  • hahah good luck youfoodz, your video ads are getting smarter.

  • Good find, was hoping for another code this week, they used to have a decent code every week but these days it’s been slowing down even with all the perpetually outraged noisemakers, anyway just placed another order cheers op

  • Overpriced bad food by racist owners

    • 6 bucks for a prepared meal isn't overpriced.

      OP posted a bargain, no need to down vote them for sharing a deal.

      Take your virtue signaling politics elsewhere, this is a bargain website.

      People still buy all the apple deals even though they do real damage to peoples lives in the country their products are manufactured.

      If it's not for you, move on and stop abusing the down vote option of this website.

      • +12 votes

        $6 is overpriced. Prepared meals in Coles or Woolies is around $4 to $5 for non frozen and between $3-$4 for frozen.

      • OP posted a bargain, no need to down vote them for sharing a deal.

        Voting has nothing to do with the OP. Users should neither be upvoting or downvoting based on who posts the deal. Voting should be based on the bargain including issues with the retailer.

        See Voting Guidelines

  • Not working for me. :(

  • Thanks OP.

    6 dollar meals nice easy supplemental for those of us who need a lot of calories due to exercise.

    Just sort by 'lowest calories' then scroll to the bottom. Some decent 400 - 500 calorie meals, they aren't amazing but do the job when you are lazy.

    • True nothing amazing. Good price for when my daughter works night shift. At least I know she isn't having takeout 👍

  • Thanks!
    Just wondering how your associated to Youfoodz if you accidentally found this code?

  • $20 shipping to Perth :(

    • Yea, bit of a deal breaker. And was just thinking about getting some.

    • I gave up on Youfoodz after realising $20 fees and you get free ice box and ice packs from the deliveries as the courier don’t take them back . Local supermarkets are cheaper options , or go to IGA if you are desperate for youfoodz as Igas are selling them . I Downvoted for non free deliveries to WA. Oh, on the side note, I just don’t get it what makes a human being think that he or she is better than another human being when a human is practically the same .. unless you are a superman or superwoman

  • The only reason I didn't post this deal yesterday was because of the backlash of half the people commenting. Quite annoying seeing a good deal and having a few bad eggs comment useless information

  • coupon code RACISTPRICKS

  • Thanks for the coupon code worked a treat

  • coupon code… SHHHZINGCEO

    EDIT - just realized OP is associated. While I feel sorry for Leah and her team who's firefighting all these mess, I don't feel sorry for your CEO, his plastic faced fiance and the investors. This is an acid culture and I heard woolies are talking about staying away from these racist row. Really hope they drop your products altogether.

    • Yeah, they have a good overall - good site, responsive support team members, good packaging, good marketing team, good price, good videos tutorials, good quality food and they call the buyers family.

      Unfortunately, that video ruins all the good reputation that they have built

  • No thanks.

  • The food is bland rubbish, and portions are tiny. I admit i'll buy it occasionally if i'm lazy and see them marked down below $3 at Coles, but would never sign up or pay full price. Low quality, cheap ingredients and completely devoid of flavour.

  • I couldn't work out why there was SO much uproar on this site about the youfoodz saga on this site but then I saw these meetup photos…. makes sense

    • LMAO…not so much the principle more the personal affront, explains why other socially objectionable companies don’t get the same faux outrage lol

    • Very small sample size, but wow. And I thought it was mostly Australians white knighting for us Asians lol.

  • Quality and service has gone downhill, portion size has deceptively being reduced (see here), not to mention not environmentally friendly

  • Small portions and high in sodium. Need two to feel content. I'll pass on youfoodz

  • Last few meals have been terrible. Quality is nowhere near it was 12 months ago.

  • It seems the voucher now works when you select both the clean meal pack and 2019 top sellers pack for a total of $66.40. This works out to be 12 meals for $5.53 each.

    • So I just did the 8 meals for $48 then scrolled down and saw this… so made another order to get this amazing deal! Hahah Thankyou!

  • Was a regular, but not after this 👎👎👎

  • This has now expired?
    Any other deals going for youfoodz?