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[eBay Plus] Synology 5-Bay NAS DS1019+ $891.65 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


The Synology DS1019+ 5-Bay NAS has gone down by $100 (before discount) helping improve the value proposition slightly against the 4-bay equivalent (and popular) DS918+ with only a $280 premium this time (vs $300 before). For comparison with the other 4-bay NAS offerings from Synology, refer to price table below.

Note that only the DS1019+ and DS918+ are actually cheaper than the last Computer Alliance eBay 20% off sale a fortnight ago, with the reduction in discount % more than offset by the pre-discount/list price reductions. Unfortunately, the after-discount prices of the DS418 and DS418J have actually both gone up slightly, and the DS418Play has both gone up in list price, and is not included as an eligible product in the PILGRIM coupon code.

For reference, I've also included my list price history table (aka the pre-discount/Jack table):

Model 30/11/2019 18/11/2019 22/09/2019 Change since 18/11
DS1019+ 1049 1149 -100
DS918+ 719 769 749 -50
DS418 Play 699 629 699 70
DS418 579 599 599 -20
DS418J 419 449 449 -30

Original Coupon Deal

Credit to JezzaC96's who noticed Computer Alliance has reduced the pricing of some of their Synology NAS boxes from the DS918+ deal.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • How good is the DS1019+ as a plex server? maybe 1-3 people using it max with pretty much all 1080p content.

    • For 1080p content, it'll be fine. For comparison if you're trying to find reviews online (which there aren't that many for the 1019+), it'll perform similarly to the DS918+ given nearly identical specifications (eg CPU) but it may be slightly better as it has more RAM out of the box.

    • +3

      My DS918+ gets used by 2 users with 4k content regularly and never even seen a hitch. I also found it was much better at running a Plex server than my Shield.

      • +1

        Is that with a Plex Pass for hardware transcoding?

        • Everyone is connected to my network so it all direct plays

  • +3

    I wish Synology would hurry up with a 4-bay 10Gbe NAS. Qnap have so many options, but I'd prefer a Synology.

    • +7

      I wish they'd just update the DS918+ which feels long in the tooth. I want a new NAS but I don't want to buy something which came out two years ago especially when QNAP and Asustor seem to be pumping out new models much more frequently with far better specs…. but I'm invested in Synology and like the DSM interface!

  • +9

    Upvote just for the detail in the post

  • +1

    Been looking to start using a NAS and I appreciate the detail OP put into this post.

  • https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/compare/DS1019+/DS91...

    They're basically the same specs, except the DS1019+ comes with the extra 4GB RAM already installed, and obviously the fifth drive bay.

    • Precisely.

      The official Synology 4GB DDR3L 1866MHz SODIMM kit runs around $130-$135 according to my quick Google (or about triple the price of generic Crucial RAM of similar specification would cost) but for the purpose of this, assuming you want the official RAM, that means you're paying about $150 for the extra drive bay which whilst not cheap, isn't that exorbitant.

      … again not saying that means I justify the price premium over the DS918+ because honestly the DS918+ is a far better value purchase, but I also wonder if I would want to buy a 5 or 6 bay NAS instead so I have more room for the future upgrades with SHR rather than locking myself in which is how I feel with my 2-bay DS215j.

      (note in case anyone is following my other posts/comments, I was mistaken, I have a DS215j not a DS216j!)

      • Has anyone tried putting 16gb(2x8gb) on this or the ds918+? Does it work? Spec says it can't go past 8gb due to processor limitations.

        This is a bummer for me because I would like to install vm windows 10 for iTunes iPhone backups.

        Agreed given the proposition the 918 is much better value imo. The extra ram can be easily purchased by $40, and the extra bays if you desperately need it can be added from usb.

        • Why not map the iTunes device backup folder to a network share on the NAS?

          • @jace88: Can't do that. At least according to Apple. I could backup the folder to nas, but it's not what I want

            iTunes saves backups to a Backup folder in your Users folder. The location of the Backup folder varies by operating system. Though you can copy the Backup folder, you should never move it to a different folder, external drive, or network drive.
            Don't edit, relocate, rename, or extract content from your backup files, because these actions might ruin the files. For example, to restore from a relocated backup file, you need to move it back or the file won't work. Backups serve as a safe copy of your entire device. So while you might be able to view or access a backup file's contents, the contents usually aren't stored in a format that you can read.

            • @DisabledUser225214: I personally have it mapped on my PC using mklink to a folder included on another hard drive so it’s not on my SSD. You could always then set a backup routine to copy that folder to the NAS. Or if your PC is always connected to the local network (ie a desktop) I don’t see why a similar strategy wouldn’t work to make it point to a network share.

  • I need a new NVR and a nas file server.

    I previously have a stand alone nvr, which is now dead but cameras work and are on the synology list of suppprted cameras. Would anyone suggest using this as an nvr and a file server?

    Also I would probably start with 2 drives as a raid then add additional drive as required. Is this interface easy enough to upgrade raids later down the track?


    • Sounds like it would be a good setup for you using Synology Hybrid Raid for future expandability, but on the other hand this setup may potentially be overkill but it doesn't hurt to have a bit more buffer.

      Depending on what your estimated storage needs are, maybe even a DS918+ with 4 bays might be much better value than the DS1019+.

      • jace88, sorry I was thinking of the DS918+, not the 5bay.

        I've got an old netgear 4bay readynas, that has 8TB and that's sufficient. So say if I had 4TB for the NVR then 2 x 8TB should be enough to start me off.

        What I didn't take into consideration is the cost of the camera licenses, geez it's like $100AUD a camera.

        Mahdoe, I had a rig running Freenas and I do prefer the easy of the Readynas. Just a pity the spark readynas I have doesn't support NVR mode.

        • +1

          Two licences come with the Nas. Extras are $75 each, or $60 if you wait for a 20% off computer alliance.

          • @kulprit: Yep wait for a sale. In all fairness it’s quite a decent bit of software and the two included licenses will give you a good feel for whether it’s suitable for your needs.

            • @jace88: Can the 2x licenses that comes with the nas be sold or transferred?

              • @madturbo123: Don’t think so. I believe from reading other threads that any paid licences can be transferred though.

  • +2

    Not worth it. At that price, just build one yourself.

    • I have a decent computer lying around that my wife doesn't use, its an i7 with 8gb of ram and windows 10 home. Would that be a good choice to make into a NAS?

      • Definitely. Just check the mobo for the amount of SATA ports, compared to your needs.

        • Pc takes more power though. I think you can save $60 a year from using real nas. More if you have big psu and gpu.

          And the more decent it is the more power it draws

          • @DisabledUser225214: I agree power usage is higher in a tower. If it is available to use right now, I would still use the pc if fit for purpose, as the initial cost would outweigh the power savings.
            There are other advantages to use a nas, such as smaller, easier to upkeep (win10 updates are a pain). Just gotta weigh up all the options :)

    • For me, 100% agree. For friends/family, pay the money.

      I'm dog tired of giving free setup/support.

  • Build your own free NAS server. For that price, you can do it for less, and be much faster.

    • +4

      Keep in mind, if you plan to build your own, the running costs of the system.
      You might be tempted to use an old desktop - but that could potentially use 2-3x the power of a nas.

      The running costs (electricty) can quickly add up to a few hundred bucks a year for a desktop running 24/7.

      • I have a decent computer lying around that my wife doesn't use, its an i7 with 8gb of ram and windows 10 home. Would that be a good choice to make into a NAS?

        My computer is also on 24/7 as I use it for working from home, would that be a good choice?

        • +1

          nah not really. Its hard to say absolutley without all the specifics, but i7s (especially a few generation old ones) use a pretty decent chunk of power. And will basically sit at 0% idle its whole life - so theres no real world increase in performance.

          On the other hand if your going to go out and buy a new nas to use instead - you would have to figure out what the increase in power is and how long it would take you reusing your computer before the lesser power bill has the nas coming out ahead - it could very well be a few years.

          If you leave your computer on 24/7 (which you really shouldnt do, its basically just burning money) then sounds like a good option is to just use your current work computer as a nas aswell. No need to have 2 computers on all day.

        • +2

          As tarb mentioned, I7's can suck a decent chunk of power, so unless you want the NAS to also serve as a Plex server or something, it wouldn't make sense. You'd be better off switching the cpu for a low powered one. You don't need that much power. Make sure to remove any GPU as well, if it has one.

          I built an 8 bay NAS with a G4600T a couple of years ago, runs cool and very power efficient. Plex server is on another device.

          Could consider using your current PC as a NAS as well, since it's on 24/7.

        • +1

          As others mentioned it’ll be less power efficient but if you are going to run media servers or do other things then it’s still potentially a good option. Also, as you already own the hardware your upfront investment should be low. It’ll likely take some time until your power bill swings in favour of a dedicated NAS.

          Personally I went the “build your own” route when I last setup a NAS mainly because I wanted to add a bit of grunt for running Plex and also because I already owned an amazing case, a Liam Lo Q25B, which is so well suited as a NAS enclosure. Case accepts 5x 3.5” drives and 3x2.5” drives internally and I had a rather scrappy assortment of drives on hand. Being stuck with 4 or 5 bays on a NAS I wouldn’t have been able to use all the drives I had in hand or got the capacity I wanted without further drive purchases.

          If you do go the i7 route I can not recommend enough that you look at the Stablebit DrivePool product. It costs money but it allows you to make multiple hard drives appear as a single drive which can then be what other devices connect to. If you have multiple drives it just makes networking and file management so much cleaner. Also has some options for managing redundancy too. I use it to combine about 10 drives with a combined 24 or so TB capacity into one massive storage pool. Also use it to manage duplication of important things so any file I want to retain has two copies silently saved across 2 different physical drives, so I don’t lose the data if a drive fails.

          • @Smigit: Thanks to Tarb, mahdoo and Smigit for the advice. I'd definitely use it for plex as well as storing all our files like photos, maybe even steam link? Not sure what the limits are haha

  • Is this (918+) an overkill just for Plex? What drives people recommend - SSD? TIA

    • +1

      SSD are not needed for media content, just 3.5" drives, and if you are feeling confident, shuck (pull the drive out and put into your nas)a external drive like this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/500453

      • +1

        How easy would it be to stuff things up when shucking an external drive?

        • Here is a link to fella doing this recently: https://youtu.be/Y1pJOJ_AHZQ

          There isn't much to it, but there of course is always some risk, but I've read that wd will accept warranty returns even when shucked.

          Wd has international warranty or just deal straight with amazon. Just please make sure to check the drive works before pulling it out of the case :)

  • +2

    Thanks for the thorough info jace88. I'm gonna pull the trigger on the ds918+.

    Any deals on hdd lads?

    I just saw the 10tb shuckable drive, are they nas recommended drives? Done cheers fellow ozbargainers

    • +1

      From reddit data hoarders, the 10tb and 8tb wd element drives come with a rebranded wd red drive. So value for money per TB is good and is recommended for nas.

      • +1

        Thanks mate

        • +1

          Keep a look out tomorrow for a bigger cashback + 10% zip cashback + prime free shipping, puts the 10tb into a really good deal.

  • +2

    Ive snagged the ds918+ cheers guys. Hopefully a massive upgrade from my readynas nv+

  • Wish the fan in these Synologys was quieter. These units are not suitable for placing somewhere you enjoy silence (when everything else is switched off and you're trying to read a book for example). Even when not under load, and on the lowest fan setting, it keeps going 24/7. It's a small fan, noisier than PC fan.

    • I can hear the HDDs accessing louder than the fans.

  • I can’t believe the DS1019+ sold out already! Don’t get me wrong it’s cheap for a 5 bay Synology but still not that cheap for a consumer NAS in general.

    • They only sold 4 or 5 since this promo stated though. They've sold over 50 of the 918+

      • True, the DS918+ seems to be the favourite on OzBargain too despite it being two years old. Wife asked me if I wanted one for Christmas but I still can't decide!

  • I'm looking to buy the DS918+ and the PILGRIM code only brings it down to 662.1 (this includes $15 postage). Is there something else I need to do?

    • yeah ebay plus. you can sign up for a 30day trail ;)

      • super! thanks for the prompt reply! I may have used up my 30 day trial a while back.. :D

        • I have too, but theres a sea of gmail accounts to sign up for a new ebay account slash ebay plus hint hint….

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