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[PS4] Catherine Full Body $40.99 + $1.99 Shipping @ OzGameShop


Hi all, I didn't get to play this when it was on PS3. It was reviewed very well and looks weirdly interesting, so when I heard it was to be released on PS4 I was keen to check it out. However, the price at release was just way too high for a remaster. This is the first significant price drop it has had for a physical release and I'm picking up a copy so thought I would share.

Also, shipping is free on orders over $50 for those that don't already know. If you can find something else to buy.

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  • Oh damn, I ordered this full price yesterday!
    I'll have to contact them to see if I can get a partial refund

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      Ouch… I hope you can get it. I'm not sure they will but. I remember I had a preorder and they didn't honour the price drop guarantee at first. It was spider-man and it dropped a little bit before release. Two days after my game shipped I hadn't been refunded the difference so I contacted them about it and the service rep was saying they couldn't give a refund on an item that was already shipped. I provided a link from their website about the pre order price guarantee and she told me she was mistaken and it would happen automatically, which it did a couple of days later. But the refund was as player points, not cash which sucks.

      They are stupid to not refund you but, it's $32 which is nothing in the big picture and it leaves a good impression on you and you are more likely to shop there again and recommend them to other people. Let me know how you go. Fingers crossed you get someone nice.

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        I got a response and…it was terrible
        They didn't address my problem at all. Instead, they talked about the other item I ordered and why it will be dispatched later.
        I'll email them again, hopefully this is somehow a misunderstanding and them not trying to avoid my simple question

        • Fingers crossed. Their customer service reps can be pretty dense. One time I cancelled 2 pre orders at the same time. I got refunded for one but not the other. It said it was processed on their system for both, but only one of the refunds actually went through to my paypal account. The amount of times I had to go back and forth insisting that something had gone wrong was insane. This guy, Vincenzo, just didn't get it and kept copy pasting some generic response about refunds. I ended up asking for proof from their PayPal transactions, at that point he must have passed it higher up the chain of command and it got sorted out by Mia.

          I hope you get it, but I have doubts. This is why Amazon is taking over, they give the customer what they want and then some, so I generally favour them for most of my game purchases now. I pre ordered code vein and it didn't arrive on release day as it was a public holiday. I complained about it, because it was supposed to ship 2 days prior to release but it shipped the day before and so wasn't delivered. I got a $15 credit for that. I wasn't expecting that at all.

          If ozgameshop don't honour the partial refund, I'd make them aware how silly it is to potentially lose a customer over $32. And the fact that you wouldn't really have a good word to say about them to others considering the circumstances. Is that really worth keeping $32 to them?

          • @Shaun Prawn: Well, I think I got the best deal I could.
            They said they couldn't refund the money straight back to my PayPal but wanted this problem to be resolved, so they gave me $32 store credit. Now I need to find something on the store to buy.

            • @agentmaxx7: That's a pretty good result in the end. At least it wasn't $32 worth of player points which would require a massive amount of spending to actually use.

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