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SALOMON Men's XA Pro 3D Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe from $125 Delivered @ Amazon AU


SALOMON Men's XA Pro 3D Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe on sale today at Amazon AUS. Can find size/colour combination from $125 (usually $200+). Free delivery.

Anyway I've ordered my pair so go nuts.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Sweet thanks! My size was black only at that price. I wanted the red, but gone. Still a bargain.

  • Shit, I picked 12.5US on the product page, but my Order email says "….Magnet_12AU/UK12". The hell? I am a 11.5 AU

    • +1

      alway go 1-1.5 size up for hiking shoes/boots

      • I plan to use them as daily walkers. And I currently have 11.5AU Mountain Designs shoes and they fit fine.

      • But not for train runners, you roll your ankle.

        • +4

          you dont need to do it for running shoes (nike, adidas) but trust me. always go at least 1 size up for trail running/hiking shoes or boots. your toes gonna be safe at the end of the day! i just done Gokyo - Cho la pass - EBC with salomon XA trail running and X Ultra 3 Mid

      • may i ask why?

        1-1.5 sizes up? That sounds like a lot…

        • +1

          Because your feet swell during hiking/running, and you normally wear thicker socks. I think 1.5 might be a bit much but you should always size up by 1 size.

        • Because you need it with thick hiking socks or if you double sock it to reduce blisters.

          • @serideth: Thanks both!

            So if I just want to wear them as a daily walker for overseas holiday with normal socks 0.5 size up is probably enough…

            Is the sizing close to say a Nike runners?

            • @mg_k: Depends how much walking you do. I still think slightly bigger is better than too small. I always go one size larger for all walking shoes, it is a little loose at the start of the day but still comfy at the end. Nothing worse than that reatricted feeling from enclosed shoes after your foot has swelled up. If I were you I would go one size up from typical Adidas/Nike shoes. If slightly too large with normal socks then just pad the toe box with some newspaper.

  • Can't seem to get it for size 13 :(

  • No 12us or 12.5us left :(

  • +2

    Awesome shoes to hike/walk in, but I wouldn't class these as running shoes.

    Source: I own a pair.

    • I run in these. Took a few weeks to break them in, but now they’re great.

    • +2

      They're trail runners — ie a hybrid between running and hiking, which is great for running in nature but not on the treadmill.

  • +2

    RRP $269

    I just got 5 X pairs after Shopback….$110 a pair.

    Wiggle…..5 years ago I got 4 x pair for $100each delivered

    Last year I got 1 pair for $80 in Mountain Design factory outlet

    Closest this year was price error in Anaconda of $135….would only sell one pair…did not buy….

    Only issue is the tear the laces cause at toe, otherwise great shoe…great review of old and new here: https://youtu.be/KSfmiD8-YYg

    • Why so many?

      • He is probably an outdoorsy type.

        • Work and travel!
          Daily wear shoe!

    • +1

      They are on eBay for $50 for speedcross

      • I actually noticed them a few weeks ago. Wondering if they are the real thing? I bought some for $50 in Vietnam and they are great for running. Although the stitches are falling apart on the side, hence no idea if they are fake or normal tear (they are made in Vietnam anyway)

  • +3

    Speedcross 4 is on a Deal of the Day for $95.
    I just bought a pair otherwise I would be grabbing some!

    • What size did you get for those compared to your normal shoe size?

      • Same size, but these can fit quite narrowly.

    • Can't see this. Link please!

    • Buy another pair.. the soles wear out pretty fast

  • stacked with the $20 amex deal I got a pair of non waterproof jobbies for ~$70 (after cashback). Pretty happy with that.

  • Thanks OP. Looked at this model first but then decided to go with the Speedcross 4 which is on a Deal of the Day for $95, as per the user comment above. Look decent for the price. Also, ShopBack appears to be 12% off at the moment. Good deal.

  • ZombieLover think you're right l have the X ultra 11.5 US very grippy on dirt and a life saver in Scotland last year

    But they're much tighter than my normal 11.5 ASIC (bordering uncomfortable) it seems l need a larger size with Salomon

  • Just ordered some asics from amazon for hockey, would have grabbed these otherwise.

  • Also grabbed this model for the Mrs. Women’s models are from $99. Don’t forget ShopBack.

    • ShopBack all the rage these days what happened to good old cashback?

  • I have a pair of these UK 9.5/USA 10 / EUR 44 - I wear Docs business shoes EU 43 / UK 9

  • Oh no .. i missed out :-(

  • Anyone know how these compare to the X Ultra 3? They look very similar.

    • Yep had the Ultra 3…they are a great shoe without the toe lace rubbing issue.

      • So these XO pro are similar shape feel/arch support?

        • Little less arch support otherwise similar

  • +1

    These are not running shoes, they are hiking or backpacking shoes.

    Do the speedcross or any of the higher end S-labs ones, these are quite rigid and way too heavy to run any proper distances.

  • New from $324.45 :(

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