Blu-Ray Deals Eg Wallace & Gromit $11.16, X-Men 6 Disc $21.58, Transformers 5 Disc $20.45 at Amazon + Deliv (Free with Prime)


I know it's Tuesday, but the Cyber Monday deals keep coming for this side of the pond. I know that both the X-Men and Transformers have been mentioned before, but they went out of stock. Back in stock again. If there was something you were looking at and you missed it because it went out of stock, worth checking again.
X-Men 6 Movie $21.58:
Transformers 5 Movie $20.45 -
Alien 6 Movie $23.74 -
Jurassic 4 Movie $23.74 -
Indiana Jones 4 Movie $24.42 -
Sadly the Fast & Furious 8 disc collection is $41.90 ( - $63.20 at JB so not bad, but not a super bargain.

…and for the chick flick night:
Love Actually/Notting Hill/Bridget Jones's Diary/Bridget Jones/Wimbledon five films for $17.21 [OK, those are DVDs, but whatever…. ;-) ]

Me, I got the 4 shorts on one disc Wallace and Gromit collection for $11.16 ( Apparently it's a great 1080p transfer, so will replace my old 480p DVD versions. Now where's that cheese…..

Note JB have the Wallace & Gromit for $15.98 ( ), but is part of the kids buy two get one free so if you were buying another couple of discs you could kinda get it cheaper….

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