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20% off Sitewide @ Rebel (Online from 5pm Friday, In-Store Saturday)


Rebel is offering a minimum 20% off everything sitewide from 5PM AEDT Friday. Enjoy :)

  • Online from 5PM AEDT 06/12/2019 until 11:59PM AEDT 07/12/2019. In-store 07/12/2019.
  • Does not apply to items already discounted by 20% or more.
  • Excludes gift cards, freight & installation.
  • Cannot be used with any other offer/s or discount card/s.
  • Free Click & Collect in as little as 2 hours.
  • Up to 50% off selected Garmin, Fitbit & Samsung watches.

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  • Don't forget cashrewards

  • Will we see an increased cashback rate by any chance tomorrow?

  • Understand that the promos don't apply to the purchase of giftcards but can someone please confirm can I pay with prepurchased giftcards?

    • I have paid in the last using 10% off rebel vouchers from work alongside 20% off sitewide.

      I am unsure if you can stack it with cashback.

    • Cannot be used with any other offer/s or discount card/s.

      • Giftcards aren't discount cards. Giftcard are literally a card with the amount of money printed on the front. They don't know/care how you acquired it or how much you got it for.

    • From CR site under "special terms" for rebel.

      Cashback is ineligible if a gift card/eGift card is used as payment or part payment.

      It'll be fine with gift cards though.

  • Any recommendations on a good fitness+smartwatch? Mainly need it for sleep tracking, continuous heart rate tracking and responding to notifications without having to charge battery everyday.

    Split between Forerunner 935, Vivoactive 3 and Watch Active 2.

    • Most of which are already discounted more than 20% thus this discount won't apply.

    • Active2 isn't discounted. Frigggin Pirates.

    • I have owned vivoactive 3 and 645 music (i know it's different to 935 but they share a few commonalities), now moved onto fenix 6, while the missus owns active 2, these are my learnings -

      Garmin smartwatches have an always on display by default
      Garmin watches have a lot better battery life (especially if you like to keep the always on display)
      Active 2 has a better screen
      Active 2 has access to a lot more apps
      You can store or stream music from active 2 but not from either of the 2 Garmin watches you've mentioned (you can control your phone's music though)
      Anecdotal evidence suggests Garmin provides product support for a lot longer than Samsung (my friend's fenix 3 is still getting updates)
      Active 2 offers LTE but the garmin watches don't (atleast not in Australia)
      Active 2 and vivoactive 3 are touchscreen but 935 isn't.
      Active 2 is a lot 'prettier'
      935 offers abundant amount of data that you can analyse and improve running form etc while the other 2 are more of smartwatches than running watches.

      Personally, I value always on screen, long battery life, non-touchscreen (Garmin's 5 button system is intuitive), running data and longer product support over nice screen, looks or access to more apps so I like Garmin more.

      Hope this helps

      • These active models, both the fist model and the Active 2 are not LTE models sold through rebel. For those you'll have to go to another retailer.

        • I said active 2 offers the option of LTE in Australia just for true comparison. Thanks for mentioning that the rebel active 2's don't have LTE

    • Garmin for sure if you need something for running or fitness. The 935 is great, but is last year's model. The vivoactive 3 has less 'fitness' features, but is this year's model and has other general features such as Garmin pay.

    • Got a Garmin Instinct couple months ago from Myer/eBay for $270+, mainly for sleep and heart rate monitor.
      GPS and compass is a bonus functions with the watch.

    • Thanks all. Down to Vivoactive 4 vs Watch Active 2. I will use 10% off vouchers and TRS so down to ~$350 after everything.

      Promised ECG feature on Samsung vs longer battery life and tracking in Garmin. I think Garmin wins hands down. Don't care about screen because you don't watch movies or pictures on your phone.

      • Just in case Rebel don’t have your desired colour for the vivoactive 4, I got JB Hi-Fi to price match Rebel and I got the rose gold and white one for my wife.

        I’ve had a vivoactive 3 for about 18 months, very good watch, great battery life and does everything I want.

        • Thanks, I got the vivoactive 4 for $350 with TRS. Looking forward to picking it up today

  • Can I purchase discounted gift cards and be able to use it for purchases ? Rookie question I know


    Another one… ok thanks!

  • hopefully they stock up on swimming jammers! really want another pair and thanks op!

  • Wonder if this will be truly site wide or exclude tech again like their boxing day sale

  • Not happy how they start putting in conditions with CR around not being applied to discounted sales or using gift cards… either you want to track our sales over this busy period as you get paid for our data ‘yes customer data’, or just do without using CR and stack with a discount gift card. Either CR wants our business or not…. same goes with ShopBack

  • Anyone purchased a Lifetime 50" All Star Basketball System? Trying to decide on one for the kids for Christmas. They are younger so don't want to over invest and this looks like a reasonable compromise between the more expensive Spalding systems and the cheaper options available from places like TR Sports on eBay. 5 Year Warranty is somewhat appealing as well although not sure of the particulars of what it covers?


      Generally 1 year for the poles and base and 5 years for the backboard. Found lifetime to be superior to Spalding regarding warranty claims to (in my experience)

      • Thanks of the feedback. I went with the 50" Lifetime. The feedback I could find seemed to indicate they were a bit better on warranty issues. Hopefully the assembly is manageable late on Christmas Eve :)

    • Am tossing up between the Lifetime 50" and 44" also ourselves for same reasons.

  • not sure about anything else, but was eyeing a pair of shoes and once this sale went on they price jacked it so the price became the same as before this "sale" after the 20% off.

    • I bought a secondhand concept 2 (like new) for about this price 4 or 5 years ago, I don't think the price has changed much.

      Cannot vouch for the Nordic but personally would invest in a Concept as they last forever.

  • Cashback Has Gone Up:

    • Shopback: 6%
    • Cashrewards: 6.2%
  • Hm.. keeps saying my giftcard number/PIN is incorrect when i try to check out. But i am absolutely typing in the correct details. anyone else encountering this?

  • The new ultraboost 20 are also included to who's interested in them

  • Where's that legend who tipped us off in that other bargain thread?

  • cant seem to ad swimwear that i'm after. the screen goes grey and then nothing happens. is this happening to others?

  • Can anyone recommend some good running shoes?
    Starting to get back into gym and old shoes have had it