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PureVPN 5-Year Subscription $73.96 AUD (92% off)


Was looking to renew my subscription with PureVPN, who have been reliably excellent over the last 5 years for me. Went on live chat to see what the best deal I could get is, and was offered the link to this deal.

Works out to $0.83 / month.

This is even better than the Black Friday Super Deal they have going on which is 88% off.

Depending on what you want to do, you can also use the coupon code "Savebig" to get a discount on the main Black Friday deal which is close to this deal but not as good.

Can be used simultaneously on 5 devices at any one time.

PureVPN have been steadily adding features to their suite of VPN tools, including browser specific extensions which give you access to un-geoblocked Netflix US and UK and other popular streaming services, which I have used in the past and are great. I believe the way it works is that they change the servers that the browser extensions use so that netflix can't permanently stop it from working.

Softwares & Apps
PureVPN wrote its own code for its proprietary software and apps for every major platform including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Compatible with 20+ Devices
PureVPN is compatible with Consoles, SmartTV, Roku, Amazon fire, Chromecast, Routers, Laptops, Desktops, and Smart devices among others.

Features detailed here.

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    92% off

    Anyone that pays ~$971 AUD for a 5 year VPN doesn’t deserve a PC. Not saying it’s not a deal but c’mon.


    How’s this compare to Express VPN

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      Been using mine for a little short of a year and paid $36 AU for the year subscription. I can't speak for Express VPN but this one has been very simple to use.

      Their apps work flawlessly and there was no setup required. I'm using their app to watch American Netflix on my Vodafone tv box and works great with no buffering issues etc. The only complaint is that rarely Netflix will detect I'm using a VPN and I'll have to re connect to a new server for it and try again.

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    Thanks mate.

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    I did a deal similar to this and have used these guys on and off for the past ~4 years. It's not the fastest or most secure VPN but it's fine for most everyday jobs.

    Biggest problem is it's stance on torrenting, where they're not completely blocked but only available in select countries with loose piracy laws. I usually go through Myanmar or Brunei for example. As a result torrent speeds are pretty damn bad.


    Thanks for the comments regarding Torrenting and Netflix USA. Currently I have a free VPN as part of my easynews $4/month USD deal which is fine for occasionaly use(bypassing geoblocks on stores or music streamers) but not really designed for TV Streaming or Torrenting.

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    I'd stay away from PureVPN - being based in Hong Kong is a bit concerning, but they also log user data and have previously handed it over to authorities. See https://torrentfreak.com/purevpn-logs-helped-fbi-net-alleged...


    I get 30% off via Cashback too (of course it may not work with this deal).


    Be careful, your privacy could be at risk.

    Use only for bypassing geoblocks on streaming services.

    A recent court case in Massachusetts has once again proven that some VPN services with “zero log” policies are indeed keeping logs and handing this information over to authorities.

    Law enforcement vs “no logs”

    PureVPN was recently caught red-handed.
    The Department of Justice just published a complaint involving a cyberstalking case. The case involved a US resident who was allegedly stalking and harassing people while using PureVPN.
    The relevant section of the complaint appears at the bottom of page 22 …

    While it is difficult to determine exactly what details these “records” (logs) contained, it is clear that enough information was provided for law enforcement officials arrest the PureVPN user on cyberstalking charges.

    The FBI complaint above clearly appears to contradict the PureVPN privacy policy – notably this section here:


    On Reddit:

    Just a quick warning to everyone. PureVPN claims on their site that they keep no logs of your activity but in a recent case the FBI requested and got logs of activity from one of their users. Source - https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/cyberstalking-suspect-arrested-after-vpn-providers-shared-logs-with-the-fbi/


    PureVPN was caught logging customer data for the FBI. They've since been audited and claim to be a no-log VPN

    On Techspot


    And plenty of other proof online (all you have to do is google it) that PureVPN has lied to their customers in the past, and while now they claim to be independently audited, should be approached with caution.


    noob question. can I use this directly from smart tv and log onto Netflix usa ? or do I need a box? have apple tv and chromecast, never used a VPN before.


      Not unless there is a VPN app in the TV's appstore.


      I have an android Sony TV that has access to the google play apps and there is an app for PureVPN there. Have not tried it though, so not sure how reliably it works.

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