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1 Hr Mega Cashbacks - 9-10pm Cotton on 20% (Cap $30) @ ShopBack


Nice cashback upsize to kick off the flash cashback deals.

Looking for ideas? Panamax, bedroom needs, perfume etc. Don't forget CW also has click and collect.

Upcoming deals -

  • 5-6pm - Chemist warehouse - $5 cashback on $5 min spend plus 1% cashback (stack with 10% sitewide (some exclusions) at chemist warehouse).
  • 6-7pm - Under Armour - 30% cashback (capped $30)
  • 7-8pm - UniQlo - 30% cashback (capped $30)
  • 8-9pm - Princess Polly - 20% cashback (no cap)
  • 9-10pm - Cotton On - 20% cashback (capped $30)

Referral Links

Referral: random (4066)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +1
    • How often do you use one of them? ;)

    • +2

      Thanks for ideas. I got the 5 pack Oral B toothbrushes for $8.09. After cashback and bonus ends up about $2.

      • Kind of meant the replacement heads but whatever works :)

    • Bought the Oral B floss instead, apparently the lowest according to pricehipster
      Plus free (after cashback) Maybelline eyeliner :D

  • +1

    Chemist Warehouse 5pm-6pm
    (time is missing in the OP)

    • -1

      Irrelevant, will be canceled at 5:01 anyway.

  • +1

    *In addition to the usual 1% cashback

  • +6

    Bummer, I was expecting 20-30% Cashback at Chemist Warehouse :(

    • +4

      Well this is 101% :) As long as it's a small purchase

      • Yeah I had a 300+ purchase in mind

  • +6

    are they gonna end it at 515

  • is this in addition to the ebay $5 cashback?

    • This is for the CW website not CW eBay

  • 4mins!

  • I just purchased something that was $7. smh

  • Notes:
    - 29th November (5pm to 6pm AEDT): Get a $5 Bonus When You Spend $5 or More in additional to the usual 1% cashback (max 1 bonus per customer). Bonus will be credited separately to the 1% cashback by 31 Dec.
    - $5 minimum spend for the $5 bonus is inclusive of GST, but does not include shipping costs and any other fees.
    - Regular cashback excludes taxes, fees or additional extras

  • +2

    this is bs

    • -3

      I knew about this like at mightnight last night.

      • +2

        what the 5$ Cashback or simply the fact that there would be upsized cashback? Shopback have so far had stellar rep for awesome flash sales this imo is not worth the hype of a flash sale/upsized cashback

        • +1

          for once Cashrewards(Priceline upsize) out did them but I held off because was expecting something just as good from Shopback.

        • Usually the cash back is 1% they said on their website that today they would have chemist warehouse black Friday deals for them.

          So I held my order till then.

  • +2

    Was expecting more

  • +2

    free money!

  • I used this deal to try the Clearwipes.

  • No thanks

  • With the price jacks all around tricky to find something worth buying. Ended up buying baby wipes.

  • I wanted some sorbolene and goat soap so . .

    • thanks for sharing

  • +1

    Made an order for some Asprin (this is the cheapest I've found it
    and a chocolate bar just to get it over the limit.

  • These perfumes are expensive.

    • Creed for $360 is ok but I expected a big cashback to sweeten the deal

      • Wow is it that good? Don't know much about perfumes but I'm eyeing the Versace one.. read it's pretty good lol.

        • +1

          Versace pour homme is great. Aventus is amazing.

          • @nubzy: Is versace pour homme long lasting? I like woody flavor and seems this one would be good.

  • +3

    Ahh deal description lists AEDT time, so I was almost going to miss it and check back in an hour. QLD time it is 4pm-5pm for CW guys. Multiple times (where you can't have one in the deal end time) screws me over so often haha.

  • +1

    $3.99 for 6 x 100g Goat Soap ($8.99 Black Friday price) with $5 cashback

    • I used them and they dissolve much faster than regular soap right?

  • Thanks, grabbed a couple of protein bars for free effectively

  • +1
  • Got some paper towels, dishwashing powder and air wick. Sure it might be boring, but hey it's basically free.
    Thanks OP.

    honestly surprised CW didn't pull the plug early

  • finding price jack on Blackmores bilberry tablets. Used to be $8.99 at 12:30am today and now its $16.64. The $5 bonus can't even offset 1 bottle lol, while eBay chemist warehouse is selling it at $9.99 each.

    • I noticed they havent updated pricing on eBay CW. Bought something earlier with the $5 eBay bonus through shopback. Item on CW was $69.99 and on eBay $47.99 …

  • Got hand sanitiser for my office desk

  • Next deal from 6-7pm is up

  • Ordered 30 mins ago. No email received yet…

    • +1

      Ordered at 17:25 and got no email but I already received text message that my order is ready to collect.

      • Same

        • Same. It is Not tracked in my shopback. Disappointed.

  • +1

    ShopBack Site down.

    • It was my phone's problem. I restarted my phone and it worked.

  • bought at 5.55pm

  • Just tried to place a quick order and damn SB and CW website so slow, missed out by 30 secs..

  • Bought from CW, my paypal transaction shows 17:59:42
    Hopefully it will count?

  • Started late and no c & c stock for my favourite store so have to choose another one. :)

  • +2

    no email from CW yet, bought at 5:15 :|

    • System must be getting hammered.

      • My under Armour showed up almost immediately

        • Cool. CW on the other hand was very slow to send order confirmation with the last SB deal.

          Confirmation email has come through

  • Can you do multiple purchases at under aromour and get around the cap?

  • What if you activate shopback before 5pm, does it count or not?

  • Under Armour checkout is charging for postage even though the total price is over $50 when 2 different items under $49 are added to cart and their website says it should be free…

    • I bought 2 shirts for $56, and it is automatically waived the postage, maybe try to refresh it

  • It might be the first time in 2 years I haven't jumped on UA, but won't be surprised to see bigger discounts on Cyber Money!

    • How right you are, cyber monday is 40%, compared to black Friday 30%. At the moment this deal with extra 30% cash back is still better.

  • +1

    Uniqlo link is not working for me

  • +1

    Nothing tracked for my CW order (as usual lol literally 30% of my orders don’t track despite using SB app browser) but the order was ready to pick up within 15 mins of ordering.

  • +1

    Nothing has tracked for me so far

  • Bugger, too slow - my size sold out.

  • can't seem to sign in to shopback

  • Good luck.

    Hope my cashback will get tracked ._.

  • Crap, it took me 3 minutes to check out….at 8:02pm AEDT for Uniqlo! Hopefully they will be nice and let me in for 30% cashback!

    • mine is 6.02pm for CW and only normal cashback…shame

      • Yeah, I only got normal cashback too :-(

        • but they say $5 will be credited separated and not shown on track history, don't know whether they will offer for 2 mins late transactions though.

  • I submitted Uniqlo order right on 8, shouldn't be a problem should it?

    • Can you advise how long it takes to get the the tracking email from shopback to please?

  • Lol good catch. Waited 2 minutes too long to order at Uniqlo. Ah well, next time.

  • I made 2 orders, no tracking as of it.
    Give it 2 days.

  • Under Armour switched from 30% off, to 40% off all weekend now. It pays to wait for Cyber Monday these lol

  • -2

    CW order created at 5:10 PM and 5 cents Shopback tracked.


  • Commenting to remind me about this cash back - CW $30.

  • Anyone buy from Uniqlo and get their tracking email yet?

    • +2

      Did not ever receive an email

      • Thanks. I havent either so will have to put in a claim with shopback but anytime they manually track a sale, it seems to get rejected.

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