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ChefSteps Studio Pass USD $34.50/Year (Was USD $69.00/Year, 50% off) @ ChefSteps


Received this coupon in my emails today.

I love ChefSteps, they seriously have some great content. I haven't checked out the studio pass yet but this has got me very tempted.

Obviously this isn't a deal for everybody and it's understandable if you don't see the value in it. But, for some, this is better value than Netflix.

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    Looking at getting this for the missus as she loves cooking. When I search chefsteps, the reviews keep mentioning a Joule. Does she need one of these to get value out of the studio pass?


      Joule is a mini sous vide. Chef steps started in water-bath recipes AFAIK so it's a great combination but not 100% required as they now have other recipes.


      The joule isn't sold in Australia but the ANOVA is a similar sous vide stick product that can be purchased in Australia.


        Yep I’ve been using my Anova in place.

        You can even download the Joule app and see all of the times and temperatures on it without having a Joule so you can use them on your Anova.

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