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[PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition [US/CA PlayStation Accounts] AU $11.49 @ Cdkeys


NOTE: Only works with US and Canadian PSN accounts.

Great price and I never bought this way. However, many of us might be already doing it so sharing it. Enjoy :)

Some info on How to buy PS4 games in the US PSN store from abroad which can help.

Note : Price changed from $9.59 to $11.49 today.

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    Is this different to $10 version from amazon


    Price up to $11.49 now, still great price for digital copy

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    Just a couple of thing to note:

    • If you had already played the AU version of this game, and have saved games, there is a good chance that the save games may not work. Some games have save game converter feature built in, but most don't.
    • If you still have the AU version installed, you will need to re-download this US/CA version.

    While Sony's physical game support is good for players, the way they handle regions is annoying. It seems that PS5 won't be like this (this region game thingy - unconfirmed). In terms of digital version, Microsoft handles it a bit better (voucher code can still be region specific, but the digital games generally aren't very region fussy in XBox land).

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    I realize this is a bargin website, but this seems like a lot of effort to save ~$6.

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      This is more aimed at people who already have a US account, or were keen to get one and need a push by getting a really good game at a discount.


      Not if you already have an account

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      I got Last of Us for PS4 for around $13 aud with my USA account many years ago. I still played it with my Australian account. It can be worth setting it up, especially a Japanese one because they have demos for all different games for free.
      jpn one is trickier because you have to google translate everything. Once you've done it though, most everything is in english.


        Yeah I've a few accounts, but I was mainly doing it whenever a country had a really good discount on 12 month subscriptions.
        And as you mentioned, handy when a particular region has a different game out!


          I found once youve has a PSN account, it's hard to justify changing region because you lose all the free games you've racked up. The ones I didnt play. I'm going to though. I swear.

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    Good game

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    Price back down to $8.79 so grab it while you can!