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Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB Black $850 Delivered @ Officeworks eBay


just another option to add to the list if others run out, no coupon codes unfortunately

Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB Black $850 @ Officeworks eBay

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Amazon one is just over $800 with 5% shopback and even less with trs.

    I am still hoping for a note 10 plus deal like everyone else

  • Note 10 Plus is $1699, given that the Note was released in August 2019, it’s a miracle that it was reduced to $850 for Black Friday. Anyone holding out for the Note Plus to drop in price and complaining about Note 10 features is likely to be disappointed.

    • Well the note 10+ was selling for $1049 and note 10 for $899 a couple months ago, I don't think it's so unreasonable to hope for a sale on note 10+ as well


        wondering what is wrong with samsung, are they that desperate in getting more market share (seems kind of like dumping behaviour)
        like the price of note 10 and + halved not even 2 months after release in the samsung education store
        and now the note 10 is 899 every where

  • I’d buy a note 10 plus for $1099. Hopefully this year:)

  • Buy this with eBay gift card with 20% discount from other deals …

  • Had note10 plus on Samsung company portal cart for $1104, waited for black friday and it went up to $1200ish.

  • I'm waiting for the Star Wars Note to come down at this price 😂🤣

  • Note plus 900 and trigger pulled

  • That’s a bargain. So damn tempted

  • Looks like back in stock !!

  • I bought this from ebay because it says currently in stock and ready for pick up today, received an email later said it's on back order =(

  • Upgrade from a note 8 or wait for Samsung to ditch the car crash that is Bixby?

  • Holy shit, 3500mah battery for a phone that size?


      it can last a day imo, but if not charged 30% tomorrow

    • I initially thought that too but it's not bad probably because of lower screen resolution. I'm actually enjoying the relatively compact form factor. Note 10 plus is just too big to handle comfortably

  • Just bought it, Delivery was Dec 9, managed to click and collect to a store reasonably close to me, Pick up tomorrow :) Any case recommendations?

  • Outta stock.

  • Just bought it to C&C, said guaranteed pick-up at 8am but now I'm worried I'll get a msg saying it's on back order :( fingers crossed!

    • Update: order cancelled + refunded as they don’t have stock AT ALL and apparently cannot even be back ordered :( so sad!

      • thats bs, I wouldn't accept that, they are selling more at $1496 contact eBay

      • Yeah RogueWolf is right, they can’t say they have no stock but still be selling it for a lot more. I’m in a similar boat, awaiting confirmation but still waiting. Very interested to hear how you go

  • if any1 interested this seller has one
    Samsung Galaxy Note10+ SM-N975F/DS - 256GB - Aura Black (Dual SIM) for $1179.


    Ad saying Australian stock

  • Ordered last night… said in stock and will be ready to pick up this morning at 8am… until now still no confirmation to pick it up… anyone else managed to get the phone click and collect today?? Cheers…

    • Similar situation, still no confirmation. Lazybanana123 above had the order cancelled due to no stock which is very unfair as they are still selling it now for a much higher price

  • ordered last night, called them this morning to check status, and they said as its an online order will take 1-2 days to get from warehouse to shop…

  • Rang them today and they said they are cancelling the order and have been asking Ebay to take it down, which sounds very strange

    Very disappointed

    • wow what a-holes, if you really want the phone id call head office & put a complaint through, say you could of purchased from a number of retailers but chose OW to now be left without the phone & prices have gone back up, ask to be put on back order, also take it up with eBay

    • Did they say just yours or all the Ebay officeworks orders

      • They cancelled mine as well, same situation. I contacted eBay who confirmed that merchants are responsible for their own stock levels and listings on their platform. Seems to me like someone aint telling the truth. Lodged a complained with Officeworks.

        • How do you know they cancelled?
          Email or call or?

          • @jes: I went to the chosen store for the click and collect and after a long wait, store staff had to call their call center, I was told that they were going to cancel the order. they said I could wait until they called later in the week or they could cancel there and then.

  • That sux how do u feel. What time did u order on Friday

  • I ordered the note 10 on eBay through Officeworks but was told they could not fulfil the order and offered me a refund.. I have been in contact with Officeworks eBay and I am refusing to accept the refund.. They have said they are getting more stock in two weeks.. I am pushing for the Note 10+ though..

  • Called Oxley Officeworks spent first 3 minutes trying to convince staff that they had an officeworks store in eBay as was told they don't sell on eBay.
    was told to call 1300 OFFICE (633 423) I gave them all the details I had (my name, mobile, order number and item number), and they said nothing matched, order number was eBay’s not theirs and the item number had too many numbers so not one of theirs. She told me they did not have any of that mobile in stock, and should have not been sold, and that I need to contact my bank to get my money back.
    I have raised a PayPal claim as I've had enough, Officeworks need to train their staff so they know how to handle transactions purchased in eBay.

  • Oh no…
    Those of you who have got told, did you get positive feedback from office works Ebay

  • I received an email today, have been offered to either cancel the order or change to aura glow instead of the black. Happily chose the latter.

    • Oh nice.. I haven't got the email yet. I prefer the aura glow colour. Can I ask did u receive tax invoice

  • Anyone else got updates/emails? Thanks.

    • I asked and was told within 2 weeks (from today I guess?). Not keeping my hope up.

    • Got it. Picked from store on Wednesday.

    • I received an email on Monday (9/12/19) confirming the change to Aura Glow and approx 2 weeks delivery.
      Also received an email yesterday (12/12/19) with an actual invoice confirming my order.

      Slow progress. But at least some progress.

  • Collected mine today 😊