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SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops $14.99 (Save 25%) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Swimseal via Amazon AU


Get 25% off each and every bottle of Swimseal Protective Ear Drops until midnight on Monday 9th December! Shipped by Amazon AU, so order now and you'll have a great stocking filler for all watersports lovers.

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These bottles have at least 18 months validity and are good for 6 months from opening.

Take a look at the excellent reviews on Amazon UK - 188 reviews, average 4.5/ 5 stars.

Ear friendly-NO Alcohol, Developed by ENT medical specialists and is safe for all ages (>6mths), 2-3 drops in each ear before entering the water and will last for 3-4 hours.

Consists of medical grade silicone and Australian tea tree oil. Ear friendly and safe to use - listed with the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Suitable for all ages from 6mths and up.

Forms a water-repellent coating in the ear canal so water does not stay in the ear.

Very cost effective with around 100 applications in each bottle.

You can throw away those ear plugs!

Don't let ear pain prevent you from enjoying the water.

Free delivery if you are an Amazon Prime member.

NB: Do not use if allergic to ingredients; perforated ear drum; grommets in ears; current ear infection; pregnant or breast feeding

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    What's wrong with earplugs?

    I'm not sold on putting silicone and oil deep into your ear canal for convenience sake.
    Ear plugs leave no chemical residue whatsoever and keep foreign matter (pool water and these chemicals) out of your ear canal.


      Thanks for your question. We've surveyed people heavily on this so can give you the following feedback. In no particular order, and these are just some of the reasons:

      • Ear plugs can affect hearing while they are in the ears. In a swimming class that can make it difficult for an instructor to be heard.

      • Ear plugs are generally disliked by surfers, who need excellent balance and don't want that affected by plugs.

      • Ear plugs can cause wax to become compacted in the ear canal. That can lead to future ear problems.

      • If ear plugs aren't kept clean or changed frequently, they can promote infections.

      • Quite a lot of people find that they fall out.

      • Only very special earplugs can be used for scuba diving because solid earplugs create an airspace which cannot be equalised.

      We use medical grade silicone oil and a small amount of Australian Tea Tree oil which our ENT experts have devised to be effective and safe.


    Sounds interesting.

    I hate ear plugs. I rarely get watee in my ear but when I do, I absolutely hate it. Takes so long to get it out sometimes.

    What kind of testing have you done to validate the effectiveness and safety of the product?

    Who has approved it's use?

    Who are the ENT specialists?

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      Thanks for your questions.

      Our product was developed by 2 ENT specialists in South Africa who were seeing the same people coming back time and again with ear infections caused by exposure to water. Once they had formulated the product it was tested in live conditions and determined to be safe and effective. The 2 doctors have since retired - one now lives in Australia - and they remain as consultants to Swimseal.

      In Australia SwimSeal is registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

      Within the EU it's been registered with a CE Mark and is also classified as a Class I medical device. In addition, it has various registrations in Italy, Germany and Spain.

      In the UK it's registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), also as a Class I medical device.

      You might want to take a look at our reviews on Amazon UK as they are overwhelmingly positive and mean more than marketing blurb can ever say!

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