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Sony 4K UHD 65" X8000G $1119.40, 75" X9500G $3119.40 Shipped @ EB Games


Seems like Sony is having their yearly end of year promotion with EB games.

This is target as always. Check your inbox (or your spam folder)

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    Oh, here is my code if anyone wants it:


    I only ask you comment if you've claimed it so people don't get their hopes up.

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    Same as above, here is my code-


    Please state if you have used it!

  • Here is mine for anyone who wants it:


    Comment if you snag it 👍

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      Just used the code. Thanks mate!

      • Welcome buddy enjoy!

  • Same offers as from the MyToyota App.

    I just did the 75" X95G and the HT-x9000F sound bar for $3598, then 2.1% cashback will be ~$75 back

  • Prices comes up as $1199.40 on the Sony page Ffffffff (after code)

    • also getting this price…

      • looks like EB have made an error in their email.

        $1999 - 40% is $1199. I'm on the phone to Sony.

        Butttttt, now I think about it, this unit is $1495 on the sony site.

        • They had me forward the EBGames email and are looking into it.

          • @DRL1987: Asking to get $1495 - 40%?

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              @Anubis: Haha that would be nice. I’m just asking that they match the price in the email.

              • @DRL1987: Did they match it for you?

        • Up to 40% off
          $1199.40 is correct final price.
          $1999 is wrong but the discount isn’t 40%

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            @jimbobaus: Yeah, but the EB Games email clearly says $1119.40

  • As above, comment if used

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    • @wonderboy
      Thanks buddy!




  • Just put a new fridge and washer on the credit card, misses will kill me if I get a TV as well. Hopefully this helps someone else


    • Used…thanks heaps!

  • Sorry! It looks like we are experiencing a technical problem, please try again later.


    Go for gold. I just picked up 2 new tv's that the minister for war and finance doesn't know about yet…

  • Thanks for the codes!
    Can someone please post the link to the 75" X9500G? I didn't get the email and can't find it on their website!

  • Can anyone link the full range available? Is there more than what's in the flyer?

    • Just use the link above and a code to see. Until you purchase that code isnt used up. There are a lot of products there…

  • Does anyone have the X8000G and cares to comment on it?


    To redeem your code:

    Add the code and click on Activate Code.
    Prices will be displayed with applicable discounts already.
    Add the product(s) to your cart, finalize your purchase and enjoy


    • Thanks! Used

  • +1

    Still undecided whether to pull the trigger but just want to comment on how great it is to see fellow OZB share their code.
    It is indeed a season of giving! :)

  • Can someone please check how much the 55A9G OLED TV is through this promotion?

    • +1

      55A9G is $3119.40

  • the 8000g is 1295 plus shipping at tvsn so 1200 is pretty good

  • Got a code as well for whoever wants it:


    Please leave a comment if you've used it :)

  • +1


    • Used. Thank you.

  • What would the chances be of any Bricks and mortar store matching these prices?

    • I tried at JB and Harvey Norman last year and they both wouldn't touch it. Got the same old spiel. It's worth a shot though if you cant get a code. You never know.

      • yeah i have one. Only reason id go the JB route is that i have vouchers to use there.

  • I didn’t receive a code but last time they had this promotion I just emailed them and they happily provided me with one.

  • Highly recommend the 65” 8000g after picking one up for $1079 “box damaged” from Sony about a month ago. Excellent picture quality apart from blacks on par with the 8500g. Upscaling and colours are top notch. Sound is fine with no need for a sound bar and the Android Ui is fast and bug free with good voice control.

  • i was telling myself i would not cave this time around
    well i did, got the 85G series 65 inch, bigger saving overall and includes the Dolby Atmos/Vision upgrade and the Better speakers

  • Can anyone spare some "unused EB-games/SonyStore codes" ??
    Can never catch one of codes listed here on time to use it.
    Please,…if so, please P.M. or email me directy at my email address at:

    [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well JB are doing a $20 off sale on Sony today. Suspect possibly in response to this. Plus extra $5 off. Not quite as god as this deal though.

  • same tv? this is better if you have local stock.

  • Anyone else have another code?

  • Have fun


    • Thanks, used. And get extra 2% from cashrewards and $100 with AMEX offer. really great price.

  • Anyone else have another code?

    • +1 please

    • Me too please

  • There's also codes in the myToyota app for 40% off if anyone has a Toyota.

  • Anyone else have another code?

    PLEASE can you PM me the code?

    My email address is:
    [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can I get a code please email - [email protected]

  • +1

    I hope that someone can make use of this code


    • Thanks… X9500G inbound…!

    • Thnx - I used it

      • So you did while I waited for the minister of finance to approve while on the payment screen… to avoid divorce…

        • dammmm…..that is harsh…I just bought first then said hey we got this…

          • +1

            @str1k34: She didn't reply quick enough… but as I've learnt better safe than sorry. I thought once I activated the code in my basket and in the process of checkout it was used.

            • @Fouler: Could you PM me if you haven't bought a tv yet

  • Can I get a code please email - [email protected]

  • Can I get a code please email
    [email protected]

  • Any deal on the 85" x9500g?

  • I’d love a code to get the HT-X9000F, if someone could PM or email me [email protected]


  • Anyone else have another code?

  • +1

    First and Last time I think I will be buying from Sony Direct
    DHL are shocking…. they have literally no idea what they are doing!

    • +1

      You can say that again. No communication, advised that driver will call beforehand, attempted delivery anyway, missed it, nightmare to re-scheduled. God it was awful.

      • +1

        They ended up calling me Tuesday after i chased them as it was "in transit" from Sydney since the previous Thursday.
        They booked in to deliver it Wednesday between 3-5pm and they showed up at 3.01pm , driver called at 2.30pm

        Its cause they need 2 drivers to deliver due to weight etc.

        Issue i had was it was "in transit" for so long when it was actually sitting in their warehouse.
        Their tracking system is terrible, does not show steps like others its
        Booked>>>In Transit>>>>delivered

        • That's rubbish. My driver picked it up by himself and then refused to step foot past my front door. So I had to drag it into my house by myself.

          Disgraceful tracking and updates too. Thank God I don't have to deal with them often

  • Any one have a code to share? Guess i am late to the party… if i am still at luck, pls pm me @ [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Good day,

    Any codes, anyone, I saw this late in the day and am new here. Hope everyone is geared up for the festive season ahead. Cheers and thanks,

  • My brother wants to get a TV.. does anyone have a code?
    I used mine :( and cant use it again

    if anyone has a spare :P
    please let me know via PM

  • Any one have a code to share? Guess i am late to the party… if i am still at luck, pls pm me @ [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Free code: EBGAMES-WCPV-737Z-NRXT-T4BLD

    Reply when used so the next 10 people don't waste their time!

    • Thank you, used

  • Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have a code? that I can use! Thanks in advanced
    please pm on [email protected]

  • Um not sure if still valid but the terms say ( or while stocks last), really late to the party but if there are any desperate souls out there hope this might be of help. EBGAMES-WLSB-CG9B-BGKQ-WM3VN

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