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Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD 64GB - 2 for $15.98 + Delivery ($0 eBay Plus) @ FFT eBay


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  • these any good for in a security cam, like a Reolink?

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      I have 5 reolinks Argus Wireless Cams and have no issues with these. Infact the write and copy speeds make playback instant.

      • thanks
        got 4 RLC-420's on their way, so makes for some good local storage option (in addition to qnap storage)

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    Yeah they are I have have them in my dash cam too and still works after a year

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    Also remember to select 2 for quantity and it will auto update with $20 off and then enter peachy20 code

  • Paid $0.99 for one of these during Black Friday. That's my new benchmark. Anything more than 1.55 cents per gigabyte is a complete rip off. ;)

    • That was indeed such a great deal. I'm so glad I just happened to be on then.

    • Hi. I ordered the same during the black Friday but haven't received it yet. Did you get yours?

  • Got one (or is that two?)

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      Did you select 2 for quantity ?

      • Selected two for quantity. Worked just fine. $15.98 total for a whole other cent off too!

  • Thanks got 6

  • Doh, I did not add 2 to the cart. Would they send out 2 in the order? I did the same thing the last time and they still sent 2 cards in the order. Hopefully they will do the same this time. Fingers crossed :(

    • doubtful. I'd be contacting them to update the order or cancel it and order again

  • thanks op. was looking for 128 yesterday lucky didn't buy till now.

  • Thanks OP. Good deal. I love bogof.

  • Same shop has the 512gb for ~$100 after the 20% off.

  • Almost spent $10 on a 32gb one thank God I saw this post, great price

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