This was posted 2 years 1 month 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra Cruise T126 Prepaid Handset Black $9 ($4.99 Shipping or Click and Collect) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheap Phone - $9

Telstra variant only. Device may be locked to the Telstra Network.
2.0" colour display
MP3 Player
Expandable memory up to 32GB

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    JB still clearing their OLD phone stock
    Phone was included in that still active deal but not in Title with other $9 phones.

    Regularly around this price 2015-17, no deals since then - was OLD even then!

    Network compatibility 3G
    (shut down of Telstra 3G forecast / happening)
    Be aware this phone has 3g 850m only, so can not be used for Optus or Vodafone after unlocked

    Phone Operating System BREW
    (ie not Android etc)
    No Apps, Internet etc!!

    Capture your favourite moments with the camera (0.3 megapixels) - wow!

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    I don't think unlock codes are available on ebay. Even if you unlock it I'm not sure if it's got any use on others' frequencies?

    • Yes, that is true. I have one and it is unlocked, but it will not work on non-Telstra networks.

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      I have one from old deals. I have unlocked with Telstra, so that it can used with Aldi. However it still cannot be used in Optus or Vodafone network. It seems the hardware only has Telstra network channel?

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    Can I use it with $135 Boost deal?

  • Does it come with a sim with credit?

    • Afaik, it comes with $10 credit with 14 day expiry

      • If SIM hasn't expired. It's an old phone.
        Expiry date should show on label on box.

  • Anyone need a burner?

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    Waiting for the first band 28 question

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    I have four of these from an old offer. One doesn't work, another was unlocked and now is on an Aldi $5/365 day plan. The rest are still on Telstra. This model can be used as a USB modem and can take pictures.

    • isnt aldi using telstra network and doesnt need unpock?

      • Comments in old Deals suggest needs unlock. Suggested above that may not be able to unlock as is so old.

        • Got it thanks. Probably doesnt work with Boost either then. Which unfortunately makes it junk for me anyway

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    Bought 2 for my 5 year old when she starts school next year. She nearly certainly will lose them both in the first 3 months. Now what's the cheapest plan I can connect it to?

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      I still don't understand why you are giving a 5-year-old a phone for school purposes.

      Also to answer your question you want to stick to Telstra's prepaid option (the one that charges you like 20c/ per call somethin like that). This is your only option as it is locked to Telstra. If you are bothered to unlock the darn thing, you can use aldi prepaid option ($5/365days) being used by peterlong1952.

      • Piece of mind really. She will be in before and after school daycare as both of us work, so she can text us or call if need be.
        Well we may get a cheapest option for her and see how it works out. Perhaps unlocking will be easy.

        If nothing comes out of it, at least 2 kids will have a phone each to play with for christmas. How good is these toys…

      • Probably practice not dropping and breaking them.

      • Why not? People are (profanity) crazy, I'd much rather my kid be able to ring the cops or an ambo or whatever if needed, than have to take a chance. And having it be an old school button phone like this means they're so incredibly not likely to be distracted by it in class or drain it's battery, it's almost like why wouldn't you?

        And you know what, if they get into JAR games like I did when I used these sorts of phones in school, I don't think I could be prouder.

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    I bought one 3 years ago for $9, sold for $10 after weeks usage, due to concern of 3 g shutting down.

    • Lol

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    can Whatsapp be installed in this device?

    • +1

      And it's only one button press more than a neg.

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