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DeLonghi Descaler 500ml $16.99 + Delivery (Free w/Prime) @ Amazon AU


Bought one of the Delonghi automatic machines in the last few days? Grab some Delonghi descaler to go with it.

I snoozed when it was $17 something on Black Friday, but lucky for me it's back and slightly cheaper.

My machine uses 100ml per descale so 500ml/5 descales should last a few years (depending on the water hardness setting of your machine.)

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    Descaling solutions are $5 at Colesworth

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    Vinegar or diluted citric acid in water is just as effective and much cheaper.


      would these leave a smell or taste afterwards?

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      True, though using vinegar on an aluminium thermoblock can be a bad idea. I'd only use citric if was going to mix up my own.

      For the $550 or something I spent on the machine and the minimal amount of times I need to descale I don't mind spending the extra few bucks on the lactic acid based descaler that Delonghi recommend though.

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        I agree. I know there's cheaper ones out there but not that much cheaper. Coles has their brand for about $10 for 500ml and this is only $7 extra for the same brand as my machine. So worth it to be honest. Thanks for posting the deal op


    i use diluted citric acid from the lab at work


      Functionally is white vinegar much different? If too strong, how much should it be diluted? Cheers

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    Guys. What would be a better idea is to actually google the MSDS of the decalker that you need, find the product they use and concentration.

    In this case, it's lactic acid 30 - 50%. I would stick to the same chemical because using something like vinegar could possibly lead to problems with your machine.

    Some comments say to use Coles Decalker, the Coles decalker is citric acid. Either one will get the job done, don't use anything else. (apart from sulfamic acid)

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