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Multix Aluminium Foil 30cm X 60m Traditional Strength $5 (Was $10) @ Woolworths


Turns out to be $0.098/30m cheaper than the ALDI deal next week
Also $0.2/30m cheaper than homebrand

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    Thin as now I contacted multix about the quality and they said it was make like that now to help the environment I'd be buying it for year anyway they asked me to send it back to them they paid postage and they gave me a $5 g card anyway we buy the woolworths select heavy duty and it's really good strong and thick.hope this info helps.

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      Longest sentence ever.

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      If I could read the comment, it might be helpful.

    • Help the environment, lol.

      Must be stronger aluminium to make it thinner yet maintain traditional strength.

      Of course it's just about being able to advertise the big 60m…

    • OK Karen

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    Boooo! For not spelling aluminium correctly.

    • Spelt phonetically.

      • Spelt phonetically it's still wrong.

        Al-u-min-i-um is the phonetic pronunciation in Australia.

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    Thanks. Almost ran out of hats.

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    Thanks bought 500

    Great timing to make a tinfoil suit and change the wallpaper in time for the holidays

    Ouch my eyes are hurting even with sunglasses and my suit on gotta go but saved like $2500 good deal better than that drone I got that lets me see outside told them I was going to sue them and they delivered it to my door

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    Cheap foil what a time to be alive

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    Oil still seeps through with this one when cooking

  • whats the difference between traditional and all the new different types of (profanity) al foil? I had to go buy some the other day and suddenly there's all different types of thicknesses with vague (profanity) names that mean nothing. what gives?

  • Thanks! I'm going to start dealing weed like it's the 90's.

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    I can’t work out the calculation you got. The whole 30m calculation got me puzzled lol
    So I’ll do it as a comparison per metre
    Aldi = 8.66c/metre
    Ww = 8.33c/metre

  • Not sure why Woolies stops selling Multix Cling Wrap 300m. Haven't seen it for months.

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