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GoPro HERO7 Black Bundle (32GB MicroSD + Mini Tripod + Extra Battery) $423 @ Bing Lee eBay


Best deal I've seen on this bundle. $55 Cheaper than the JB/GG pricing…

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    judging by all the Gopro deals posted the best one so far was the hero8 for $449, anyone serious about looking for one should have got that.

    • which one is that? the expired deal via gopro chat?

      • yep. that plus free trial of Gopro plus for some accessories if they are included. I'm happy I jumped on that, 0 buyers remorse

        • same here, although i have kept it in the box and happy to refund (within 30 days of receiving item) if a cheaper price pops up this weekend :P

          • @chew_chew: lol fair enough. I couldn't stop myself ive already had a play with it haha

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              @razorite: you can still return it within 30 days of receiving item even if you have used it :) it's part of their no questions asked policy

              i would actually return it if amazon offers it for the same price. amazon post sales service >> gopro

              apparently it's a pain to deal with gopro for post sales..

          • @chew_chew: also picked up a fusion for 300$ off gumtree to complete my Gopro kit

            • @razorite: so what do you record with your gopros? my life ain't that extreme

              • @first in line: Maybe as a dashcam? Obviously not as compact or has the same features and convenience as a 'design for purpose' dashcam, but mounted and powered correctly is perfectly fine as a dashcam. I just wouldn't leave it in there! Heat, theft etc.

              • @first in line: I mainly use it for watersports/snorkelling/diving
                which is why I ended up picking the 8 over the max/fusion, since any 360 camera will require a large housing to work properly underwater

  • Still looking for gp pro hero 8 good deal

    • gopro US site is actually running a BF sale on the hero 8.
      fingers crossed AU site will do something similar soon

      • But bf is already gone in au :(

        • Cyber Monday! ..otherwise boxing day :)

          • @chew_chew: I actually chatted with Gopro and enquired about an aus bf deal they said yes its happening but no further info.

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