[VIC] Caroma JADE Rose Gold Mixer Tap $90 (RRP $179) @ Bunnings, Oakleigh


My order for mixer sink from catch.com was cancelled ($12) but happy to bump into this while shopping in Bunnings. Sorry for the poor image.

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    What a revolting colour!! (subjective I know).

    In saying that, I was shopping for a sink mixer a while back, and took ages to find one as I didn't want a really tall one, kinda just mid range. I really liked the measurements of the Jade mixer (silver colour). Anyway, I looked at the display one and it had a mark on the chrome where the aerator screws on. I thought "oh just damaged display stock. I purchased one in a box and got it home.

    I was so disappointed to realise it had an imperfection in the same spot!!

    I took it back and explained the situation. I then checked the two others they had in stock and they also both had the same issue. I was not going to accept this poor quality for a tap that costs $180. Now they seem to have the audacity to charge $256 for this tap!!

    I got a refund and bought this Methven, which is much better built, comes with a 20 year warranty - longer than Caroma. I've got a Methven showerhead and it's been awesome, and on installing this, it's also really nice and smooth to use. Cheaper too!

    So, pretty disappointed in Caroma. This is coming from replacing a Caroma kitchen mixer (the traditional lower type) that had a split in the metal that they refused to replace as it was just outside the warranty.

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    This would look good in an off the plan apartment, after you remove the carpets and install diy laminate floors from Bunnings.


    even my order from catch $12 mixer was cancelled . really i was disappointed🤬🤬




    You can see why its discounted, they just not selling much or any