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Google Pixel 3a 64GB $588 @ Harvey Norman


Not sure of the actual starting date of this deal, as the catalogue neglected to include one!

This is the cheapest I recall seeing this phone for local stock. The picture quality of this phone is astonishing, especially for low light settings. Google are on to a winner here.

Band 28 and headphone jack included for your convenience.

Edit: deal live here https://www.harveynorman.com.au/google-pixel-3a-64gb-just-bl...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Might be worth keeping an eye out for Google's own Black Friday deals which start Nov 29.

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    With the JB Hi-Fi Pixel 4 deals, a Pixel 4 goes for around $750-800 on gumtree.

    • For those of us that prefer a poly-carbonate phone and a headphone jack, a used Pixel 4 isn't very enticing

      • -2 votes

        I'm referring to brand new Pixel 4s.

        • Without any warranty support or remedies under the Australian Consumer Law. I get the point you are trying to make but we are dealing with the market for brand new handsets from retailers here. Second hand (despite being 'brand new') is a secondary market.

      • For those of us that prefer a poly-carbonate phone and a headphone jack, a used Pixel 4 isn't very enticing

        That, plus a normal capacitive fingerprint scanner on the back. A sensible design and usability which is hard to find these days. I'd have gone for it but my S9 still works well, with most of Samsung crap-ware being disabled or inactive.

    • If you don't mind the average battery life, the 4 is super nice. I forced on the 90hz screen and it's buttery delightful.

  • Ah cool! I am after Pixel 3a XL. I will be following this closely. Any idea when we might get a preview of Google's deals?

    And how's Harvey Norman with returns. Wondering if I should buy this before it expires and if Google does a cheaper deal, return for full refund?


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    I'm done with Google phones, the lag is insane

    • Not sure what you mean. Lag with what ? I have a pixel 3a xl and no complaints.

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        Nexus 6p, pixel 1 and pixel 2. Even MKBHD put out a video about it.

        Lag as in opening and taking photos, opening apps, switching between apps etc

        • Never had such issues with my Nexus phones.

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            @Trishool: Lucky you then, I've had it with every Google phone. Not just me, there's lots of complaints of this happening

            • @bkhm: I just bought another Nexus 6P so fingers crossed.

              • @Trishool: I also had bootlooping with my 6p. Why did you buy another one btw?

                • @bkhm: I never had bootlooping issues with my first 6P. It truly was the best phone I've ever owned, it looked awesome, had dual front firing speakers and a great screen and camera. I was going to buy the new Pixel 4XL this year, but after seeing how they limited storage capacities on it, along with no free google photos and a small battery, I chose not to buy it. I wasn't 100% happy with any other phone on the market either, each of them having something that annoyed me, so choose to go back to a phone that made me happy for $300 and wait it out for the next year or so to see what 2020 delivers from each company and then decide.

  • I paid this price at JB within the first week of the phone launch. I just asked him if he would price match the Commercial pricing and he did it on the spot, no questions asked.

  • Typing from a Pixel 3a. Great phone.

    Got it when it came out and JB HiFi was doing $100 discount for any phone given back. I had a Moto G3 and they couldn't find it in the system, so the lady just gave me $100 discount straight up without taking the phone and after the 5% gift card it came down around $530.

    Proud of my Oz bargain moment :)

    • And I'm proud of you fam! Glad you're a teacher, spread that wisdom!

    • Did the same thing. Traded my old Oppo for $100 so got the $799 3aXL for $699. I just happened to be going on holiday the following week so got another $70 back from TRS. I'd argue the 3aXL is the best phone you buy at that price. The camera is so good I no longer use my real camera (Sony Alpha).

  • Still too expensive, Pixel 3 was selling for under $600 a few months ago. A budget model should be cheaper than it's flagship

    • No headphone jack on Pixel 3, I wouldn't consider buying it

    • 3a is Google's flagship phone. The marketing dept and reviewers might not think so but it their best product offering to date in terms of bang for buck.

      • Best Bang for Buck is Great, but does not = what we understand as normal Flagship, but I get what you mean.

  • Pixel 3a just won't drop in value goddamnit!!
    I would rather a Pixel 3a then a 3 (maybe even a 4), so leave those comments at the door.

    • Yeah I think Google actually made a phone that real people will use and find value in, rather than reviewers. Personally I value a polycarbonate back because it is not going to shatter like glass. Similarly, many people prefer having a headphone jack. All that plus an excellent camera and fast updates made it a winner for me. I hope you get it for a good price!

  • Hi OP, could you post the full catalogue? I'm interested in the Samsung Galaxy phones next to this one and TVs

    • The one to the right is the Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB for $837. I'll post up the others tonight unless someone does it first.

  • I'm thinking of an xmas gift for wife, which would be better, the P20 Pro or this?
    (Dual sim not important. P20 has double the storage but not a deal breaker as we use cloud storage anyway)
    P20 Pro deal:

    This probably answers my question


    • There Pixel shines in consistent point and shoot camera performance. My friend has the Mate 20 Pro and he complains about camera consistency. Some shots are fantastic and others are very average. They Pixel would win in software updates too.

      Everything else on paper is better on the Huawei

  • Is this better than asus zenfone 5z? Zenfone looks much better specs. And well built

    • Australian warranty, so infinitely better.

      I had a major problem with my Asus zenfone 1, had to send back to HK at my own expense, they returned a refurb which was in worse condition than mine, had to send it back again at my own expense, they wouldn't replace it, but repaired the screen - and when 4 months later it bricked itself while I was listening to music on the train home, rather than send it back at my own expense again, I bought a new phone.

  • Pricematch at OW?

  • Seems like a nice phone. If only they made an XS version! I look at a reviews and now 5.6 inch screen is considered small lol.

  • Perfect! Getting one for my grandmother, I will double check Google's own black Friday deal beforehand. Thanks :)

  • How much the add says for Samsung A70 in photo? just one phone left to Pixel 3a…

  • The main feature I care about in a phone is the camera. Can someone please tell me what camera features the Pixel 3 and 4 would have that this wouldn't?

  • The reviews of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera are pretty epic, recommendations either way?

  • Please note, NO micro SD slot.

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