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Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Starter Kit $133.20 Delviered ($125.80 with eBay Plus) @ kg Electronic eBay


I missed the Australian Geographic deal and came across this deal on ebay. Great Christmas Gift.

These aren’t just cars and tracks; these are robots programmed for battle and controlled with your mobile device. Battle the Toretto crew or race against friends and family as you complete missions, trigger massive explosions, and face off against intelligent opponents.

What's In the Box:
1x Dom’s Ice Charger
1x Hobbs’ International MXT
3x Straight track pieces
1x Exclusive Power Zone track piece
6x 90º Curved track pieces
12x Guardrails
2x Riser pieces
1x Four-car charging platform
1x Tire cleaner

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  • +1

    The only decent Fast and the Furious is Tokyo Drift. #changemymind

    • The only good thing about that one was the crash at the end

  • This car toys need a tire cleaner?maybe needs tire pump?
    Can you not use paper towel lmao

    • The track has a glossy surface, so the tires are made of a bit sticky rubber.

  • Tire or Tyre 😂

  • I’d love to get this but I’m a bit worried. Does anyone know what happens when the company closes down (or maybe it has already?). How long will these remain functional? Will they continue to work as long as I have a smartphone that supports the last version of the App. Or do their servers need to be running in order for out to continue working?

    • +1

      It closed but they made it so these toys still work. I think it is only one of their robots that requires the cloud to function properly (voice control).

      There may be less total functionality and obviously no updates on going. Wifi is only needed for iOS to Android comms, so that suggests internet isn't required for normal gameplay.

      A few dollars cheaper at EBGames. $128

  • Is this good for my family

  • +4

    The fact that Hector is gonna be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. On top of that, he just came into Harry's and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS and a Motec system exhaust!

  • I can see why this wasn’t a sales success, I don’t want my kids using my phone to play it, kids old enough to have a phone probably not that interested. If it came with controls I would be interested. Stick with the old school afx for now

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