expired Stanley Rogers Cookset/Knife Block/Roaster/Chopping Board & Pizza Stone - $208.95 Delivered @HS

Stanley Rogers Cookset/Knife Block/Roaster/Chopping Board & Pizza Stone - $208.95 Delivered @HSAffiliate

The Ultimate Stanley Rogers Cookware Pack contains:

Stanley Rogers 4pc Techtonic Cookset Reg. $399.95
Stanley Rogers Pioneer 7pc Knife Block Reg. $249.95
Stanley Rogers 3pc Roaster with Carving Set Reg. $169.95
Stanley Rogers Acacia Chopping Board Reg. $69.95
Stanley Rogers 3pc Pizza Stone Set Reg. $59.95

100 available. Too many other details to post.

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    Can we buy individual items rather than the whole set?


    HS is awesome for kitchen/home bargains. We pretty much stocked our kitchen thanks to them. If you want something that isn't on special at the moment, just wait a few weeks and it'll be there again ;) I don't know how they do it.

    Also if you're planning to get a lot during the year consider getting the HS Card. Think it's $50 but you get 10% off no matter what discount already.

    Some huge bargains we've got from there:
    - Stanley Rogers cutlery.. we really like the Albany set (very simply shape) can get 10-setting 84 piece sometimes for <$100
    - 18/10 all steel pot sets
    - Various kitchen implements like stainless steel funnels, implements for <$5 sometimes
    - Nice bamboo boards
    - 1000+ thread count sheet sets very cheap, usually <$100
    - oven-safe cast iron french ovens. Think we got our 7.4L for $70

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    Believe me even with 70% off they r still making profits because rrp is heavily inflated.just be aware of mouse traps.


    What's this chopping board diff from the $20 dollars bamboo board?


    Is this cheap? Not sure about the quality until I can view this in store. Is this deal also available in store?

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    I went to HS yesterday to have a look at these products.
    They are available individually but there was no prices on most of them (except the chopping block, which is currently $29.95).

    The products all look to be very good quality.
    The pots are thick and durable, the knifes felt sharp and have an amazing push-out sharpener.