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Sony PS3 Official Dualshock 3 Controller - $46.99


Hey all, spotted this bargain not too long ago, and I'm not sure when it finishes, but nevertheless a pretty damn good price on an official Sony Controller. Black only from what I can see, and red ones can be bought for $49.99.

It is also $46.99 including delivery, as delivery is free.

Not sure if its the cheapest, but it is cheap, and its probably the cheapest youll find it other than eBay or Amazon.

Enjoy :)

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    Is this even a special? I thought this was standard pricing from ozgameshop??

    • It is their standard price.

      • To me, it's a ripoff, I paid 30 bucks for mine.

      • then why is it being posted? lols

      • Yeah, though a good deal this isn't new. It's been this price for a very long time.

  • $47.50 at Zavvi with promo code VCCOUKZAV.

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    I posted this, mainly because I'm sure most people don't want to be paying $95 RRP in shops, and this is less than half price.

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    I guess it depends on your definition of a bargain. Even though that is the regular price on OzGameShop, it's an incredibly cheap price that's much greater than anyone could pay at retail stores in Australia. Good for those who are not familiar with online bargains, but more bargain crazy internet saavies know that it's the regular price.

    Is there anyone that actually has it much cheaper at all?

  • Considering they are sold for $90 at JB Hifi, it's not bad. I had to go to HK to get mine for AUD$40.

    • o really? i thought HK comes to us these days with their constant spamming online :D

  • Same price on eBay http://tinyurl.com/3vgawy8

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