2x 10% off Vouchers for New and Existing Users (All Cities) - DiDi


Part of a competition to win Starwars movie tickets. If you enter the promo code in the app it will give you two 10% off vouchers. Better than nothing for existing users but if you are a new user make sure you sign up with a referral code or other promo first.

Referral Links

DiDi: random (493)

2 x $10 ride vouchers for referrer & referee.

DiDi WA Only: random (37)

2 x $10 ride vouchers for referrer & referee.

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    Didn't work for me in WA. It gave me a $1 coupon which it says I cannot use on rides, wtf else am I gonna use your coupons on didi?!

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    The offers are different based on the city, however by claiming the code, you can win 2x VIP STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Moonlight Cinema Experiences. More details can be found here:


      What are the offers for the other cities? The WA offer doesn't sound as good as the Brisbane offer, lol.


        New User should be 2x $10 vouchers and existing users should be either a token only (VIC & WA) or 2x 10% off (QLD & NSW)


          I just signed up but get "promotion code is not available in your location" - in NSW.


    I just signed up and have a stack of vouchers.

    Few questions for existing users:

    1. Can I choose which voucher to use? I can view them all in Promotions - My Voichers, but can I select which one I want to use? It seems to be applying the top voucher in the list.
    2. How can I see that a voucher will apply to my ride? The only thing I can see is a small green bar above the where to? box that says $10 off.
      If I enter a destination it gives me a price. I can then click on the price which then breaks all the costs down but no mention of the $10 discount??
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