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Jetstar Travel between 14-20 December - Free Change to Sooner Flight or Refund


Jetstar is offering to allow those with flights booked between the 14th and the 20th of December to; change flights to an earlier flight between now and the 13th of December in order to avoid the industrial action period (at no additional cost) or refund your flights between the 14th and the 20th of December if you wish.

This is good for those who may have taken the cheapest flights at the time of booking but actually have more convenient flight they want or those whose plans have changed over Christmas and could get a sweet refund! For the rest of us – hopefully the delays aren’t too bad!

This was posted on the JetStar travel alerts page:

We have been notified by the Australian Federation of Airline Pilots that it plans to take a range of industrial actions that could disrupt travel between December 14 and December 20, 2019

Our teams are working hard to minimise the disruption to customers.

As soon as we know if your flight is impacted we will contact you directly via SMS and email.

Please make sure your contact details are up to date. The best way to do this is via Manage My Booking: https://booking.jetstar.com/mmb/#/login.

This Travel Alert will be updated regularly with the latest information.

Refunds and alternative flights for customers travelling 14 - 20 December

If you are flying on these dates and your flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours we will offer you the choice of an alternate flight or a refund. For customers who have to overnight away from home as a result of this disruption we will also offer accommodation and meals to a specified value.

We understand this industrial action creates uncertainty, and so if you are travelling with us between 14 and 20 December and you would like to cancel your travel now, you can request a refund by contacting us on live chat (link above). You can also contact us to move your flight forward to travel between now and 13 December at no additional cost.

Flights operated by Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Asia and Jetstar Pacific are not affected by this potential action.

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  • +18 votes

    This is a PSA not a bargain

    • +5 votes

      Agreed but might be related to bargain flights bought and useful info so I'm ok with it.


      It is a bargain because it usually costs money to change the date.

    • +5 votes


  • +6 votes

    This isn't a Bargain…

    • -4 votes

      Good to see the Jetstar marketing team are working on a Sunday handing out the negs. Probably get paid more then the pilots

    • +19 votes

      Or they can let pilots carry out their right to industrial action.

  • +14 votes

    I managed to change my flight from 14th to 13th December to Bali. Didn't want to risk the flight cancelled. Thanks for the heads up I would have not known. Should've asked for extra baggage and food. Rookie mistake.

  • -2 votes

    What about travelling later? No we’re happy to put you on half empty planes, but we’d never give away the more expensive seat.

    Hope you all have travel insurance


      Not a valid Neg by posting guidelines.

      Did you ask? Christmas Day can be quiet.
      eg Virgin were offering 50% off for 25/12
      Half empty planes during school holidays - I wish!

      • +7 votes

        I neg'd because it's not a bargain how is selling a service, nit being able to honour it, offing you a refund or a change for free a bargain???

        It's not bargain, therefore it's a neg from me.

        • +3 votes

          If it's not a bargain (probably not) - use Report for Mods to decide. May be moved to Forums.

          It is not a valid Neg
          Only possible reasons for Neg Vote:

          • The deal is not the cheapest available
          • Defective product
          • Major issues with retailer.
          • +1 vote

            @the INFIDEL: This isn't a major problem with the seller?

            • +1 vote

              @michjfro: Was just editing to say many may say it is😉
              Or a defective product if you can't fly on booked date😉

              But protected industrial action is not necessarily a fault of the airline - worthy of a Neg. How the airline handles it is important from the view of affected travellers.

              But was replying to previous comment that this is not a deal - so deserves a Neg!

              Mods do remove invalid Negs & point out to use Report instead


            @the INFIDEL: Well because plenty had reported…no need to double up.

            Its a neg because

            Defective product"
            *Major issue with the retailer

            Offering to reschedule because they can't provide a service, without charging you….and making it seem like they're doing you a favour or offering you a bargain? No bargain here mate.


              @DisabledUser35983: If it's been Reported & accepted by the Mods as a Deal… That tends to make it so.

              You already said you gave the Deal a Neg because it wasn't a Deal!!
              It's not bargain, therefore it's a neg from me.

              Now you've come up with a new retrospective reason… 3 hours after Negging!!

              The protected industrial action is down to the Government & bodies who designed the IR system & the termination dates of old multi-year agreements which happen to fall around Christmas, not really a Jetstar issue. Other business also have protected industrial action coming up now.
              Complain to the Government!

              Unless you are saying Jetstar must agree to all union demands??
              And by not doing so would make it a major issue caused by Jetstar??

              This is not just an issue with Jetstar!
              Any business can be hit with protected industrial action, when Enterprise Agreements need renegotiating.

              Given the short notice given, it would seem Jetstar is trying to help customers through a difficult time. Rescheduling flights that may be affected or giving refunds as early as possible seems reasonable. The protected industrial action may not even happen. But best to be prepared!

              Still an invalid reason for a Neg.
              But then your Neg is no more!

    • +1 vote

      The problem is: you'd complain even more if they offered later flights: then you spend 1 hour waiting to talk to someone only to be told that all the later flights are full. And that's exactly what would happen.

      I am sure they offer later flights to those few people who are booked on a flight that gets cancelled. Much better to give it to people who really need it instead of making it available to people who want to snag a bargain. You'll just have to see if you are one of them.

      • +5 votes

        How are people snagging a bargain?


          Free food vouchers and accomidation.


            @shadowangel: That only applies if you don't have a job or are flexible etc. Some people may have had to take an extra day off of work to change their flights. Food and accommodation doesn't cover that. I wouldn't call it a bargain.


          You were complaining that you can't book the cheapest flight 2 weeks before Xmas and then shift it to a peak day. If you could, that would be a bargain.


      there could be a number of short strikes in the lead up to Christmas and beyond, so no way Jetstar can know if a slightly later flight dates would be unaffected.

      As protected industrial action requires notification by the various groups involved (not just pilots, also ground crew & baggage handlers), only earlier flights would be certain to be unaffected.


        Hi, what do you mean by earlier flights? Earlier in the day or earlier in that date range? Thanks

  • +1 vote



    Does this affect other airlines or just Jetstar? Domestic or international?

    • +5 votes

      It's a pay dispute between Jetstar, it's ground crew, baggage handlers & pilots.

      From Deal Description:
      Flights operated by Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Asia and Jetstar Pacific are not affected by this potential action.

      • -1 vote

        Just read the article. Pilots want a 15% pay increase in the first year! If the guys on the ground are asking for anything like that then that's extortion.

        • +5 votes

          It's all relative. And a position to negotiate the new multi-year Enterprise Agreement from.

          Jetstar has offered a 3% wage rise.

          That comes after a long WAGE FREEZE, so a catch up would be expected as the airline is now more profitable.

          Jetstar workers had taken a pay freeze in recent years and they had expected the company would compensate them when it returned to profit.
          Jetstar parent Qantas in August reported an underlying pre-tax profit of $1.3 billion for the 2019 financial year.

          In the days before Enterprise Agreements, public holidays were popular times to strike. It caused chaos!

          Now notice must be given (so plans like this can be made), protected industrial action (expected work stoppages of up to 24 hours) can only happen when a new agreement needs to be established, and negotiation has limits. (From my basic understanding)

          In the same article:
          Alan Joyce has topped the list of Australia's highest-paid chief executives for 2018, taking home $23.9 million💰


            @the INFIDEL: I'm working in a University and we're only getting 1.9%. 3% does seem like a catch up under current economic conditions in the private sector. I'd be surprised if most private companies are even giving 1% p/a

        • +1 vote

          But they took a relative pay cut when things were tough.

          The below doesn't sound unreasonable to me. Alan Joyce is probably taking being compensated more than hundreds or even thousands of these workers.

          "Jetstar workers had taken a pay freeze in recent years and they had expected the company would compensate them when it returned to profit.

          Jetstar parent Qantas in August reported an underlying pre-tax profit of $1.3 billion for the 2019 financial year.

          Aside from a 4 per cent increase in pay, other baggage handler and ground crew worker demands include more rest breaks, a guaranteed 12-hour break between shifts, a commitment to engaging Jetstar employees rather than untrained casual staff, a guaranteed minimum of 30-hours a week, annual wage recognition of workers having to take on more responsibilities and better consultation with workers."


            @arcticmonkey: Yes, working conditions have changed since the last Enterprise Agreement.

            New security measures for ground staff mean changes in work practices.

            It will likely be resolved after the usual posturing by both sides about how they are not getting what they want.

            It's just a coincidence that the negotiating period falls around Christmas. It is to do with the date the initial agreements were initially set up years ago.

        • +2 votes

          If the guys on the ground are asking for anything like that then that's extortion.

          Maybe they'll take a page out of 'ol Joyce's playbook and just ground the whole airline.


            @dufflover: That's only advantageous to Jetstar / Qantas if the airline is losing money. Now it's profitable again… That won't happen.


      TWU Executive Director promised strikes would not occur in the days between Christmas and New Year for ground staff.

  • +4 votes

    Thanks for posting this. I have flights booked but I hadn't received anything from Jetstar about this.


    I'm due to fly out on the 13th to Sydney from Avalon and back on the 15th, I've looked at alternate flights but they're lot more expensive

    • +14 votes

      Your posts to the community will be dearly missed

      • -3 votes

        thank you, it means a lot. it's likely that i have helped thousands of people since joining.

        • +8 votes

          Just look at his two fabulous posts

          1) This forum topic is not published.
          JUUL Pods (Banned item)

          2) This deal is not published.
          20% off All Services @ Dedigeeks (Web Hosting) (Sockpuppeting)

          How will OZB go on?

  • +4 votes

    Yes, very useful post. Thanks OP. Was flying BNE to SYD on 20th, return on 24th so this was important to me and as the only family holiday this year with two excited kids and non-refundable accommodation the prospect of not going was causing a lot of stress.

    Just cancelled the outbound leg of my trip from Brisbane to Sydney. Can confirm Jetstar happily retained the return leg and offered a refund that seems to reflect the original outbound ticket price.

    Rebooked the same route one-way with Virgin while in online chat, cost me an extra $80 but pretty happy with the Jetstar response given the situation.

    No trouble from them at all.

  • +5 votes

    Thanks OP for posting this, majority of people who flight around this time are either for holiday or just want to meet family so this is very crucial for us to know ahead and plan accordingly.

    Confirmed just got through the whole refund process with chat agent from Jetstar without any problem.

    Its a shame that Jetstar didnt send anything to us in regards to this so OP deserves a plus for this post.


    This isn't a bargain. This is a free inconvenience.


      What the normal price.
      Inconvenience usually costs!

      Not a valid Neg, as already discussed.

      Apparently reported & left as a Neg.

      Feel free to Report - which is the appropriate action.


        I accept your apology.


          As I do your apology.
          Shall we resolve the protected industrial action at Jetstar so amicably?


      (Deal) apparently reported & left as a Deal.

      So take it up with the Mods.
      Previous Negs have been removed.


    THEY probably want bookings pre Christmas rush

    • +1 vote

      Nothing to do with the protected industrial action about to happen by 380 ground crew & 830 pilots, with possibility of delays & cancelled flights?

        • that too…

          🎄 Christmas just got complex!🎄

          Protected industrial action may last past Christmas / New Year. But ground staff are not expected to take action between Christmas & New Year.

          Will have a carry over effect for other airlines as people cancel & rebook with them.


    so sad to hear that.


    You can also contact us to move your flight forward to travel between now and 13 December at no additional cost

    anyone know if this means we can choose any date / time? I was looking to book a flight during the strike period since it was cheapest then, but if I can move it forward for the same price that works out better for me.


      Deal is for those with existing bookings.
      You can't move a booking that hasn't been made.
      But if you book in the period - you can try moving it then.


        Yeah that's the plan if I can, book in the period, then ask to move it out. But dunno how specific date / times I can move it to. Live chat wasn't very helpful, just gave me the run around.

        • +1 vote

          And success. I booked a flight in the strike period, and shortly after had it moved earlier via live chat for free. Saved a fair amount, I definitely vote deal.


    Personally I still wouldn't say outside the period is any safer. Back when Qantas was having "Union issues" there was still a lot of disruption (the 1-2hr delay variety) even without official announced industrial action.


    I have Jetstar flights booked for this period. These are Qantas points redemption flights. Jetstar is telling me to go sort it out with Qantas "because they can't access my booking details" because the flights weren't booked through them. Anyone else in a similar situation and being told this? Thanks

    • +1 vote

      Just don’t take no for an answer, she tried to wiggle out of changing my flight and I just restarted I’ve read I’m entitled to change my flight to an earlier flight


        Spent hours sorting it out via online chat with Qantas. The junior staff tried to fob me off. Ask to be transferred to a supervisor. I had to say repeatedly that Jetstar has made public statements about passengers' right to fee free cancellations.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks to OP for posting this. A lot of people here will be affected by this, due to the many Jetstar deals posted on these dates, so It's good to have.

    Here's a few things I found out

    Q. Can we book later?
    A. You can get a full refund, and book at a later date if needed

    Q. Can we get some sort of discount for this later flight?
    A. Unfortunately there are no discounts available

    Q. How will the delay work?
    A. If your flight is going to be delayed or cancelled we will contact you directly via SMS and email and you'll be to choose a new flight free of charge.

    How long will it go/ when will you know answer/ what degree will it effect me?
    A. I'm sorry, we do not know at this point

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP! I just got my flight changed to an earlier one. Livechat agent took only a few minutes to make the change and I wasn't charged anything (despite it being a more expensive flight).

  • +2 votes

    For anyone asserting that this is a deal because the mods have not taken it down or moved it to the forums, this is the reason they gave when I reported the "deal":
    As always we'll let users decide if it's a deal or not via the voting system. This does not breach any guidelines. Thanks [EOM]

    As has also been noted, no one is allowed to use a negative vote on this deal anyway. So at the end of the day this sits in a grey area. Jetstar is trying to lessen the blow that industrial action will have on flights. What they are offering in compensation is not a deal. Hopefully no one will be adversely affected.

    • As has also been noted, no one is allowed to use a negative vote on this deal anyway.

      I'm not sure where that information is from, please do not rely on information that has not come directly from moderators. As long as you state/explain your reason (not just write 'no deal') then you can negative vote any deal, the community will decide if it remains or not. Moderators have not revoked any negative votes in this deal, the comment would be unpublished with the reason 'inappropriate use of negative vote' if that were the case.


  • -1 vote

    Upvoted thanks so much for posting this I would never have known from Jetstar this was occurring..

    To the ppl commenting that this isn’t a deal, stfu.


    What’s the likelihood Jetstar will cancel flights in the period that end up only half full, or less? Shirley they’d be running at a loss if flying as such.


      Who's Shirley😂
      It's all unknown. There may not even be industrial action - depends on the negotiations.

      It's all in preparation - less passengers on a flight can mean a faster turn around & less complaints / compensation for delays.

      I've flown on Jetstar when only 1/4 full.
      If they don't fly to their scheduled destination, the aircraft aren't available for the next scheduled flight (which might be fully booked)! It then can have a knock-on effect. More destinations have to cancel outbound flights. And passengers miss connecting flights.

      Of course if they could reschedule everyone onto fewer fully booked flights, they could fly less aircraft. But that's very difficult to achieve.


        Good point re: positioning empty aircraft for next flight. And don’t call me Shirley.

  • +2 votes

    Changed a flight back from Melbourne to be sure I can get back to work.
    Really appreciate it being posted here, as I wouldn’t have seen it elsewhere.

  • -1 vote

    I'm amazed at the number of people posting comments here that had bookings and were not aware of this info / offer from Jetstar.
    The strike action was news everywhere last week.
    Surely you would be looking to find out what / how this was going to be handled by Jetstar?

    • +2 votes

      'News' fatigue ✓
      Busy time of year ✓
      Spam email folder ✓

    • +1 vote

      Nothing was emailed out, so unless you were watching the alerts page you wouldn't have known. And seeing my flights were over a week away was not yet checking the flight status page.


        Nothing was emailed as they don't yet know which flights will be affected.
        So, unless you don't view any news feeds I suppose you wouldn't have known unless you checked their site or you were confirmed to be affected and they will email / sms you.


          They do know disruptions are likely. That information (link to their page) should have been sent ASAP.

          Only being told much later your flight has been affected & you should have read a page you never knew about… is irresponsible by Jetstar.

    • +1 vote

      It's the airlines responsibility to notify passengers of major changes that may affect their flights.

      Negligent they did not update affected passengers.

      Even if we saw the stories of industrial action (I didn't), this offer of flight changes was likely not shown.

      But like many, I may not view messages from the airline anyway😣

      So luckily there is OzBargainPSA😉

      • -1 vote

        In my view the airline has been very professional and responsible in this instance.
        - Wide-ranging press releases of what they are doing and how passengers can make choices to avoid potential issues.
        - They have stated they will contact directly affected passengers as soon as known.
        - If flights are cancelled or delayed, they have already outlined the 'compensation' they will provide to passengers (who are impacted).
        - They have not criticised the strike actions, but appear to have provided factual info.

        • +1 vote

          Jetstar have created a page with this offer👍

          Just needed to send a link to it to all those booked on flights between 14-20 December, otherwise to all on their system. They haven't👎

          That would be simple and acting professionally - keeping customers informed so they can possibly make other arrangements.

          They regularly send out information when selling their flights. So why not with a major issue likely to affect flights?

          Instead they've made the customer responsible to find out this important information likely to affect them.

          Reminds me of a scene from "The Hitchikers Guide to the Universe" where plans to demolish Prefect's house had been on "public display" - in an unmarked basement without any lighting😉

          Being given likely short notice of a flight cancellation or long delays, once industrial action starts - is too little too late! That's what they would do anyway with anything affecting a flight.

          Also, some passengers may not be in Australia to follow news items. Many travel to Australia at this time of year - expecting the connecting flights they've paid for. Others are on holiday - not interested in the News!

          Many would need to change holiday accommodation (difficult around Christmas) - or lose their booking / money. So earliest notice of this is vital.

          Taking out travel insurance now may not be possible to cover these disruptions that have already have been announced.

          • +1 vote

            @the INFIDEL: Some of your comments are spot on.

            We should also remember that Jetstar did not initiate the industrial action (yes, I know, they could have agreed to the demands, etc.) and they seem to be doing more than probably necessary to help out passengers in preparation.
            When they know which flights will be specifically affected, they have indicated that they will contact all passengers directly.

            And despite all of this, some passengers (as you rightly point out) will still be affected; Jetstar has already outlined how they will assist those (which may be more than they actually need to do).

            Too late for travel insurance, but that is the risk that people take.

            • +1 vote

              @GG57: Yes, my only issue is not notifying passengers of possible disruptions ASAP.

              Early disclosure is always best. It helps the customer make decisions to avoid losses & helps the business avoid litigation.
              Even I've successfully sued a travel business for failing to provide the requested service😊

              But as I said - I sometimes don't read their messages of flight delays! That then is my responsibility.

              This is Protected Industrial Action as part of negotiations of a new Enterprise Agreement.

              Plenty has changed since the previous EA was negotiated. Jetstar is now making a profit & not under threat. So the agreed Wage Freeze is no longer necessary. A catch up wage claim would be expected.

              Only once taken out travel insurance - I usually don't mind delays or changing plans. I travel alone & very light, less affected by issues like this. I think that makes me an outlier😉


          rubbish, they didnt email people with flights on this dates, PATHETIC performance from Jetstar