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2x Google Home Mini for 10,000 Points (or 5k Points + $20) @ Telstra Plus


This is the normal Google Home Mini, but I reckon getting 2 for 10,000 points is not bad, given that the newer generation "Google Nest Mini" costs 15,000 for 2.

You can also spend 5,000 points + $20, which is still pretty good.

If you pair these with external bluetooth speakers (I highly recommend the Edifier R1280DB), then the better sound quality of the "Nest" version does not matter.

Hopefully this time it won't go out of stock within a minute of posting :)

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    Especially annoying since I got 1 for 10000 points previously. And could have gotten the better nest ones and 2 for the 15000 points.

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      I was going to post the same. Very frustrating! You are not alone. And I did that 2 days before the launch of the Nest Mini deal!

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      Same here except they actually sent me the nest mini when I bought one for 10000, so I half lucked out I suppose

  • Not bad at all - pretty sure you can now group the home minis into a speaker pair (ie one does left, the other right) which I suspect would make it sound better than a single nest….

  • I ordered the Google Nest Mini and got 2 2nd Generation models. What is the difference between Home and Mini?

    • Apparently it's a better speaker from reports?

    • Better speaker and better microphone (has three, old one has two)

  • Does signing up to jbhifi or tgg 12m plan gives us any telstra points?

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    If you're a true ozbargainer, you must have at least two unused sitting at home.

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      I got a mini and 4 nests collecting dust.

    • Sold mine from the spotify family deal. Didn't pay for it either with the glitch. Lost my free premium access though

    • I have currently have 3 in use and 1 unopened. Do I qualify? ;D

      • I’ve got one unopened but could get another 2 for this. Are the better together? I can have three speakers playing the same thing?

        • I have them in three separate rooms so don't use them to play music together in the same room. I don't use them for music anyway

    • I got my first one with the google pixel 2XL deal 2 years ago and sold $50 and used the one from Spotify deal but just sit there getting dust. And got the 2 nest from Telstra still haven't opened yet. Feel this speaker is useless.

    • Already have one still on shrink wrap. These will make it 3. Thanks, OP! :D

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    For anyone who joined Telstra Plus when it released earlier this year, and got the 10,000 bonus points, I’d say this is a pretty good deal to spend them on.

    • Is there anything else that you would consider worth spending them on? I have never even looked before I saw this deal as I assumed the points were worthless….

      • Honestly? Nothing

        • After browsing through I would probably agree being an average use customer. It would probably take 3+ years to get enough points for something of value. Better than nothing I suppose…

      • Maybe the lightning to 3.5mm adaptor.

    • Yeah I already wasted them on a single Home Mini unfortunately

  • Hmm, I have the points, but I recently cancelled the telstra mobile. Is there something cheap (or a free trial) I can sign up for so I can use the points?

    • Any prepaid service, activate it to your account via chat.

    • Me too, 5k points and $20 for 2 is worth it. Let me know if you find the cheap activation!

  • Any of you guys with google minis sitting at home collecting dust live near gold coast. PM me

    • +1

      I have 1 mini and 2 nest. But I am in WA

      • @RichardF89 I would love to pick these up if you are seriously not using them - we only have the one at home but the kids love asking Google all sorts of animal facts.

  • Thanks, got two :)

  • Thanks, got the nest version

  • -1

    Google should be paying us to install these bugs in our homes

    • Why negged comment? Totally true. I’ll still use my points on them though :)

  • Christmas, sorted

  • I know you can pair 2 Google home minis together (L+R)

    But can you also pair the 2 home minis to an additional Bluetooth speaker?

    E.g. Bose Bluetooth SoundLink speaker + 2x GHM?

    • I didn't know this is possible. Where do you find these instructions?

      • +1

        Should be in the Google Home App

        There's even a lag delayer option which adjusts the lag by 1-10miliseconds if the speakers aren't exactly in sync.

  • The sound on the nest has improved quite significantly

  • So tempted to get the 2 home mini's for 10k. but maybe i should wait! I wish you could combine points from two different accounts. I have 10,500 and 4500 :(

    • +1

      you can transfer points via live chat! i have done it twice now.

      • How'd you manage this?

        We're they all under the same PlUS account?
        I tried to get my part er added into my account for double accrual a d was told that it was possible because of the way it was handeled.

        Can have tried a lot of executives @Telstra bring bring up y GFs service,
        Nash at telstra) and and refused to stop repeating their referced line.

        The woman who cam over a d askr me if I was of if she could get me anything afterwards… It's amazing how some peoplegettjng to experience the ultimate forced in urubiverse

  • How easy is it to get 10000 points?
    How many points do you get for , say, a $100 spent (bills)

    • I just looked this up. 10 points per $1. So if you spend $100 a month 12000/year. This excludes other bonus point opportunities.

      • haha, never even knew this existed. Where should we use points?

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    Not sure if it's an error, but in the description of the Google Nest Mini (not bundle, 10,000 points), it says Google Nest Mini x 2 is in the box.

  • Should I get the Google nest bundle or save my points

  • I redeemed this offer and my statement says 2 for 1 but only for 1 today. Now only chat is trying to say it’s only for one and the bundle means it’s bundled with a charger!!!!
    Anyone else only for 1?

    • That's nonsense. The picture even shows 2. And then what is the point of the "special" if the price is the same as the newer "nest mini"? I would definitely contest that. The only chat Rep doesn't know what they're talking about.

  • Is this still out of stock (whether single or double)? I don't mind getting just one but need to get a $2 SIM card to activate. Won't bother if there's no stock…

    • +1

      Currently says 'This product is temporarily out of stock. Please choose another product to proceed.'

      • Brilliant. Thanks so much for checking.

  • Has anyone also only received 1 device although ordered the bundle for 10k points? Still trying to make Telstra see that this is for two devices!!! Even my points statement says Google home mini 2 for 1!!!

    • I would lodge a complaint. They haven't got a legal leg to stand on.

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