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UE Wonderboom 2 $98 @ Joyce Mayne, $99 @ Harvey Norman


Need to play jingles at grannys this christmas?

UE Wonderboom 2
$98 at Joyce Mayne
$99 at Harvey Norman
$98 at Officeworks



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Joyce Mayne
Joyce Mayne
Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    $79.20 with PSTORMY coupon code at Myer eBay.

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    Myer eBay only need $79.2 for one,
    and $143.2 for two.


    If you're patient you'll very likely nab the model up UE boom at this price.


        What do you mean when? I said be patient. A sale will appear. They always do. I nabbed the UE boom for $104 only a couple months ago.


          Why exactly do you think the one you;ve chosen is better than Wonderboom 2?


            @mrau: EQ is customisable. Stronger Bass, clearer mids- all round much better sound. Longer battery life. Longer Bluetooth range. Capable of pairing with far more speakers to create richer sound if your friends have them, or you want a couple. Compatible with the charging dock.

            The size is still quite small and easy to take around with you, although bigger than the wonderboom. So the only real advantage the wonderboom has is its size- but you're giving up a lot for that, and the size of the boom is perfectly fine for the vast majority of use cases.


    I love my wonderboom 1st gen, but don't get why they had to put that big blue tag on all the 2nd gen… I guess it's easy visual branding but still, the 1st gen could blend well into a space if you picked a matching colourway, this model isn't so much the case.

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