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[QLD] Unleaded 98+ $1.369/L @ 7-Eleven Clontarf


Good price. Time to go for a drive/fly to fill up.


Credit to projectzerothree and its founder.

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    You're a star, Dealbut!

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    Good bot

  • Locked, thanks.

  • Ta dealbot 😁

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    For those that would like to receive Push notification directly for the 7-Eleven Fuel discount, I have created a simply Android App Eleven Me


    The app also allow you to copy the geocode of the fuel station (by swiping left of the row)

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      I’ll give it a crack! Cheers

      I like the notification alert when u98 under 140c feature.

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      How about an IOS app? :)

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        Don't be silly

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        Get an android phone.

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        Hey, I'll try to do this. To do it I need the Apple Developer License which is like $149 a year. So I'd probably charge 1 to 2 dollars for an app that did this…

        I'll take upvotes on this post as interest and if there's enough I'll try to make something :)

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        I am too silly enough to make an iOS version too

        Tho iOS has limited feature as your cant use custom apk
        so basically only able to use as notification / alert purpose

        I am going to add another page for each state's best price
        and provide navigation shortcut
        so iOS user can still "drive" to the cheapest fuel station (better than nothing LOL)

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          While you are there, add a tip jar to the iOS app. I’m sure a few of us will throw a few bucks your way!

        • Godsent! tq!

    • Top app. Definitely helpful in the near future

    • Awesome! Using this on my primary device. Any chance of making it compatible with 6.0? The GPS lock works well on this without requiring Nox/another emulator.

      • What kind of app are you using to do the GPS lock?

        I am using emulator now. I cannot find any other apps to lock the price from my android.

        • Using an app called Floater. Works really well, but only on my ancient LG android running 6.0.

    • This is great thanks mate.

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      Nice mate. Hope this takes off and develops more features. I.e. setting of custom notification amounts

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        As I want to keep the app light weight and not storing any individual data
        currently notification are in subscription bases

        I probably can add the subscription based options on 5 cents interval (130c, 135c, 140c etc)

        Any feedbacks are welcome :)

        • this would be great :) and even alerts for the different types! Love the app, I have downloaded it and got 2 others too !

        • I understand now. Maybe 5 cent increments from 130? 98 Ron seems to be the most popular.

    • Brilliant

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      It would be great if you can allow users to set notification parameters.

    • Thanks mate, that's handy.
      Would it be at all possible to set up a notification alert for when 95 falls under a certain price as well?

    • This is going to save me so much money. Do you have somewhere I can tip you some beer money?

    • Nice one mate. I will definitely give it a shot.

    • Thanks. How often does this app auto refresh in background?
      I just conscious about battery usage.

    • Thanks, bud, an awesome job!

    • Is the geocode fuzzed? Trying to avoid locking in the exact co-ordinates every time, especially when other users are also doing the exact same coords.

      I've got 2 cars, one takes U91 and the other U98. Would be nice to get U91 under 130 alerts.

    • I've been waiting for a compelling reason to make the effort and shift back to Android and I think I found it. That, or I'll dust off the old one from the drawer just for fuel-price lock!

  • With the app can you lock in 100l and use over two cars?

    • Code is single use only.

      Haven't tried or even thought about filling up 2 cars with 1 pump in the single visit.

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        ive done one car and various 20l plastic jerry cans (scored during SCA sale). no issues with the stores clerk

      • What happens to the remaining credit if you pre purchase too much?

        • The voucher is single use only, you don't lose balance when you lock in anyway.

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          Nothing happens with the credit. You only pay for what you use.

          1) You have credit in your account to lock in fuel and pay for the fuel via app with account credit


          2) You have credit in your account to lock in fuel and pay via CC/Cash. Credit in account remains same.

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      I've done this a couple of times… trick is to NOT put the nozzle back on the fuel pump.
      Let it rest on the ground between vehicles…

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        The front counter lady ran outside and would not allow my wife and I to fill up my car and motor bike. She said it was dangerous and instructed me to move my motor bike to another pump. Dont understand this cause you can fill up plastic jerry cans while filling a vehicle, my bike only takes 20ltrs =_=

        Maybe I was just unlucky?

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          Tbh i get the odd look from them occasionally but i fill up at the same one all the time and they know it's me and just go back to their business.

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          Unluckily lied to..

    • Doable and have done. 2 people required obivosuly. I usually alternate between my wife's car, my motorbike or 45 litres worth of fuel cans.

  • Any good price for 91?

    • 128.9 7-Eleven Kings Park

      • 127.9

  • I usually fill my car with 91, is worth to spend extra 8 cents per litre to fill 98? Many thanks

    • Definitely, especially if you run 91 all the time. Not so much for performance or anything, but the detergent additives are good to run through from time to time

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        Also worth noting, depending on the type and age the of car. Some ECUs are tuned to a specific fuel thus performing better. I.E better acceleration and fuel economy.

        My car is specifically tuned for 98 and i can dramatically notice the difference using 91.

        • Can you car even idle on 91?
          I remember putting 91 in my bike which requires 98 (no other choice) and it kept stalling out.

          • @Salmando: Can definitely idle but performance overall becomes below par. Very rough and slow accelerations. Also if you're a petrol head, since it's tune for 98RON - Won't get anywhere near the power (KW ATW) it's tuned for on 91RON.

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      Normally I've been filling 98 when "same price 91" ie 91 out of stock they lower 98 price.

      Every other day I just fill 91/95 Caltex when near empty using 4c voucher and scan Woolies card for pts

      I need to reconsider my strat maybe

      • You should be using the 7-11 fuel lock app, rather than using 4c voucher you lock with GPS trick and I usually save between 12-22cents/L every fill up compared to the local prices. Usually around $12-20 saved on each fill.

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        Every other day I just fill 91/95 Caltex when near empty using 4c voucher and scan Woolies card for pts

        You can stack it with 6% Woolies eGift at selected Woolies-Caltex (fully-owned Woolies will accept eGift) during the low cycles.

    • Maybe a full tank once every few months. Otherwise no.

    • If the car is rated for U95/U98 then you should be running those alone, if your car is rated U91 you won't notice any benefit form running U98. Just buy a bottle of injector cleaner (fuel tank additive) every couple of months and pour it in when you get home after a fill up, same cleaning benefit as 98 for your car. If you get the lock when U98 is selling for U91 prices though that's definitely worth it.

  • I just filled the tank over the 142.7c lock yesterday ahhh!

    • so??? lock it…you have a week to use…

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        I'll only use about 10L in a week though. That's my problem haha

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          You dont need to even lock in then…just schedule your fill ups when it is on a low point in the cycle…lols

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            @RM: I like to fill up under 135 for 98. Has been dry the last few weeks and we also did a bit more driving. So had no choice. There is no cycle for when a store runs out of 91 and 95 to give 91 prices for 98 unfortunately. No cycle to follow unless you have some insider info?

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              @knobbs: 2 accounts could help in an instance like this?
              I typically lock a 91 and a 95/98 as the prices fluctuate…

              • @sharka: Maybe however in my case car was running on fumes so thought I would just fill it on the 142.7 I had. If I knew this was coming out today would of only just put $5 in then lock today and go fill up straight away

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    Thank you,

    I finally have a commercially viable use for the teleportation device I invented

  • if anyone is interested in letting me use a voucher i'm happy to split my savings

    • Sure…PM me ur number…

    • PM me 😜

    • thank you for all the help, I was able to obtain a voucher. Thank you everyone for your offers, I love this group!

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      Not a bad side hustle idea

    • PM me :D

    • If anyone wants to sell me another code for $2.50 let me know, will use today

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        Sell you a code????WTF!!!!!

        Dude, send me a PM with your details and how many liters you want locked in. I will lock it in for you.

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        PM me for assistance… I'll teach you how to fish so you can feed yourself for a lifetime

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        I sent you another message. Please read your inbox.

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          Cheers dud, your a legend

  • Grr literally locked in Toongabbie 1hr 15m earlier

    • fuel up the minimum and relock xD

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    Just swung by in the heli to lock in the price. Cheers OP!

  • Oh hello its been awhile! So nice to see you!

  • Been a while! Thanks dealbot.

  • Do you guys in NSW lock in QLD prices or does it look dodgy?

    • They don't even look at it, just scan and process the next person

    • My local 7-11 just scans it and I pay. The one near my work asked me where I locked it and I just say "my friend interstate locked it for me". It's not against the rules to lock and send the screenshot to someone else, right?

    • The person at the counter can't tell where you locked it in.

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        I'm pretty sure the voucher says where it was locked in. I normally wait a day or so after locking in a price from interstate before I fill up, just so I can believably say I've driven in from wherever it was. Not that anyone has ever questioned it…