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3 Months of Eros Now + YouTube Music Subscription ₹99 (AU $2.04) - VPN Required @ Eros Now


Get 3 months of
Eros Now Premium &
YouTube Music Premium
at just

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Eros Now
Eros Now


  • Does this have any porn or what?

  • Great post OP. Thank you
    Got Windscribe recently in the Black Friday deal. Now I will put it to use. :)

  • I am assuming it also gives you access to YouTube Video Premium? (and not just YouTube Music Premium?)

    • The code doesn’t work on Google Play store. What do I do?

      This code will only work for YouTube Music app. Please visit youtube.com/redeem to redeem offer.

      Not sure about that

  • Does eros now have the soundtracks to their movies?

  • These guys will NEVER remove you from their email-spam list (I entered my email for the previous free trial, which I never used or completed the setup for)
    I've communicated with their HelpDesk (and gotten replies from) more than a dozen times and the company is simply unable to remove my email from their spam list.

    • Never received a single email from them. But if you just want to be difficult, just like you are trying to be on ozbargain then that's your problem. Being on internet may be you should learn that the first rule is to use disposable email for this sort of stuff. This is your second neg on my deals, which is related to your own personal/self inflicted problems with the companies.Also, if you can't read a simple term and condition that is right before your eyes, may be the problem isn't the companies but it lies somewhere else?

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