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4 Months of Premium TIDAL for $0.99


Hi Guys,
First time posting a deal here. I got an email offer from Tidal this morning.
Get 4 months of Premium Tidal for just $0.99 AUD.

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    Has anyone used it? How does it’s recommendations and discovery compare to Spotify?

    Tidal seems to have 99 problems but number of songs ain’t one.

    Spotify - 50 million songs, 232 million active users
    Apple Music - 50 million songs, 50 million active users.
    Tidal - 60 million songs, 4.2 million active users.

    Maybe they were just too late to the game? Spotify was well established with users before tidal ever launched.

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      Biggest thing is that it has full HD quality, and not limited to 320kbs as Spotify is.
      So you'll need a good fat pipe to stream it, it'll use of a lot of data… but the sound will be the best it can be.

      I've been hoping to give it a try… and this is a great deal -thanks, @mandela

      • all good @swalloweda
        I find this premium Tidal is still better sound quality than Spotify. Which i also love because of its massive library.
        Another thing with Tidal is you get Live concert shows to watch and MTVs.

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      Tidal is uncompressed audio (FLAC format). Spotify etc use heavily compressed audio (like Mp3) so the song size is smaller to stream, but the sound quality suffers.

      A typical 4-minute contemporary song is about 4-5MB in MP3 about 35-40MB in FLAC.

      So tidal means the sound quality is excellent, CD quality, but you'll be streaming a lot more data than Spotify to get it.

      Do you use $300+ headphones? Get Tidal, you'll really notice the difference.

      • Only FLAC if you pay extra for HiFi subscription, normal sub is 320kbps MP3

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      Ah, scrap my original info - this is for "Premium"… which deceptively isn't the best they have - it's only 320kbs. The Full HD version is called "HiFi"

    • Google has 15 million subscribers for its music-streaming services. Google is chasing its competitors in the world of music streaming services, according to subscriber numbers. Google's two paid music services, YouTube Music and Google Play Music, have reportedly passed a total of 15 million subscribers.

      May 11, 2019


      Weird I would have thought YouTube Premium promos and deals (which includes Google Play Music) would make the amount of active users at least minimum in the hundreds of millions.. guess not.

  • Oof, finally can test out my Sennheiser iem.

  • It is normally more expensive than the others because of the better audio quality, and depending on what you're listening through it isn't always worth it, unless you are using a good pair of headphones or earbuds, and even then to get the most out of it you want to be using wired instead of wireless, most people dont care enough about high quality audio, thus the lower numbers

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    Can you cancel this straight after sign-up?

    • Also would like to know this…

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      Yes you can and it be still active for 4 months.

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    Thanks OP perfect timing my spotify montly billing was due today..

    Guess I will see how this compares

    • enjoy

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    Thankyou mandela. perfect for me

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