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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless Keyboard (GL Linear) $338 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheaper than everywhere else according to staticice.

GL Tactile is full price but GL Clicky is $335 but limited stock - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07WSNMJMK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $300 for a keyboard is insane

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      Wowser this is the first time I've ever come across a KB for that much and then it's a Logitech at that.

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      $500 for a pair of headphones is even crazier.

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    Linear is cheaper from Computer Alliance with 20% code: $334.20 delivered (or $319.20 with ebay plus)

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      Nice, even cheaper! :)

      (Wish it was the tactile <$300…)

    • Where does it say in the Ebay listing whether it is Linear or Tactile version?
      Cannot seem to find what version it is, in the listing..

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    Tried to look up some info…

    1. Really thin
    2. Logitech wireless tech, dongle or bluetooth
    3. Lithium ion battery, allegedly easily replaceable by the user
    4. Scroll-wheel thingamyjiggy for volume that I liked from my previous keyboards that had em
    5. Dedicated macro buttons

    1. RGB, except secondary symbols are printed on, not see-through for the RGB.
    2. Some may find the low profile annoying.

    1. Expensive AF
    2. MicroUSB connector (?)
    3. ABS keycaps

    I'mma stick with my Ducky One 2.

    • A $300 keyboard and only ABS keycaps?? You can find PBT keycaps on keyboards for half the price!

  • I purchased the linear version to replace my Das Keyboard (brown) because I really wanted a wireless mechanical, and I have to say, it's a great keyboard but those pesky macro keys on the left hand side take some time getting used to.

    Overall, my fav' feature is it's amazingly thin so much so that it almost melts into the desk yet there is still plenty of travel on the keys. It's so relaxing on the hands as you can keep them really low on the desk without straining, but if you want to angle the KB it has adjust-ability for differing angles.

    kwchaz sums it up well above, and is right about it having micro-usb - so odd on such a pricey item.

    • Why'd you go for the linear coming from MX Browns? I use the Das with browns at work, and linear on my G810. Tempted to get a 915 but trying to decide between linear and tactile. I do like the sound of the clicky but it can be annoying if others are around or if teammates can hear it through the mic.

      • Sorry, why did I type linear. No, I did get the tactile as I wanted something as close as possible to my brown switches. :)

  • I really don't get the premium over the 913. Personally hate really thin, it's why I don't like Laptop keyboards.

    But hey, more range, more options…

  • My $2 'Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600' i found at a garage sale is genuinely a joy to use. Low profile keys, media keys, compact size, can recommend.

    Side benefit is the sound of the keys doesn't infuriate everyone within a 20 metre radius!

    Side Side benfit is i still have $336 left to spend after not buying this logitech one ^_^

  • +3

    I have the G915 Tactile version and it's
    a great keyboard, but it took some time to get used to it. Coming from a Corsair keyboard these are the things I noticed,
    *Keycaps felt a bit wobbly.
    *Keyboard is very long and the macro keys on the left side seemed odd.
    *Very thin but sturdy.
    *Nice and bright RGB lighting.
    *Long battery life and solid wireless performance.
    *Relatively quiet.
    *Love the scroll wheel volume control.

    • Overall, would recommend it over the Corsair? Tossing up between this and K63.

      • +1

        It's hard to pick one over the other since they're in different categories.
        If you're ok with a wired keyboard I'd say go with Corsair, but If you're after a premium wireless RGB keyboard this is it!

        • Cheers!

          Sorry, I should have specified that K63 Wireless is the one I am looking at - also wireless mechanical. (It might be unfair for me to lump all Corsair boards together like that!)

          Only comes in cherry red though…I think I would prefer browns/tactile.

    • I read that the G915 Tactile had some QA issues, and users are reporting inconsistent clickyness of the keys. Have you noticed any uniformity problems in the feel or sound of the keys?

      • +1

        Haven't noticed any issues with mine, all the keys seem consistent and even.