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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi 1st Gen Mi Robot Vaccum Cleaner $329 Delivered @ Gearbrite eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Hi, all long-time lurker here hoping to give something back.
I've been on the hunt for one of these for a while $329 seems to be the lowest I could find it for currently from a reputable seller.
Apply the code PILGRIM at checkout to bring the total to $329 delivered.

ABN 60 615 962 500
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Is the 1st gen still a decent buy? Never had one so not sure whether to go for a newer model

    • +2

      I recently purchased this, maybe a few months ago and think it's great.

      The main benefit in getting a newer version (Roborock 5 etc) is that you can do virtual walls within the app, with the Xiaomi you have to buy magnetic tape to lay down. But saying that I've just learnt to close my daughters door before leaving for the day and I just manually vac her room since there's various obstacles..

      You can buy cheaper non genuine accessories such as washable filters, the default one is paper so won't wash.

      • +1

        S50 also has (passable - just) mopping, slightly better max suction, slightly bigger storage bin and slightly better capacity to jump rugs/lips (20mm vs 15mm I think).

        Spec tables here, www.ozbargain.com.au/node/478795 else with some horrific formatting below.

        Comparison Xiaomi Vacuum and Mop Roborock S5 Roborock S6
        Laser Distance Sensor Lastest Version Older Version New Version
        Suction 2100Pa 2000Pa 2000Pa
        Smart Room Mapping Yes No Yes
        Water Mode 3 App-Controllable Water Modes No Manual
        Clean Mode Sweeping, Mop or Sweep and Mop at the Same Time
        Virtual Wall Yes Yes Yes
        Selected Room Cleaning Yes No Yes
        Dust Bin 550ml 500mL 500mL
        2in1 Dust Bin Yes (250mL Water Tank) (300mL Dust Bin) No No
        Water Tank 550ml (Sold Separately) 140mL 140mL
        Auto Charging Yes Yes Yes
        Run Time Per Charge 110 Mins 150 Mins 150 Mins
        Mop Cloth 1xFull Wet Wiper, 1x Half Wet Wiper (different use) Full Wet Wiper Full Wet Wiper
        Docking Easy to find the dock even if not started from the dock. Struggles to find the dock if not started from the dock. Easy to find the dock even if not started from the dock.
        Location Tracker Yes (Means that you do not need to start from the Dock) No Unsure

        • +1

          Don't forget the max suction is when you put it in to full speed mode. I don't think I've ever ran my Xiaomi at the max setting and just use the balanced default.

          I'd argue that the mopping is really pointless, unless you have zero carpets in your house. For those unaware the robot wont differentiate between carpets and hard floors so it'll mop carpet also unless you setup specific zones and get it to avoid rugs etc

    • +1

      Works pretty well. Mine only arrived two weeks ago but it has seen a lot of use. Pretty happy with it overall.

      Few caveats

      • Map is not permanently saved. If you start a full cleanup, the map starts from scratch
      • zoned cleaning only works if there is a full map currently "in memory".
      • zone cleaning is in-app only so no voice control via Google assistant or Alexa.

      I am not sure if the Gen 2 improves on the above.

    • +1

      I have both.

      If you have carpets that are taller than like 0.5cm, 100% get 2nd gen. The 1st gen really struggles to go up those carpets.

  • +2

    Good price - hasn't been this low in a long time. Just a shame that the Roborock S50 seems almost permanently above $500 these days. At the $400 odd it got down to a year ago, it was the pick of the litter for price v performance.

    Just don't be suckered into buying any of the combo packs with accessories. All are available much cheaper elsewhere on Ebay.

  • +2

    This model is allot louder then the newer S50 at the same settings. I'd definitely say the s50s extras are worth the larger price

    •much quieter in operation then first gen
    •beta has mapping function to set virtual walls
    ( buying a roll of the magnetic virtual wall tape costs 20-30 a roll and the virtual walls is free and can be done countless times.
    •faster cleaning times
    •dock is smaller and nicer looking
    •looks very modern and clean design
    •new model can climb bug rugs and 2cm climbs will not be a problem compared to the older gen.

    I have both models at home for each floor and thankfully had no issues with them yet.

  • +3

    I got this 2 years ago - also from a OB Gearbite deal. Still going strong. I just use my normal vacuum to clean the filter every now and again. My Mi Home is on Singapore Server. English voice and Xiaomi even recently updated the software so now i can go ask it to clean up a specific zone in the house. Now all i need is to figure out a way to attach a camera to it lol then i can chase the cat around the house.

  • How are these at going up slight floor height differences? We have a small ramp between kitchen and living area and have one of these ramps: https://www.bunnings.com.au/roberts-3-3m-bronze-floating-flo...

    Probably about 25mm between floor heights.

    • +1

      Mine managed to climb over the kids hula hoop today that they left on the floor.

  • Not sure if I should get this or the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T on amazon for $238

    • +1

      from a quick features lookup, it looks like that does not have any sensors or room mapping. so a "dumb" robot vacuum.
      If you can get it really cheap, it will be okay and do a decent job. But they are pointless compared to a smart vacuum with room mapping tech. It makes a world of difference compared to randomly going around the house in the hope that it covers all the areas.

  • +2

    Dont go for ecovacs deebot. I bought deebot 300 or 310 from aldi for 300 bucks and it was dumb app is useless. Doesnt draw map where its vacuumed. Mop for all robots is useless if u have rugs or carpets in house.

    On other hand this xiamo gen 1 is amazing. Bought 1 last month at 329. I tjink 329 is great price.

    I wouldnt pay extra 200 bucks for gen 2. Just to get mop which is not going to be useful.

    Only buy gen 2 if difference is 50 dollars.

    Xiaomi nd roborock use same app. Buy this. U wont regret.

  • Loved mine but ever since i replaced the main brush it's been rubbish, keeps being stuck and error messages. What replacement parts do other people use?

    • I got third party brushes from eBay. All crap. Kept getting errors on carpet. Put an original brush back on (gearbrite eBay) and the vac is performing as per normal.

      Stay clear of anything other than original.

  • What do most people set theirs to? Do you tell google/alexa to clean when you leave the house or is it quiet enough to set at night?

    • its not quiet by any means. its just not.
      but ofc i m not saying it is very loud.

      you would hear it 10m away with your room door closed.

  • +1

    I setup a schedule in the app to vacuum when no one is home three times a week.

    I would not consider it quiet enough to vacuum at night.

    • What do you use to detect that you're not at home?

      • I have mine run everyday Monday to Friday at 2pm.

        If I wanted to, I could add extra logic to check if I'm at home or not.
        To do that, I can use Home Assistant.

      • My eyes. I look around and if I don't see the inside of my house I assume I'm not home.

        (You can use the phone app to start the vacuum whenever you want…)

  • Anyone know who repair this in Sydney?

  • got mine very early, first decent post of the unit on OZB.

    still working perfectly, used weekly, never really changed any filter (really should do tho but whatever)

    make sure you update the firmware, it really is a game changer.

  • Anyone have experience between this and the Roborock E35?

    • Xiaomi robot vacuum which has Laser distance sensor, navigation system will much better.

  • Great product, 2 years going strong.

  • Missed the recent deals on these (and I'm not Plus) but will be hoping to get one at this price now. Decided I need some "help" in just regularly picking up random dust, hairs, coffee grounds, whatever.

  • My first gen (got it with the RoboGuy saga! Is he still around?) is still going well after many filter/brush changes. It has destroyed two of my ear phones but teaches me right to leave them on the floor!

    I only use it on Turbo when I am not home.

    It has done 17000m2 of cleaning with wooden and carpeted flooring. IT worked almost all weekdays from August 2017….

    Phenomenal buy.

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