Spacetalk Kids Smartwatch with Phone and GPS $244.30 (Was $349) @ Space Talk Watch


The SPACETALK Smart Watch is designed for keeping in contact with your child or other early learner in your family. It combines the functions of a 3G mobile phone, smart watch and GPS so you can see where they are or talk with them for fun.

Parents and family members can use the AllMyTribe app to monitor location, manage contacts and set up reminders, with the built-in pedomemeter ensuring that early learners are active and enjoying the outdoors.

Discl: I am a shareholder thus the code

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    Requires a Nano SIM card with calls, SMS and data, and an AllMyTribe in-app subscription for up to 2 watches $5.99/month or up to 5 watches for $8.99/month.


    Designed in Australia to safely connect kids and parents, SPACETALK supports two 3G bands (850/2100MHz), which is essential for reliable, country-wide coverage.

    Telstra switched off 3G connectivity on its 2100MHz spectrum on March 25
    Vodafone will be phasing out 3G connectivity on its 2100MHz spectrum over the course of 2019, but will continue to operate 3G services on its 900MHz spectrum.

    On October 9th 2019 Telstra officially announced that they would be shutting down the 3G/NextG 850MHz network across Australia in June 2024


      And they are getting shareholders to clear their inventory.

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      So what is your problem?

      They give a list of recommended providers, all of whom use the Telstra network:

      Is 4.5 years not enough?

      The subscription thing though - yes, that kills the deal.

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        The main problem is that you need to pay $5.99/month to get the functionality.

        The 3G part was to highlight that it has a time limit.

        $200+ is large money to then have to fork out ~$72/year just to use it how you need to!

        (Didn't neg you)


          Yes, agree on the subscription, forgot to mention and edited too late.

          But the 850 Mhz thing is not really a problem. Will be good coverage for a few years yet.

          (Didn't neg you)

          Of course not. I never thought you were that petty :-)

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      Yes, phones require a sim card

      We did away with the string and two cans some time ago

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        Yes well when you're a shareholder I wouldn't expect you to put the extra caveat in your post alerting people to the fact they'll have to pay ~$72/year just to utilise the watch, and it's useless without paying that fee.

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          I'm a shareholder in Afterpay too so if you could purchase this watch using Afterpay, that would be appreciated


            @chumlee: Difference is your stake…..i’m sure your hypothetical stake in AfterPay is a tiny fraction of what it is in this watch. Therefore your motivation in this watch doing well is a lot higher…..obviously desperation increases with time as your product gets less and less relevant as the deadline for 3G comes closer.


              @Simbooo: A new model watch is being developed. The target age range is 5-12. It's not unreasonable to upgrade a product once in a 7 year period..

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                @iMagoo: I’d say that’s reasonable but it doesn’t change the fact that in this particular case you’d have to upgrade after 4 years. That’s after being hit with a pretty hefty upfront fee and then an ongoing membership too. Anyway, I appreciate someone doing their own hustle - so good luck mate. Honestly, hope you use all this feedback constructively for the next watch release 👍🏼


              @Simbooo: Opposite way.

              Big shareholding in Afterpay since before the Touchcorp merger, but only got 1000 shares in MWR


        Telstra have e-sim for iphones now - so doesn't require a physical card

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    The AllMyTribe® app requires amonthly in-app subscription at $5.99pm for up to 2 watches and $8.99pm for up to 5 watches.

    This absolutely kills it. There's no reason to charge a mandatory subscription to milk more money. Also what happens when the servers inevitably disappear…


      Have heard many good stories from users of this device, including positive experiences for kids with special needs.

      Requires a subscription of roughly $72/year on top of the hardware cost. Code represents a $144 discount, 2 years worth of the subscription. They could easily try to sell the watch for $549 to cover the app development costs over time, which would likely be too much of a cost for families to muster up. So they charge a recurring fee instead.


        Tbe Spacewatch is regularly $299 at JB or officeworks so "saving" is closer to $50.
        349 - 244.30 is 104.70, not $144 discount code. Factor in the reviews where getting caught in the rain makes watch not repairable or watch band breaks. Add the poor battery life, support tells you to turn off most functions to add battery life. Check Telstra map for 3 g black spots.
        Pay for sim card on telstra network and allmytribe app in addition to cost of watch.

        Likely too much cost for families to muster up regardless of how cost is packaged.

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    This makes getting an older Apple Watch with cellular to track kids a cheaper proposition/easier to justify.

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      The limitations of the watch are the attraction for the target age range.

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        Yeah that’s fair enough but make the price represent value for the limited features! Like if I want to get hold of my 10yo but don’t want him playing games and on YouTube, I’ll buy him a $40 phone from Auspost. By your logic, that $40 phone should be worth $300? It’s ridiculous paying more for a watch with less features which also has a subscription and a shelf life….

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          Phones are now being banned in schools across several states.. Comparing a phone and a watch is completely pointless.

          What tech product doesn't have a shelf life?
          I can understand the gripe with the subscription, but it's a coffee or two a month..

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    I've got the Alcatel Move watch from Vodafone. Only pay $15 a month for the watch and the data plan of 1GB.

    Don't have to pay the silly subscription fee that the Spacetalk has to. If one wishes they can just pay out the watch and just put a cheap SIM card in.


    Looks like the deal has expired :(


    From reviews I have seen - I'm hanging out for a version 2.0 of the watch and also a reduction in costs on the AllMyTribe app.

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