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20% off SmartFire BBQ Controller Pro $279.20 (Was $349) Store Pickup Only @ Barbeques Galore


Been wanting one of these since I missed their last sale price of 25% off last Boxing Day.

Part of Barbecues Galore’s 20-40% off storewide Black Friday using code BLACK20.

I had trouble getting the discount applied to delivered products hence in-store only.

“ Smartfire is a BBQ accessory for charcoal smokers that monitors and controls the temperature of the smoker. It precisely maintains a target ambient temperature by regulating the airflow to the fire. You set what food you are cooking and target BBQ temp via the friendly smartphone app, light the fire and Smartfire will control the smoker and let you know when it's ready.”

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • These r $249 through there eBay store $279 - $30 = $249

    • Link or it didn't happen!

      • They sell on eBay bbq gallor but in store was able to do same as eBay $249

      • 283665301953 BBQs galore eBay

        • Assuming that's an Ebay item number, I can't find it.

          • @OzBragain: eBay bbq gallor we’re selling $249 I got one

            • @Dex38313: Congrats. Still no link and sounds like another one of those amazing internet claims that can't be backed up.

              • @OzBragain: Must have sold out, I typed copied that number in at the time to ebay and it found it.

              • @OzBragain: definitely existed at the time
                friend was after one but bought the better pack direct from smartfire instead

                • @SBOB: Did the same, had to buy an adaptor anyway so would have only saved a few $.

                  • @reubenb87: Won't regret it
                    Smartfire is up there in my list of non regretted tech purchases..

  • Can anyone comment on experience with this or similar gadget ?

  • Curious as well to know how well it handles the heat, as air intake on my smoker can get real hot.

  • +2

    I have one and it's fantastic (for maintaining temp for low and slow BBQ). maintains temp very well (using on a weber kettle). App works great can alter temp remotely. Jump on Smartfire facebook page and you will see heaps of positive feedback. Recommend

  • I have one with a Dragon Kamado.

    Although i can maintain temps quite easy in the Kamado I think its a great addition.
    For me, its peace of mind when running errands and knowing that the kamado isn't going to overshoot whilst starting up and isn't going to snuff out mid cook!

  • I've had one since they launched. great aussie product. maintains my temps very well. I like to cook while I sleep.

    • What do you use yours on?

  • I have one for my Kamado Joe
    Excellent product, and incredibly good dev support and user groups.

    One of those tech gadgets I had zero regrets buying.

  • Another user here with a good experience. They respond fast to their emails and FB page too.

    I use mine on a kamado Joe for low and slow and roasting . It can't be used for grilling though. Anything over 230C or so is too hot.

    I've been smoking for about 15yrs and this has made me stick to my kamado and almost never use my traeger and gas smoker.

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